Easy Halloween Homemade Ideas

Homemade decorations and interiors are most commonly used now days because people are looking for innovative trend, creativity as well as artistic thoughts. Every passing moment there is an increase in trend of creativity and innovation in home décor ideas. People prefer to have homemade items, costumes and other décor for home. Here we discuss some homemade costumes as well as homemade Halloween decorations.

  • Boo bottles: For easy making of boo bottles you can just remove the bottle caps and labels from bottles so that the names on bottles cannot be visible for decorating them. After removing labels you must use spray paint on bottle with white color and draw faces with black marker, an awesome type of homemade Halloween décor is ready to use.
  • Cobweb coasters: It is an interesting home décor,take five pins and attach them with round shape metal. After that wrap threads through each pin so that it can cause the view of cobweb. Spray paint this cobweb with interesting colors for amazing décor.
  • Spooky terrarium: you can also decorate your home walls with this Halloween décor. You can use jars, trays and grass for making it at home. It can look like the real structure of Halloween items. You can put this handmade Halloween décor in windows and lobbies.
  • Vampire napkin rings: You can also make vampire napkin rings for putting on tables at home. It looks cool while placing in the central table of home. You can use red color on cloth for marking it as blood and then tie that cloth with artificial plastic vampire’s teeth. It is most creative napkin you can make at home.
  • Creepy wall hangings: you can also decorate your home with wall hangings made by you by using different frames. Frames of wood are available easily at stores, you can make them as hanging wall frames and paste different drawings of bats, skeleton and other Halloween items and hang it on wall of your home.
  • Ghostly Lanterns: It is also most amazing type of homemade Halloween décor. You can use plastic bottles and cans to make it. First you can take a bottle and remove its cap as well as labels on it. After that you have to put a light into that bottle and draw faces on bottle for good appearance of bottle. You can place that bottle into your porch for evening lightening and also for welcoming your guests.
  • Wicked witch candy dish: For the purpose of making your home more decorative with your creativity you can also use your old heels for wick witch candy dish. First wrap your heels with shiny cover then put some décor of Halloween and after that put some Halloween candies to complete your creative decoration.
  • Hanging bats and ghosts: You have also great ideas of hanging bats and ghosts. You can use your old wall lamps as well as ceiling lamps for making this decoration piece. First color your old lamp in black with spray paints and then draw bats and ghosts with paper and attach those drawings with lamp with the help of some threads and wires. In this way you can make more attractive decorations for your home.
  • Awesome spacemen: You can make homemade dress of spacemen for your kid. He/ she will love this costume for wearing. You can use clothes, glass globe and water pipe to make spacemen costume for your kid. It is very interesting costume to wear.
  • Rubik’s cube: You can make Rubik’s cube costume for your child to wear. He/ she will love this dressing because it is so much interesting and amazing to wear. You can use cardboards, spray paints and papers to make this type of costumes.
  • Hot air Balloon: It is great idea to make your little champ happy. You can use balloons and ribbons to make this costume for your kid if he or she is participating in any kind of competition or performance.
  • Emoji Masks: This is the most creative idea for amazement of your kids. You can use papers, charts, stickers, markers and glue for making this creative Emoji masks. It is some kind of amusement and enjoyment for kids to have photos with these masks.
  • Hawaiian Snow Globe: This is wonderful costumes for kids. You can use glass globe, paints, plastic and cardboards to make such snow globe for kids to wear. Your kid will love to see this costume while wearing it.
  • Needle and thread: This is very interesting as well as amazing costume for baby girls to wear. If your kid is participating in some kind of presentation then you can easily make this costume at home by using cardboards, wires, paint and threads.

By using above ideas and creative suggestions you can make your home more decorative and can make more creative costumes for your kids at home.