The Most Bizarre Things Guests Leave Behind in Hotels


We all love going on a holiday, but not many of us anticipate the time to return home. This may part of the reason we often leave behind something in the hotel room. And it’s not all toothbrushes and phone chargers, but some very bizarre items as well. Pre-marital contacts, Vera Wang gowns, a suitcase full of memorabilia of Prince George, are just some of the stuff left behind by the guests of British hotels throughout 2013.  Among the left-behinds there is the pet tarantula Hercules, a great wooden cross, figurines of Indian gods plated with 24 carat gold, an ownership contract for a property worth 2 million pounds, and a cell phone worth 10.000 pounds.




The hotel-chain Travelodge reported left-behind yogurt samples that hadn’t been released on the market yet, and geisha outfit. These were the most bizarre objects that 16 million guests of more than 500 hotels left behind in their rooms last year. All the objects that were not searched for in a period of three months were donated to local charities. Travelodge reported 22.648 left-behind books. The most popular i.e. the most common one was Fifty Shades of Grey.