No Health Benefits of Wearing Bra

Women often hate articles related to clothing if they ever had fallen in love and had faced breakup. However, a bra is nothing but a valuable thing that helps you keep your body in good physical condition while performing different activities. But a woman feels much relief when she puts it off from her body at the end of the day.

Bra has deep history and it is stated that about 3000 years ago women in Greece used to wear bra. In fourteenth century women used to wear corsets as under garments which give an uplift support to their breast. Later in 20th century, bras got more attention and become a fashion throughout the world. At present, bra has become essential part of the dress of women as it gives beautiful look to their body and helps them keep their body sturdy while performing physical activities.

Since years, it has been considered that bras are good for health of women as they have number of benefits. Women are encouraged to wear bra as it gives their body an attract look. In true words, women used to buy “training bra” for their young girls of age six or seven to make them habitual of bra. Thus, bra becomes part of dress of women when they are too young.

One of the big rumors about bras is that bra prevents saggy breasts. The perkiness of breasts becomes low with the decline of youthfulness and women begin to worry about it much. This loss of perkiness is termed as sag. The saggy breasts seem weird. The rumor about the prevention of saggy breast finds no scientific proof and is totally a misconception about the women facing saggy breast problem. Body tissues help maintaining perkiness of the breast, however, with age tissue stiffness becomes weak and breast becomes saggy. Bra is not a tissue and thus it has nothing to do with perkiness of the breast. In 1995 a study revealed those women who wear an underwire bra more than 12 hours a day are more likely to have breast cancer. However the American Cancer Society completely disagreed to this theory of underwire bra.


Bra in 1940