How to recognize a heart attack before it happens

  1. Feeling Off

If you are feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, it is one of the common and early symptoms of heart attack. Fatigue, lightheadedness is also cause of fainting, anxiety and panic is another cause that leads to heart attack.

These are top 10 symptoms of heart attack that one could face. However it is important to note down that heart attacks are not limited to men. Women who experience heart attacks are likely to die more than men in this case or could face second attack within year.

According to a study, 95% of women who got heart attack face some of the wrong signs before months of actual heart attack. But unfortunately they don’t go and visit the doctor to consult. Those who went to doctor, mostly doctor can’t be able to identify the issue related to cardiac unrest.

This is the main reason why you must be aware of early signs of heart attacks. If you or your loved ones are facing these signs, it is important for you to give them proper healthcare or aid at that time. You don’t need to be affair to tell you are facing heart issues; it could end up saving your life.