Strangest buildings of the world

Strange means something which is unbelievable or something which is unexpected so people’s reaction on these strangest things is quite different from routine things. So the topic elaborating here is strangest buildings in the world. We can see everywhere the changes occur in the world. But strangest building is like how it is possible to have that building but these buildings are present in the world. The question arises in the mind that how it is adjusted at that place the answer is according to the latest technique these buildings are present over there. Here are some defined buildings which are very strange buildings in the world:

  • National center of performing arts: National center of performing arts is a building situated in China which is made between the artificial lakes and is oval shaped. A great architecture designed is represented by viewing that building. It is very impressive to look that building because it is impossible design to make but architect made it for Chinese National center for performing arts.