10 Weird Facts About Human Teeth You Won’t Believe

Everyone in this world wants to have beautiful teeth whether it’s doctors or engineers or people of any other field. Our teeth are one of the best assets we have as we used to smile at friends and family. It has been seen that people don’t often take great care of these thirty two teeth and that is not a great idea at all.  There are some interesting wired facts about human teeth that will amaze you.




  • Actor’s teeth

You have notice that all over the world, different actors do a lot of different things to fit in a role. Some of them lose weight and some try to gain the weight to fulfill the requirement of character. Have you ever think any actor would do alteration to his teeth in order to fit in a role. Fight club is the movie that was released in 1999 and Brad Pitt played the role of Tyler Durden who was an anarchist in the movie. In order to look perfect in the movie Brad Pitt paid the dentist to alter his teeth in order to look similar in appearance of Durden.  In another movie Hangover, Ed Helms also paid to alter his teeth in which he played the role of Stu.


  • The Norwegian tooth bank

There are all sorts of biological banks available in the world include blood banks to sperm banks. In Norway there is a team of researchers that are working to store the teeth that we lost in childhood. Of course I am talking about milk teeth. These are the teeth that everyone loses in his childhood and researchers in (MoBa) mother and child cohort study believes that people will start to donate the milk teeth of their kids to their teeth bank. The teeth bank is ever growing.  There are about 100,000 teeth available to the scientists as they are making world largest tooth bank.


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