Most cultural monuments of the world

Cultural means from heritage a chain comes from inheritance which can be your significance. Culture is the significance of the atmosphere and also your heritage you are having in your past. It can enhance your knowledge about your history and heritage which can also tells you that how strong your norms and customs are. Everything is based on some specific norms and customs which are related to some heritance and ancient customs. Monument is something which is related to past and heritage it is very precious as well as symbol of inheritance to ones country and culture. Some of the most cultural monuments are as follows:

  • Kaaba (Masjid al-Haram): Khana kaba house of Allah Almighty is the most religious place in Makah. Millions of Muslims go there to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is the symbol of history of Muslim all over the world. It is the place of peace.


  • Stonehenge: Stonehenge in the Wiltshire country of United Kingdom also the famous monument of Wiltshire. It looks very impressive view because of its ancient priority and inheritance existence these days. It represents the ancient culture of Wiltshire, United Kingdom. People of the world consider it the most sacred site of the world but it is more impressive for tourist all around the world.