10 Most Famous Walls in The World

From the beginning of the world, there is a trend of constructing walls around specific geographical arena for protection and defense purposes. Communities built walls to protect themselves from dangerous animals, to make a boundary and to protect their territory. However, other purposes of the walls include adoration, decoration and appreciation of beautiful art. There are many famous walls all over the world. Here we will share you some information about the 10 most famous walls in the world.



  1. Diyarbakir Wall

Diyarbakir wall has been built in such a way that it covers the whole Diyarbakir city. This wall is located in southeastern Turkey. The wall has been built to create a form of circle of 3.4 miles. The wall has 4 gates and 82 watch towers. Diyarbakir Wall is world’s second largest wall with Roman touch intact.

  1. Sacsayhuaman Walls

Sacsayhuaman is one of the famous walls found in northern outskirt of Cusco, Peru. Peru was the capital of Inca Empire in past. This is one of the world’s heritages and the wall has been built with large polish stones. The wall has been built in a zigzag form and thus the wall looks like teeth.

  1. The Great Zimbabwe Walls

Zimbabwe is one of the largest cities of Kingdom Zimbabwe. It was also the capital of Kingdom Zimbabwe during the late iron age of the state. The city is covered by the great Zimbabwe wall. The height of this wall is 36 feet and the wall is extended to 820 feet long. This wall has the largest structure in Sahara Desert.

  1. Walls of Babylon

Babylon is one of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia. It is located about 85 km south of Baghdad. The Babylon city is surrounded by the Babylon wall. The Babylon wall was built back in 575 BC. The wall has one ancient gate called Ishtar gate and it is one of the largest gates. The gate and the wall were made of blue glazed tile. Saddam Hussain tried to restore and reconstruct these walls during his reign.

  1. Walls of Ston

The walls of ston are the most famous walls in the world. These are the series of walls that are located in Pelijesac, Southern Croatia and Peninsula. These walls are 3.5 miles long and these connect the two towns of ston. The Mali ston was built at the narrowest point of Peninsula. This is the Europe’s second largest wall and it was constructed during 15th century.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

This wall is located in between England and Scotland. The purpose to construct this wall was protection of Britannia colony from the tribe of Scotland. This wall was built in second century AD. It is the longest wall of England and stretches from Irish Sea to the North Sea. It is 73 mile from the North of England.

  1. Walls of Troy

The walls of troy are one of the oldest walls built in 13th century BC. The walls are located in northwestern of Turkey. These walls still stand in their original condition. The walls have many layers of ruins. There is greater historic importance of these walls because these walls were battle land for Trojan War. The walls were constructed for protection of legendary troy. Walls of Troy are famous as tourist attraction.

  1. The Western Wall

This is one of the famous walls in the world. This wall is also known as Wailing Wall. The wall is located in one of the old city Jerusalem in Israel. This wall was built in around 19 BC at the end of second temple period. The remaining layer of the wall which has been built in 7th century is the Jewish religious site.

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the famous walls of the world and it is also the top 10 wonders of the world. It has been claimed that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon. It has been contracted many times. In 5th and 16th BC century the wall has been contracted, maintained and reconstructed to prevent the border of China from tribes of the North.

  1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is one of the most beautiful walls in the world. The wall is located in Germany. This is a modern construction which was constructed during cold war in 1961. The purpose of to build the wall was to stop the East Berliners to escape and enters into the west. This wall is constructed in the middle of Berlin City. Almost 5000 people lost their lives when they tried to cross the wall. In 1989 the wall was taken down with the fall of Soviet Russia.