Facts About Your Body That Are Just Straight-Up Lies

There are some of the facts in our life that we never know in our childhood. We may not even knew such facts in ever teenage but these bizarre facts are really interesting and captivating. Our body endows many such facts that our mom cannot even guide us such things in younger age. However, now science has introduced us with the revolutionary logics to introduce us with the existing facts and a mechanism to prove them all about our life. Here are some of the most bizarre and straight facts about your body:

  • The blood in your veins is blue:¬†Blood is in red color either oxygenated or deoxygenated but you look that your veins look blue on your skin.This is just reflection of light on your skin nothing else.




  • Finger nails keep growing after death:¬†Finger nails need glucose to grow in your life.So, when you told that it grows after death then it is not possible because your body have glucose when you are alive but it does not have glucose when you die.