Devastating images that may destroy you

Anger is something which cannot be controlled in some cases. You may try your best to control your anger but in some situations; you are helpless. Sometimes it happens to be a condition that irritates you from head over heels. Your anger goes out of control and you are not able to tackle it. In such circumstances, you react according to your mentality at that very time. Some people get exhausted and some even bypass such conditions with a sweet smile. Here are some situations which can destroy you when you actually face the m but you may laugh at happenings afterwards:

  • When your dinner plate doesn’t fits in microwave: When you are ready to enjoy your dinner after a whole day’s fast and you want to put your dinner plate into the oven but..; the plate doesn’t fit into the microwave oven. If you are in hypertension then anything can happen. No words to account for your anger.