The Incredible Mystery of Giant Human Skeleton

Some finds in the history of humanity, evokes much more hype than others and, in this case, the reflectors are all focused on this amazing and fascinating discovery.
Some experts on archeology, whose center of interest is the region of Russian , said they had found in the regions of the Krasnodar (to be precise in the North Caucasus ) of bone fragments really interesting. They say it would be the remains of giant skeletons. According to scholars, these bone fragments belong to two women and two men dating back to about 4000 years ago, the ‘ Bronze Age to speak. The mystery has outlined and, in a few hours, has been around the world, arousing the interest of other scholars and the public criticism. The height of the specimens in question would be extraordinary twelve meters for men, ten women. We do not know if all this can be interpreted as an absolute truth, the planet earth, over thousands of years, he has been inhabited by many species , some very big as dinosaurs. Considering how many are the things any government hides the world’s population can not exclude the truth of the words of Russian archaeologists, the Giant may have inhabited our planet. What is certain is that we are not the only form of life in the galaxy, a few days ago thanks to very accurate radar scientists have established the possibility that the planet Kepler , just found out, there may be of living beings. Maybe might be giants like those found in Russia, we can not rule anything out.