Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Ancient World Wonder

Art has no limits and no boundaries. Actually, art is the articulation of mind and it can be anything from just simple texture, a giant sculpture or a portrait drawing. Statue of Zeus at Olympia was one such example of art that has a long history. This giant statue was created by a Greek sculptor in 435 BC. He was Phidias and this statue is located in Greece at the asylum of Olympia in the Temple of Zeus. The overall height of this statue is about forty three feet.


Statue of Zeus at Olympia is regarded as one among the seven ancient wonders of the world and its creator. Phidias who created this world wonder was known to a master sculptor of his time. He created numerous sculptures including the Statue of Athena and some small statues at Marathon and Plataea. The statue was created in honor of Zeus and an inspiration for Olympics.

Zeus, the idol of thunder, was represented seated on a ceremonial chair of cedar bestowed with ivory, ebony, gold and valuable stone. Twofold imprinted sphinxes hold the side arms. As said by Pausanias, a second century AD voyager, the Statue of Zeus was embroidered with emerald shoots treated with gold. Moreover, the Zeus statue holds a statue of victory goddess Nike in right hand.