What Not to Do On Your Italian Trip


 1. A visit to the Vatican wearing a tank top – You won’t pass through the entrance. If it’s too hot to be fully clothed, wear a scarf or a long-sleeve shirt that you can put on upon entrance.

2. Throw away the schedule – One of the first things you learn in Italy is that, there is time, and there is Italian time. Italian time is elastic, so don’t be surprised if your scheduled tour starts an hour later. Many stores close during lunchtime, and all the shops have two days off during the week.

3. Gondola ride – A ride on a gondola may seem awfully romantic, until you get the bill. A ride like this can cost up to 50 euros, per person, per hour. Better and cheaper option is taking a water taxi. It is a shorter ride, but the cost can be as low as 3 euros.


4. Using Google maps or GPS to avoid pay tolls – It may seem like a fine idea, but the southern you go the local roads get worse and worse. So, it is better to pay and avoid the many mishaps that occur driving through unregulated and not maintained roads.

5. Tipping – Tips are not obligatory in Italy. If you haven’t just received the best service in the world, avoid leaving a tip.