Walk on Great Wall of China to enjoy a glimpse of past

Walk on Great Wall of China to enjoy a glimpse of past

Like me, you may also think that history has left a lot of memories in the form of monuments, historical buildings and architectural designs. But in present life; we are not so busy to take care of history but busy in creating new histories. Anyhow, today’s topic of discussion is the Great Wall of China that is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There was a time when this wall was only and solely constructed for protection purpose and it took a period of about two thousand years to complete. If you start walking on the Great Wall of China then don’t just think it is a mere walk but you are walking on the timeline of China’s history. The overall length of this wall is about 2700 miles and it starts from Yellow Sea and ends at Gobi Desert.


The Great Wall of China is a series of buttresses constructed from brick, stone, wood, tamped earth and some other materials. The main focus of this wall was to achieve the goal of protection from northern borders against prototypical states, military incursions and nomadic groups. The process of building such a big wall was not started all at once but many small and big walls were built in different times and then all of these were joined to create the World’s second biggest wonder. The most popular segment of Great Wall of China was built under the rule of China’s Emperor, Qin Shi Huang during 220-206 BC.

Great_Wall of China

Besides security, some other motives for the construction of the Great Wall of China include imposition of duty on goods being transported to and from China through northern borders on Silk Road. It proved to be a good tool for regulating and encouraging trade. China also got hands on controlling emigration and immigration. For ultimate security; the wall was endowed with troop barracks, watch towers, signaling capabilities with the help of fire or smoke, garrison stations and transportation corridor.

While planning your visit to the Great Wall of China; you can fragment your tour and help yourself in exploring the essence and importance of this wall in four parts.

–          At first, you should visit Tiananmen Square as well as spend some time at the Forbidden City

–          Your next day should start from the Old Dragons Head. It is the point where this wall touches the brink of sea.

–          Your next marked destination will be Jiaoshan. It is the Great Wall’s eastern section

–          Next, you can visit Panjiakou. Here you can enjoy watching boating course as the wall crosses water body.

–          If you have any interest in old buildings then you should next reach at Eastern Qing Tombs. Here you can see Colonial Tomb Complex. It belongs to Qing Dynasty and it is located near Zunhua.

–          After your tour ends, you can reach the point where you started and it will be Jinshanling.

It is superior if you take the early dawn bus leaving for the Great wall. It will be best if you prepare for your trip to be completed in one day time. If you desire to leave for a general excursion, it is recommended to verify the standing of your expedition organizer.



You must also be curious and concerned about your health. Keep a first aid box with you along with some essential medicines including anti allergic, anti nausea and anti cold medicines.
Moreover, it is preferred that you should wear loose clothes and don’t forget to take scarves with you either you are travelling to the Great Wall of China in winter or summer. Enjoy the tour. Good luck!