Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lost Wonder of the Ancient World

Are you a lover of history and you are looking to know about the historic facts and important information about the historic events and places then you must have to know about the hanging gardens of Babylon. For this you must have to visit the place where it is being said that these gardens exist. Here you cannot only know about certain historic facts but also some important information that you may not gather from anywhere else. These are among the seven wonders of ancient world. It is also the only one among all whose location still not established. There are different stories being learnt about these gardens. These gardens are said to be built in Babylon city which is currently Hillah, Babil Province in Iraq. There is not any concrete evidence with which it can be established that these gardens exist and if does, then this is the exact location.


There are also believes that in case these gardens were exist in old ages but then these were destroyed after first century AD. So there is still a lot to be known about these gardens, so if you are a student of history then the topic is open for you to go till its roots.