Many of you will know that things done by hand are the best. Buying more products can be very beneficial especially if we know that a certain product, so can we spend much less. These are the products “do-it-yourself”, that we can easily do at home and there is no limit to what we can create. There are those who create products for the home alone, who creates objects that may be useful, creator of the fantastic gift ideas, are all things that can make a person inexperienced, just follow a tutorial. For example, many would like to make a nice outdoor barbecue but those found in stores are very expensive and instead we want something cheap, small and cute like design. And here we show you the video suitable for making a barbecue directly with your hands, all you need are the rims of the car. As may be seen in this tutorial we will explain all the steps, if we assemble the various rims you can make a very nice barbecue from aesthetic point of view and is fully functional. Better a small and easy to use product that the big barbecue that sell in stores that are gigantic and difficult to use.