Princes’ Islands Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey comprised of architectural and historical buildings. The Princes Island has different names including the Turkish name as Prens Adalari, Princess Islands, Kizil Adalar, Red Islands or some even say it just Adalar. These all names either belong to Greek officials or Turkish officials. Actually the Princes Islands of Istanbul are comprised of or collection of four big islands including Buyukada that means Big Island and the total area of this Island is measured as 2.11 square kilometers. The second big name is Heybeliada and commonly it is known as “Saddlebag Island”. The overall total area of this island is approximated as 0.93 square kilometer. The third name in the list is Bugazada or the Fortress Island with a total area measurement as 0.58 square kilometer. The last one is Kinaliada or the Henna Island. The total measurement of this island is about 0.061 square kilometers.


Summers are the favorite season for tourist to visit these Princes Island and many tourists travel to the islands from Istanbul. Usually, the only transport available to the islands is horse and cart. You can hire ship and ferry services from six companies operating in the region.