10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

There are many amazing volcanoes all over the world. They attract many visitors and climbers by their beauty, but they are also very dangerous. When lava comes out from the volcanoes it causes death of many people. Visiting a volcano is very risky. Some brave and adventuress people are visiting these volcanoes. There are different types of volcanoes with different heights. Here we will share some information about the most famous volcanoes of the world.

  1. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

Popocatepetl is one of the famous volcanoes. This is located 70 km south east of Mexico City. Popocatepetl has another name also which is called EI popo.The actual name of this volcano is Nahuatl that means Smoking Mountain. In 2013 the periodic eruption occurred in this volcano. The half parts of the volcano touches the National park. In 16th century the Spanish monks built monasteries on the slope of the volcano that is the beauty of the volcano and most of the visitors visit because of these monasteries. Now this volcano is world heritage. The suitable month to visit this volcano is from December to March.

  1. Krakatoo volcano in Indonesia

Krakatau is the most famous and active volcano of Indonesia. It half part touches Ujung Kulon National Park. In the volcanic history the eruption occurred in 1883 is the most violent incident and this eruption was occurred on this volcano.35, 000 people lost their lives because of this explosion. This explosion destroyed the whole Island and the new Island formed in 1930.when the new Island formed, the name of the Island changed and the new name has assigned called Anak krakatoa,that means child of krakatoa.This volcano is one of the most attractive and popular site for tourists.

  1. Kilimanjao volcano in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is one of the highest Mountains of Africa and it is also the world tallest free standing Mountain. Every year 20,000 climbers come for climbing. The volcano is at an elevation of 5895 meters. This is a dormant volcano having three distinct cones and this is because of reverences of local wachagga people. On the lower slope of the volcano there is Kilimanjaro national park having many species of animals.

  1. Mt.Bromo volcano in Indonesia

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous Mountain of South East Asia. Half part of the volcano touches Tenggger Semuru National Park in East Java. The Mountain got its name after Hindu god Brahma. Therefore the volcano has cultural importance also. Local people celebrated a festival there named Yadnya Kasada, during this festival people throw vegetable and fruits to appease the gods. Though the volcano is very active but the visitors are limited.

  1. Mt.St.Helens volcano in USA

Mount Helens is the most famous and active volcano of US. The eruption occurred in 1980 is one of the most unforgettable incidents, which kills 57 people and destroy the area of 600 sq kilometers around it. The area around the volcano and the volcano is now preserving as a part of the Helen volcano Monument, which attract most of the people. The volcano has rich in cultural and geological information.

  1. Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland

It is one of the most famous volcanoes and it is the only volcano which has explored on the inside. It is 21 kilometer away from Reykjavik and this volcano has dormant for 400 years and it will not be active in future. The meaning of the name of the volcano is three peak craters. The most suitable months to visit this volcano are from June to August.

  1. Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

Arena volcano is popular for its frequent occurrence of lava bursts. It is an active volcano. In 1968 the last eruption was occurred on this volcano. This eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon.The arena volcano National Park has covered the volcano. There are many activities for tourist like swimming bike riding etc.

  1. Mt.Etna volcano in Italy

The volcano is famous for constantly spitting of Ash and lava. It is locate in the center of Island of sicily.This is a living place for mythological creature Cyclons.The peak of the volcano is covered by snow and it attracts the visitors more. One of the most important features of this volcano is that it is the only highest mountain in Europe.

  1. Mt.Fuji volcano in Japan

This volcano is one of the cultural sign of Japan. It is located 100 km North East to Tokyo and this is the tallest peak in Japan. In 1707 the last eruption has occurred there. As it is famous from the cultural perspective, so there are many shrine and remains of ancient culture. The season to visit this volcano is from June to August.

  1. Mt.Vesuvius volcano in Italy.

It is one of the famous volcanoes of Italy, its popularity is because of the eruption which has occurred in 79 AD and destroyed the town of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is locate in the Bay of Nepal.

