9 Crazy things you will learn today

Some things in life are very confusing and doubtful but we have to learn about those things to be smart and acquainted. A person should have information about everything he/she is dealing with. The questions arise with some of doubtful things and we may ask ourselves that why this happen to us and what are the basic reasons for this happening to us? The answer is, if we know the situation and if we are aware of that situation then we can easily understand the suspicion and don’t stuff our mind with these doubts and errors which are in our mind regarding a certain situation. We can tackle the situations with awareness and familiarity aboutsuch happenings. Some of the crazy things that you will learn today are as under:


  • Nomo phobia:

It is about having fear of no mobile to people. In this world there are 54% people suffering from Nomo phobia because of the existence of technology from head over heels in our daily routine.They cannot even think of living life without mobile phone.

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