No Health Benefits of Wearing Bra

Bras have created confusions among women. Some think that they are a ridiculous invention while others believe that they are a device for emancipation. Before deciding to wear a bra, it is necessary to know odds and ends of bra. Thus it is time to reveal all those things that women need to know about bra.

Scientific studies have revealed that wearing a bra has nothing to do with the sagginess of the breasts. Moreover, they neither reduce back pain nor help in supporting breast. On contrary to this, women wearing bra form small ages are found having saggier breast as compared to those who do not- breasts get no perkiness besides denied gravity. Furthermore, bras are more likely to reduce blood circulation in the breast that results in breast tone. However, it is also observed that women who leave wearing bra help maintaining their perkiness of the breast as their body itself gives support to the breast. Hence, perkiness can be maintained without wearing a bra as the body tissues provide stiffness to the breast.

Studies have revealed that women who wear bra twenty four hours a day are more likely to have breast cancer. Women use bra to uplift their breast but they do not realize that this habit of wearing bra for long hours results into breast cancer. Wearing bra increased temperature of breast tissue and increases the level of a breast hormone called Prolactin. This increase in temperature and the hormone causes breast cancer.

Melatonin is a hormone that increases the temperature of the body. The hormone helps in regulation of sleep, immune function and aging. Moreover, the hormone decreases the growth of breast cancer. However it is observed that wearing bra decreases the growth of Melatonin and as a result women feel discomfort, sleeplessness and other age related anxieties. Women are more likely to have breast cancer, which is result of deficiency of Melatonin. So, bra can be dangerous for health.