Top Places Which Faces Worst Traffic Problems in The World

Top Places Which Faces Worst Traffic Problems in The World

In our daily lives we have to move from one place to another to achieve our targets and complete our tasks. If we look at our daily routine we will realise that after getting up in the morning we have to travel to go to office or school, college.From a source we came to know that we usually spend eighth of our lives in travelling. Unluckily all roads does not have enough space so that it can handle too much traffic. Some roads are very broad and some are narrow and those are rushed with heavy traffic. In some areas in world traffic is a danger for the lives of its people.

Here are top places which faces worst traffic problems in the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aires may be the best location to shop wherever streets are flooded with fashion stalls and footwear shops, but unluckily, the place is the one particular with the most targeted traffic issue in the entire of Argentina. Traffic incidents are also very common inside the area. Relating to a 2014 Highway Safety report in Acertados Aires, traffic laws happen to be not routinely obeyed inside the area and automobiles often travel at extreme acceleration. Most of the highways in the nation can also betwo-lane and providesno separation in among vehicles travelling through reversedirection.

In any case, there was a decline in activity passings in the nation in 2012 with just 7,485 movement related passings in 2012 contrasted with the 7.517 frequencies in 2011. Buenos Aires additionally has the most noteworthy rate of activity related passings amongst every one of the urban areas in the nation making it one of the spots with most noticeably awful movement.

Guadalajara, Mexico

The enamouring and bright culture of Guadalajara is one of the nation’s arrogance and is likewise one of the spots with most noticeably awful activity. The spot is additionally a host to a few artefact and verifiable destinations that will convey you to an outing through a world of fond memories, to the extent the sentimental periods in history are concerned. Be that as it may, the city has an activity list of 169.76 and a Movement Wastefulness File of 167.19. Workers endure around 30 minutes of day by day activity in Guadalajara. Travelers in the city are normally workers and understudies on their way to their office and schools. Because of the movement in the zone, its yearly CO2 created is around 2,087.89 kilograms. A sum of 24.34 trees is required per worker to sufficiently deliver oxygen to cover the CO2 discharges. Autos are additionally the most well-known type of transportation in the territory clarifying why there is such an enormous measure of activity in the city.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is also the favourite place for shopping.Thailand is another place where the giant of traffic is present.But Thailand has managed to safeguard its Asian heritage and without compromise economic growth and development. However, Bangkok is one of the cities in the world where traffic is of inferior quality. There is capacity of 2 million vehicles in this city but there are 5 million vehicles to be cater. Temperature of Thailand is usually tropical adding more heat to the weather.

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the romantic cities in the world. So it’s the beloved place for tourists. Main causes of accidents involve the negligence of drivers in a single accident so many people dies. Italy is also one of the worst traffic cities.

Moscow, Russia

Russia is considered one of the cities popular for production of weaponry items but when it comes to traffic then it considered most of the worst places in the world. Moscow is the city in Russia which is very busy and the traffic there is very fast.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is the city in Russia which is most beautiful city of Russia as well as it is considered the loveliest city of Russia but when it comes to traffic then we can say that it is worst city in the world notorious for traffic.

Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya is the city in Indonesia which is very beautiful and nice place to visit but the traffic here is very fast and it is not controllable so for this Surabaya considered the most worst city of world.

Mexico city, Mexico

Mexico City of Mexico is very fast because there are about 20 million people living in that city and there are more than 4 million cars travelling in the city so it considered the second worst place for traffic.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the city of turkey with lot of traffic and this traffic is so fast to control so it considered the top worst city with regard to fast traffic but as a whole it is the good place to visit.



How to recognize a heart attack before it happens

Heart attack is one of the most lethal causes of death in United States of America.  Total 25% of people died in US because of this lethal attack. It means that if you have four friends, one of them will die from heart or cardiac unrest.  If you know the cause, you can’t control the death but of course you can be able to protect your family and give first aid on the spot.


As we all know that it is a lethal cause of sudden death in US but you must know the symptoms of heart attack.  There are some signs that will appear in case of heart attack. It may be discomfort in heart, abnormal pulse, abnormal breathing, and unconsciousness. However there are some signs that will certainly make you think that people around you may get a heart attack.

