Why Do Airplane Windows Have A Small Hole In Them?

You often visit different parts of the world. The fastest way to reach your destination is the air travel. All the countries offer air travel to different parts of the world. On the whole you have never noticed anything special and mysterious in any airplane. But one mystery will now attract your attention and concentration. Here the mystery is revealed.

Before revealing the mystery you will be definitely glad to hear that the information shared here is known to people in very small number. No doubt your friends, fellows and colleagues are well educated and have much knowledge but the secret that is explained here will surely be a novel for all of your relatives.

You will be shocked without doubt to hear that all airplane windows have a small hole at the bottom in them. All of you are surely aware of airplane but never have ever heard about the small hole in all the windows of the airplane.



The hole is there for passengers’ safety. The holes in the windows of the airplanes help in regulating the cabin pressure. Nearly every cabin window consists of three panes: the outer pane, the middle pane and the inner pane. All the panes are made up of a super strong and sturdy synthetic resin. The middle pane that exists between the outer pane and the inner pane normally has these holes in it. Whereas the inner pane is purely a failsafe in the case of outer pane fracture, the outer and the middle panes are structural.

According to the studies, the small hole is there to operate as a bleed regulator, tolerating the pressure between the atmosphere in the passenger’s cabin and the atmosphere between the outer and the middle panes in equal ratio.