Iguazu Falls will Revive Your Senses

The majestic Iguazu Falls lying on the border between Brasil and Argentina consist of more than 270 separate waterfalls, enlarging to more than 350 during the rainy season. They all occupy an area approximately 3km wide and 80m high, making them wider than Victoria and higher than Niagara.

They are formed by the Rio Iguacu, picking up a few tributaries in the dense lush jungle, before it plunges in the tiered falls. They cascade gradually with a deafening that can be heard miles away. The tropical sun and the ever-present moisture make the surrounding jungle grow at speeds that makes a towering pine tree in twenty years instead of the seven years it would take in Scandinavia.




Beautiful rainbows can be seen near the falls due to the moisture which adds up to the beautiful gigantic landscape. When you first visit them, it takes a bit to get used to the enormity of it all, and you start to realize how small you are compared to Mother Nature and her offerings.