Here are some of the top sign of heart attack; you must know them to protect your friends and family:

Why Do Airplane Windows Have A Small Hole In Them?

You often visit different parts of the world. The fastest way to reach your destination is the air travel. All the countries offer air travel to different parts of the world. On the whole you have never noticed anything special and mysterious in any airplane. But one mystery will now attract your attention and concentration. Here the mystery is revealed.

Before revealing the mystery you will be definitely glad to hear that the information shared here is known to people in very small number. No doubt your friends, fellows and colleagues are well educated and have much knowledge but the secret that is explained here will surely be a novel for all of your relatives.

You will be shocked without doubt to hear that all airplane windows have a small hole at the bottom in them. All of you are surely aware of airplane but never have ever heard about the small hole in all the windows of the airplane.



The hole is there for passengers’ safety. The holes in the windows of the airplanes help in regulating the cabin pressure. Nearly every cabin window consists of three panes: the outer pane, the middle pane and the inner pane. All the panes are made up of a super strong and sturdy synthetic resin. The middle pane that exists between the outer pane and the inner pane normally has these holes in it. Whereas the inner pane is purely a failsafe in the case of outer pane fracture, the outer and the middle panes are structural.

According to the studies, the small hole is there to operate as a bleed regulator, tolerating the pressure between the atmosphere in the passenger’s cabin and the atmosphere between the outer and the middle panes in equal ratio.

No Health Benefits of Wearing Bra

Women often hate articles related to clothing if they ever had fallen in love and had faced breakup. However, a bra is nothing but a valuable thing that helps you keep your body in good physical condition while performing different activities. But a woman feels much relief when she puts it off from her body at the end of the day.

Bra has deep history and it is stated that about 3000 years ago women in Greece used to wear bra. In fourteenth century women used to wear corsets as under garments which give an uplift support to their breast. Later in 20th century, bras got more attention and become a fashion throughout the world. At present, bra has become essential part of the dress of women as it gives beautiful look to their body and helps them keep their body sturdy while performing physical activities.

Since years, it has been considered that bras are good for health of women as they have number of benefits. Women are encouraged to wear bra as it gives their body an attract look. In true words, women used to buy “training bra” for their young girls of age six or seven to make them habitual of bra. Thus, bra becomes part of dress of women when they are too young.

One of the big rumors about bras is that bra prevents saggy breasts. The perkiness of breasts becomes low with the decline of youthfulness and women begin to worry about it much. This loss of perkiness is termed as sag. The saggy breasts seem weird. The rumor about the prevention of saggy breast finds no scientific proof and is totally a misconception about the women facing saggy breast problem. Body tissues help maintaining perkiness of the breast, however, with age tissue stiffness becomes weak and breast becomes saggy. Bra is not a tissue and thus it has nothing to do with perkiness of the breast. In 1995 a study revealed those women who wear an underwire bra more than 12 hours a day are more likely to have breast cancer. However the American Cancer Society completely disagreed to this theory of underwire bra.


Bra in 1940

Most luxurious flights launched in the air

Most luxurious flights launched in the air

There are flights today for everyone’s budget. For instance, Europe can be flown for just two digit price.  But there are flights which can only be afforded by few. Actually I’m not talking about simple flying from point A to point B.  I’m talking about extremely expensive flying castles that offer nothing less than then complete luxury. You have to pay whole fortune for this kind of comfort. Here’s the list of the most expensive flights in the world:

Route: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 14.000 $

This flight offers first class apartments. If you ever choose Singapore Airlines as your flying taxi, you’ll be able to sleep in your own room, have the bed all for yourself and as for lunch you’ll be served the finest cuisine accompanied with a classy vine.


Flight: Los Angeles – Melbourne

Airline: QANTAS

Price per ticket: 14.974 $

You’ll be seated in leather seat enjoying the flight across from the fireplace. The ones that are all into entertainment, there are special beds and big touch screens where you can watch your favorite show and eventually fall asleep. It’s a 15 hours flight full of luxury.

