Surprising facts about twins

Twins are basically of two types one is identical and other is fraternal. Identical twins means when one egg is fertilized with one sperm cell and then zygote is divided into two different embryos so the features for both babies are same when they born because their identity develops from same egg cell and sperm cell. Fraternal means two eggs are released and fertilize with two sperm cells and then make separate zygotes which nourishes thereafter. Some things must be known to everyone about twins for information which are as follows:


  • Different biological Fathers: Twins may have different biological fathers because the time comes when two different eggs fertilize with two different male donors so that we can say twins may have different biological fathers as well as same with respect to their process of fertilizing with eggs of female.



  • Separated twins may live similar lives: Twins may separate from one another in their lifetime but they lives a similar life because of some similarities in their genes so they can live with different ways but there are present some similarities in both like taking same profession, falling ill at same time and feeling hunger at same time etc. It may be coincidental but it must be happens with some of the twins.