Top Natural Wonders Of The World

When human life’s begun they were commenced in searching of world natural wonders. Many wonders are found, but some are still not found by people. A Natural wonder of the world gives us sign that there is some endowment that creates these wonders. So we will discuss some beautiful natural wonders of the world that have been discovered by people.

Iguazu Fall:

Iguazu falls is world’s biggest waterfall that is located in Argentina (Brazil). Iguazu is Tupi and Guaraní language word which means “Big Water”. Iguazu Fall is 2.7 kilometers in width. It flows from an approximated height of 60 meters to 82 meters, which is about 200 feet to 262 feet. There are many islands that are located around this river and water fall. Iguazu Fall looks beautiful in all seasons, but tourists prefer to visit Iguazu Fall in autumn and springs.

Jeju Island:

Jeju Island is beautiful island located in a Southern coat of Korea. Jeju Island encompasses an approximated area of 1846 square kilometers. The Holocene is the medium feature of Jeju Island. Jeju is the ninth largest provinces of Korea and it is one among of the most popular holiday spots. According to government calculation about 10 million tourists have visited Jeju Island last year.

Table Mountain:

A nature lover should visit Table Mountain. It is a very beautiful mountain located in South Africa. Table Mountain is not only a piece of rock but it is more than that. It is protected by national park. The park is like a chain of Table Mountains that stretchfrom signal hill in the north to cape point. In the opening of Table Mountain in 1929, 22million tourists visited the top of the Table Mountain.


Precaution is located in Mexico and it is one of the famous world’s natural wonders. Precaution is the youngest volcano. It is said that in 2013 an unpredicted change in growth of volcano caused ground shockthat was felt by villagers of Paricutin and after that shock; high flames rose in airthat were about 2625 feet high. The temperature reached about 1879 high. It was considered at time that these high flames in air were good for people living in Paricutin village

Mount Everest:

Mount Everest is the world highest mountain. It is located in the Mahalangur near Himalaya. The mountain is between the border of Nepal and China. Edmund Hillary was the first person who climbed the world highest mountain.

Great Barrier Reef:

The most visited place of tourist is the Great Barrier Reef. Almost 2million tourists visit this place every year. It consists of 200 individual reefs. The greatest reef has 900 islands and it can be seen from external space. The great reef is greater in size than Holland and the United Kingdom. Great reef became habitat for 17 species of snakes and about 30 species of dolphin were found. About 1500 fish species were found in the Great Barrier Reef. It was found that the biggest threat in great reef is climate change.

The Great Wall of China:

The China great wall is the greatest wall and it is one of the world’s famous wonders. It is not just a wall as it also includes guard towers and beacon tower. Its real name in China is Wan LiChang Chng which means a big wall. About 400 famous leaders have visited the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is also called battleground because many wars were fought at this great wall. The Great Wall of China is 10000 lei tall, which is equal to 0.3 of mile.

Valley Of love:

Valley of Love is one of the famous wonders of the world. It is said that valley of love was found by a race called mysterious racer. The valley of Love is about 3000 years older.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona. Grand Canyon is a well known natural wonder. It is popular because of its size and colors. The Grand Canyon is 270 miles long and about 18 miles wide. An average of about 5 million tourists visits Grand Canyon each year.

Han Long Bay:

Han Long Bay is a natural beauty. It is located in Vietnam, Quang Ninh province which is near to china border. Many islands are linked with Ha Long Bay. The clarity of water attracts people to it. It is very beautiful place. In 1994 UNESCO declared Ha Long Bag as a beautiful place in the world. The best season to visit Ha long Bay lie is from April to September.

Puerto Princesa:

Puerto Princesa is a beautiful underground river. It was said that it is one of the favorite placesamong tourists. It is located in the north east of Puerto. One of the things that tourist mostly enjoyed in underground river is boat riding. Underground River is about 2 hours drive from the Puerto northern east city.Bottom of Form