Flight: Los Angeles – Tokyo


Price per ticket: 16.078 $

It’s a classical luxury flight. Japan Airlines also offers leather seats, anatomical beds, finest of the vines and of course, you’ll be entertained by the endless choice of multimedia. Of course, you’re flying to Tokyo, the capital of the technology world. You must adapt in time.


Flight: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 21.000 $

The seats in this plane are perfectly ergonomic and that’s the first thing that this Virgin Atlantic airline is about to charm you with. You will be able to have your business meetings held, use the big screens while presenting your projects and have lunch with your associates with the finest cuisine.



Flight: New York – Singapore

Airline: SWISS AIR

Price per ticket: 22.265 $

If you book a round trip with Swiss Air from the Big Apple to Singapore you’ll be promised to feel like your own home is lifted up in the clouds. Of course, the specialties of the ‘house’ are magnificent There are wide beds where you can rest on your way to the next continentand the toilet you’ll use is more of a bathroom.


Flight: Hong Kong – New York


Price per ticket: 26.572 $

This is a widely known flight and the service is internationally recognized and earned many rewords regarding its quality. Caviar is constantly on the menu for breakfast, and the most delicious Chinese cuisine for the main course. You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a box while taking this flight as the interior is spacious indeed.


Flight: New York – Beijing


Price per ticket: 27.000 $

After entering this plane you’ll immediately feel that you’re already in one of the oriental countries. With an accent put on the oriental cuisine and traditional vine you’ll find out more about the Chinese culture until you reach its ground.


Flight:San Francisco– Abu Dhabi


Price per ticket: 28.000 $

This is a flight that is all about the senses. You’ll order your cuisine from a custom made menu, you’ll have your own mini-bar and you’ll get to drink the exquisite vines. After you’ll get exhausted from too much pleasure you can lay down on the leather seats for a ‘movie night out’.

Flight: Los Angeles – Dubai


Price per ticket: 30.000 $

Whenever Emirates are being mentioned, we always imagine everything is gold plated. This is the runner up of the most expensive flight in the world and many celebrities and millionaires are among the regulars. They own have their private apartment, mini bars and spa therapies. Well, one must enjoy these 16 hours of luxurious flying. The cost of visiting Dubai by the Emirates Flight is 30.000 $. Enjoy while it lasts.

Flight:New York– Hong Kong


Price per ticket: 43.535 $

The ticket for flight costs more than 43.000 $ and that’s the reason this flight is the most expensive in the world. You don’t get to have your own personal assistant but the flight offers this and so much more. You won’t need to pack your cosmetics in a bag because the toiletries you’ll find on the plane are already yours. With your assistant on board and everything checked you’ll have no other obligations than enjoy the finest cuisine accompanied with a bottle of high quality vine.

The airline industry is developing with great speed and the airlines are still managing to find new ways of attracting big spenders. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience one of these flights as soon as possible.

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

Travelers are always looking for something different and new to see or experience, whether if it’s an adventure, a place or accommodation, it has to be amazing and unforgettable. Regarding the latter, there is definitely something new and special about the Sala Silver Mine Underground Suite in Sweden.

Sala Silver Mine is situated in the middle of Sweden in the Regional district of Västmanland. It is 120 kilometers from Stockholm and 62 kilometers from Uppsala. It’s the world’s deepest underground hotel and it’s located in silver mine that apparently was closed in 1908. It is believed that the mine has been operational since medieval times but after it was closed it was just a matter of time when this mine would be converted into something else. Today the mine has its own museum, a theater, two dining rooms and asuitethat can accommodate two guests. Although the mine goes 300 meters in depth and almost 20 kilometers in length, people are allowed to sleep on about 155 meters below the surface. That makes this suite the deepest bedroom in the world.

This historic place has a cool and a bit of a dark note. Somewhere in these dark winding galleries and vast caverns, an amazing suite is waiting for you. Its interior is so cleverly designed to match the silver mine surroundings that include underground lakes too. This is the best choice for accommodation for those who want to experience some Bram Stoker’s or H.R. Giger’s atmosphere. The darkdecor is so Goth and the silver details of the furniture are so ahead of time.The past and the future collide and that is resulting in perfect and unique aura offering the guests an unforgettable experience.

