Most luxurious flights launched in the air

There are flights today for everyone’s budget. For instance, Europe can be flown for just two digit price.  But there are flights which can only be afforded by few. Actually I’m not talking about simple flying from point A to point B.  I’m talking about extremely expensive flying castles that offer nothing less than then complete luxury. You have to pay whole fortune for this kind of comfort. Here’s the list of the most expensive flights in the world:

Route: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 14.000 $

This flight offers first class apartments. If you ever choose Singapore Airlines as your flying taxi, you’ll be able to sleep in your own room, have the bed all for yourself and as for lunch you’ll be served the finest cuisine accompanied with a classy vine.


Flight: Los Angeles – Melbourne

Airline: QANTAS

Price per ticket: 14.974 $

You’ll be seated in leather seat enjoying the flight across from the fireplace. The ones that are all into entertainment, there are special beds and big touch screens where you can watch your favorite show and eventually fall asleep. It’s a 15 hours flight full of luxury.

Flight: Los Angeles – Tokyo


Price per ticket: 16.078 $

It’s a classical luxury flight. Japan Airlines also offers leather seats, anatomical beds, finest of the vines and of course, you’ll be entertained by the endless choice of multimedia. Of course, you’re flying to Tokyo, the capital of the technology world. You must adapt in time.


Flight: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 21.000 $

The seats in this plane are perfectly ergonomic and that’s the first thing that this Virgin Atlantic airline is about to charm you with. You will be able to have your business meetings held, use the big screens while presenting your projects and have lunch with your associates with the finest cuisine.



Flight: New York – Singapore

Airline: SWISS AIR

Price per ticket: 22.265 $

If you book a round trip with Swiss Air from the Big Apple to Singapore you’ll be promised to feel like your own home is lifted up in the clouds. Of course, the specialties of the ‘house’ are magnificent There are wide beds where you can rest on your way to the next continentand the toilet you’ll use is more of a bathroom.


Flight: Hong Kong – New York


Price per ticket: 26.572 $

This is a widely known flight and the service is internationally recognized and earned many rewords regarding its quality. Caviar is constantly on the menu for breakfast, and the most delicious Chinese cuisine for the main course. You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a box while taking this flight as the interior is spacious indeed.


Flight: New York – Beijing


Price per ticket: 27.000 $

After entering this plane you’ll immediately feel that you’re already in one of the oriental countries. With an accent put on the oriental cuisine and traditional vine you’ll find out more about the Chinese culture until you reach its ground.


Flight:San Francisco– Abu Dhabi


Price per ticket: 28.000 $

This is a flight that is all about the senses. You’ll order your cuisine from a custom made menu, you’ll have your own mini-bar and you’ll get to drink the exquisite vines. After you’ll get exhausted from too much pleasure you can lay down on the leather seats for a ‘movie night out’.

Flight: Los Angeles – Dubai


Price per ticket: 30.000 $

Whenever Emirates are being mentioned, we always imagine everything is gold plated. This is the runner up of the most expensive flight in the world and many celebrities and millionaires are among the regulars. They own have their private apartment, mini bars and spa therapies. Well, one must enjoy these 16 hours of luxurious flying. The cost of visiting Dubai by the Emirates Flight is 30.000 $. Enjoy while it lasts.

Flight:New York– Hong Kong


Price per ticket: 43.535 $

The ticket for flight costs more than 43.000 $ and that’s the reason this flight is the most expensive in the world. You don’t get to have your own personal assistant but the flight offers this and so much more. You won’t need to pack your cosmetics in a bag because the toiletries you’ll find on the plane are already yours. With your assistant on board and everything checked you’ll have no other obligations than enjoy the finest cuisine accompanied with a bottle of high quality vine.

The airline industry is developing with great speed and the airlines are still managing to find new ways of attracting big spenders. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience one of these flights as soon as possible.