Valley of love, the lost wonder of the world

The valley of love, no one ever heard more about it because it is the lost wonder of the world. The valley of love, it is hidden from the world for many years. It is one mile high and wide and is beautiful place in Ireland. It is said that this valley is built by the ancient race in the country that is still inhabited in the remote area of the country.

According to the people, this valley has been older than pyramids of the Egypt, 3000 years older than pyramids and still not in knowledge of the world is something that makes in more mysterious.  The structure you can find on the top of the valley is well known as the memorial of joy. This is a superb piece of art and it is said that the structure is well functioned from inside the structure.


According to the professor Fang fingers who is a religious malarkey exposure was asked about the view and stunning structure in the valley he said, what all I can say about this is simple, one fantastic and stunning motivation is required to build such a fantastic place.