Before staying in the apartment, you’ll be guided throughout the silver mine. Make sure you remember all the areas because after you’ll get accommodated you would be left on your own for the night. You’ll definitely get a lot of privacy in yourunderground bedroom because the hotel staff remains in the building above the ground. Additional accommodation above ground in the mining area estate is also available if you change your mind. What’s the downside of the suite? If you have to use the toilet in the middle of the night, you’d have to climb up for 50 meters where the closest toilet is located. Don’t bother to bring your cell phone either. You won’t get a signal.However, there’s an intercom which connects to an above-ground employee and is monitored all night. The next morning you’ll be served breakfast and you’ll be up on the sunlight again.

Don’t forget to bring some warm and comfortable clothes for the underground tours. The temperature below ground is only 2 degrees Celsius year-round. You shouldn’t worry about the temperature of the underground festivity hall and the suite since they’ve been warmed up to 18 degrees. Extra blankets are always put on the bed. The mining suite comes as part of a bed-and-breakfast tour package so you’ll be served breakfast in the morning. Spending the night in this suite will cost you about 265 $ per person including the tour of the mine, refreshment basket and breakfast. Unfortunately, showers are available in the Sala Bed and Breakfast above ground.

I’m sure this offer sounds pretty tempting. I understand we are all kind of fed up with all the look-alike hotels and studio apartments. If that’s the case with you too, you can check this suite out and enjoy your stay. This luxury underground hotel is a guarantee that no one will bother you if you are a privacy seeker. Please, keep in mind that the deadly silence of the mine is not for everybody. However, we must agree that the underground setting is sensational. What do you think? Does it worth for the money? And would you prefer to be accommodated in the Sala Silver Mine Suiteto experience the extraordinary environment below ground or you’d rather stay in a standard hotel room?

Here’s why we wear wedding rings on our fourth finger

Do you know why the wedding ring on the ring moves left?

Everything started from the Egyptians era since in the ancient times, it was believed that there was left on the ring finger in which passed the vein radiating towards the heart. In the Christian tradition, the ring finger is the finger that is touched by the priest with the invocation of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Another “scientific” explanation is that the ring finger is the first to form in the fetus and it is also the weakest. But surely the most poetic motivation comes from China. This video shows a romantic explanation of why faith is put on the ring left.

The Incredible Mystery of Giant Human Skeleton

Some finds in the history of humanity, evokes much more hype than others and, in this case, the reflectors are all focused on this amazing and fascinating discovery.
Some experts on archeology, whose center of interest is the region of Russian , said they had found in the regions of the Krasnodar (to be precise in the North Caucasus ) of bone fragments really interesting. They say it would be the remains of giant skeletons. According to scholars, these bone fragments belong to two women and two men dating back to about 4000 years ago, the ‘ Bronze Age to speak. The mystery has outlined and, in a few hours, has been around the world, arousing the interest of other scholars and the public criticism. The height of the specimens in question would be extraordinary twelve meters for men, ten women. We do not know if all this can be interpreted as an absolute truth, the planet earth, over thousands of years, he has been inhabited by many species , some very big as dinosaurs. Considering how many are the things any government hides the world’s population can not exclude the truth of the words of Russian archaeologists, the Giant may have inhabited our planet. What is certain is that we are not the only form of life in the galaxy, a few days ago thanks to very accurate radar scientists have established the possibility that the planet Kepler , just found out, there may be of living beings. Maybe might be giants like those found in Russia, we can not rule anything out.

You’ll Never Look At Pizza Boxes The Same Way Again

Who does not like pizza? How can’t you love the pizza … so good, with the mozzarella cheese, tomato tasty and crispy noodles. It felt like a magiarne eh? We think GreenBox which managed to create with a simple idea as well as physical box of highly efficient future. In addition to being recyclable, easily becomes 4 dishes and a box to reuse and store in the refrigerator, simple and brilliant! And then if it’s recyclable it is perfect … because do not forget that the environment is very important and should be respected !!