How to recognize a heart attack before it happens

Heart attack is one of the most lethal causes of death in United States of America.  Total 25% of people died in US because of this lethal attack. It means that if you have four friends, one of them will die from heart or cardiac unrest.  If you know the cause, you can’t control the death but of course you can be able to protect your family and give first aid on the spot.


As we all know that it is a lethal cause of sudden death in US but you must know the symptoms of heart attack.  There are some signs that will appear in case of heart attack. It may be discomfort in heart, abnormal pulse, abnormal breathing, and unconsciousness. However there are some signs that will certainly make you think that people around you may get a heart attack.

Here are some of the top sign of heart attack; you must know them to protect your friends and family: