Sydney Opera House, Australia

The Sydney Opera house is a performing arts center that is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a multipurpose venue mostly used for performing arts.  It is situated on Bennelong point in harbor of Sydney and is very close of Sydney Harbor Bridge.  This located is very adjacent to Sydney Business district and Royal Botanic Gardens.


It is designed by the Danish Architect named Jorn Utzon and it is open on 20th of October 1973 after award winning design in the year 1958.  The New South Wales government that was led at the time by Joseph Cahill issue order to start works in the year 1958 with Utzon directing the instruction how to complete the design.  The utzon design faces a lot of issues which includes cost, scheduling overruns and the resignation of the architects.

The name of the location suggest that it is a single venue but in reality the building is comprises of multi performing venues.  It is the busiest performing art venue in the world.  It is hosting about 1500 performance each year and about 1.2 million people attend these performances each year. It is the most attractive place for the tourist in the country.