Top most amazing waterfalls in the world

Waterfall is the most beautiful and stunning view of nature. If you ever have seen any waterfall then you must try once to see waterfall in your lifetime. In the world there are most beautiful and stunning waterfalls are present in different countries. Waterfalls is the falling of water from high altitudes towards low altitudes and when some greenery is present in surroundings then it looks awesome view and stunning nature view. Some of the amazing waterfalls in the world are as under:

  • Jog falls: Jog falls generated by the river Sharavathi which is falling from the altitude of 253 meters is present in India. It is most amazing and falling from high altitudes it must be seen once in a life time because of its view and great natural stunning existence.
  • Gullfoss: Gullfoss the name comes from Golden Falls is very amazing waterfall in Iceland. It falls from 32 meter height and it is two way waterfalls which are falling in white river in Iceland. It looks amazing because of white foam like water looks as an ice falling or snow falling.
  • Blue Nile falls: Blue Nile falls is situated in Ethiopia. It is very interesting place for tourists of Ethiopia. It is falling from 30 KM downstream and it is also known as smoke fall because the water falling is like a smoke. Once in the lifetime you must visit this place.
  • Vinnofossen: it is another interesting waterfall of Europe and it is sixth in the world. It is generated from Vinnufonna glacier and part of river Vinnu which flows down in river Vinnufjellet so it is known as Vinnufossen and it looks stunning to the tourist because of its beautiful view and characteristics.
  • Ban Gioc -Detain falls: it is another great waterfall of the world it is most interesting and beautiful view to see this fall which is situated in Karst hills in the country Daxin. It is two way waterfalls it views very beautiful and amazing to the viewers so it must be visit by everyone once in a lifetime.
  • The Angel Falls: It is also the amazing waterfall of the world which is falling from 979 Meter height even the water falls blows with wind at those altitudes before it reaches to the ground below.
  • Kaieteur Falls: It is a high volume waterfall in the world. It is located in Kaieteur National Park. It falls from the height of 223 meters downstream and it is long waterfall. It is most amazing place for tourism.
  • Niagara Falls: It is very interesting place to see in the world. This waterfall is the collective name of three falls together as of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls which joined at the international border between Canadian provinces named Ontario. It is the merge of three most important rivers together at one place which is most attractive to see and visit in lifetime.
  • Victoria Falls: These falls are like the smoke thunders on the high altitudes of Southern Africa on Zambezi river which is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the world which has the height of 108 meters downstream. It is very amazing view between two borders for tourists.
  • Iguaze falls: It is the system of waterfalls falls near Iguazu river it contains more than 275 waterfalls. It is very beautiful and falls from the height of 64 meters. It is wide and long fall which is considered top most interesting places of the world.
  • Plitvice falls in Croatia: It is also an amazing waterfall in the world. It is found in Plitvice national park lakes in Croatia. The water of this fall is pure blue and it looks very stunning from above the surface of water. They are not very high falls but it is very stunning and interesting due to very cascades to overcome.
  • Yosemite falls in USA: it is also another great falls which are situated in USA. It falls from height of 729 meter in the Sierra Nevada, California. It also considered the largest falls in the world.
  • Sutherland Falls in New Zealand: It is also an attractive place of visiting in New Zealand. It is considered the best place for travelling. It falls from 580 meter downstream from high altitudes of Fiord land and it is discovered in 1880.

These are some of the highest altitudes waterfalls in the world which are most amazing places in the world for tourism. People from all over the world want to see these best places of the world either by visiting or from height on helicopter or plane. These are stunning falls which are situated in different areas of the world.