Stunning photos capturing the beauty of nature

The world is full of natural beauty. There are different places which are famous for their nature beauty. It is nature of human being that he/she loves to visit suchplaces whichare naturally blessed.. If we go for the exploration of natural beauty, we will find out a lot of beautiful places and things that God has gifted us. People go to the places which offer calmness, soothe and energy.. Such places are regarded as the resources for relaxingyourmind. However, not everyone does get an opportunity to enjoy tourism. . Some people may love to enjoy the charmof nature but they aren’t capable enough to bear the pain of adventure but others are courageous and brave to explore forests, caves and other places. Some love to capture the natural beauty through the lens of camera as they are good at r photography and they love to share their feelings about beauty of nature with others who may not be able to explore natural charisma. l. A Good photographer is the one whose captured photos give a lesson and demonstrate details about the object to the viewers. Here we will tell you about some stunning photos that have demonstrated nature in best possible manner. .

  • When sun set in clouds

You will see the outstanding view as sunsets in the clouds. The half part of sky looks blue and half part is cloudy. It makes the view very beautiful and attractive.

  • When sun rays become red

It is beautiful to watch when sun rays become red and the rays reflect over and above the sea water. Mostly people love to see this view from coast line or beach. It happens at time of sun set.

  • When there is thunderstorm

For some of us, it is bit scary to enjoy the thunderstorm. But others love to capture such rare moments through the lenses of their cameras. . You can find electric lightening pictures during thunderstorm through online sources and remember that these pictures have been captured by the most dedicated, brave and enthusiastic photographers.

  • Peacock spider

This is one of the beautiful specie which is found in Australia. It has been gifted to us by God. This is very precious specie. It is loveable to watch it while it spreads its wings all around.

  • Northern lights above a Cottage

It is the place which is full of natural beauty. The rainbow is on the sky and the seven colors have spread all around. This view has been captured by the most professional photographer.

  • When there is lava in the mountain

This picture has been captured by a photographer with a professional camera. The photo tells about the natural disaster, when lava comes out of the mountain’s peak. The photographer has exposed himself/herself to extreme risk while capturing such an astonishing picture. The people who are risk take can only  go there and capture such photos.

  • When the fish swims in the sea

This kind of view is very attractive and most of the people love to see such scenario.The photographer has captured the picture as the whale comes out from the water. This photo was captured in California.

  • When there is too much snow

The photo has beencaptured by the person, who went there for an ice skating. This view is very attractive as the whole area is covered by snow in a cloudy weather.

  • Water fall and rainbow

This is the most beautiful view when there is water fall and lines of rainbow across the water.  Photographers who love nature cannot put down a chance to capture such a rare moment. They love to save it for future generations.

  • Sun flower fields

The nature is full of beautiful flowers. Everyone around in this world loves to play in flowers. Usually, nature photographers cannot miss to take a shot as they visit a garden.  . Sun flower is one of the most beautiful flowerswhich appear only in the presence of sun light.

  • Snowflakes

These snowflakes had been falling from the clouds in a cloudyweather when the temperature was approximately, minus 10 degree centigrade. To capture this kind of photo, the photographer needs to be brave and professional. There is risk of life involved in such photography.

  • Water fall Gein

This view is very beautiful and attractive. In this photo the beauty of nature is very clear. Most of the people love to go this type of beautiful places.

  • Kawagi Fuji Gardens.

This is the garden which is in Japan. Itis full of natural beauty. There are many flowers and trees in differentcolors. Suchkind of flowers and trees are rare in the world. In this garden, 20 different species are present.150 wisteriaflowering plants are also here.

  • Lorain sunset

This photo was capturedwhile the sun set in front of Lorainhouse. This is a beautiful view when sunset in front of the ship on the sea.

  • Fly Geyser in the black rock desert

This picture demonstrates an amazing view. Itis also one of the rare happenings inthe world. The photo was capturedin the desert area and this is the desert of Nevada. The rock is black but it looks in different colors when the water comes out from it.

  • Palm trees in Bora

This photo wascaptured in Bora where the palm trees are mostly found. These trees are mostly present on the beach of the sea site. People who come to sea site sit under the shadow of these trees. These trees grow only in sunlight.