Matmata The Hidden Miracle Of Tunisia

Matmata The Hidden Miracle Of Tunisia

If you ever travel in Tunisia make sure you visit the small town of Matmata. It’s definitely a must-see place for tourists, which can be reached by taking a bus to Gabes and then sharing a taxi to the old town of Matmata. As you’re approaching the site you’ll think this area is isolated and abandoned as no one will be there to welcome you. It’s all because the residents live underground.

Matmata is actually a small town in southern Tunisia. It is populated by the Berbers who live in traditional underground structures also known as troglodytes. What makes these structures so exceptional is the way they were created. First of all, the locals start digging a large pit in the ground and then artificial caves are dig around the perimeter of the same pit in order these small caves to be used as rooms. Usually each crater is about two stories deep, completed with doors, staircases and openings.Forpractical reasons the nearby caves are all connected by trench-like passageways. You can already assume there are no windows around here.

This kind of housing used to hide villagers from raiders in unstable times and it gives you a pleasant room temperature throughout any season. The air bellow the ground stays cool when the weather outside is unbearably hot. In the year of 1967, heavy rains that lasted for 22 days overwhelmed these homes and the authorities quickly built an above-ground settlement. But this didn’t stop most of the people who were struck by the rains, to restore their old homes. Only a few of the familiesagreed to move in the new structures built by the authorities.

Most people go to see Matmata as a part of an organized tour and are staying just for a few hours or only for the night. The surroundings offer stunning landscapes, opportunities for taking long walks on the orange-pink desert hills or one can simply follow the dry river beds. Wherever you may go, you won’t get lost.

You’ll find the way the Berbers live their life very mind-quieting. You can even be accommodated in their homes over the night. The rooms are decorated as simple as possible.The courtyard is often painted in white but the hosts aren’t afraid to use strong colors with the chalked walls, round shelves cut directly into the walls or handmade tapestry to highlight their folklore. As a tourist, prepare to buy handicrafts or at least offer the hosts a symbolic sum if you want to take pics. Make sure you remember the next tiny fact that tourists often find unacceptable: if you’d like to stay in Matmata overnight be prepared for shared bathrooms and toilets.

However, you can always stay in the Sidi Driss Hotel which was used as a filming location for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The hotel was featured as the home of Luke Skywalker on the planet Tatooine, facts you already know if you are a Star Wars fan. The hotel is designed according to the traditional troglodyte standards of the underground building.

Matmata is indeed a popular tourist attraction but if you are not going with a tour group make sure you explore this little town in the early morning hours. That is the time when the place won’t be crowded and you’ll have the chance to catch the morning sun light which gives a dramatic appearance to the troglodytes. Unfortunately, as the hours pass and as the sun is slowly heading to West, this experience loses its strength. Anyway, don’t forget to get enough bottled water for this ‘expedition’ because the summer is very hot around here.

I guess you’re already prepared for an outstanding adventure in the Tunisian sand dunes. Matmata is waiting to be explored and it’s peeking from under the ground.

Most luxurious flights launched in the air

Most luxurious flights launched in the air

There are flights today for everyone’s budget. For instance, Europe can be flown for just two digit price.  But there are flights which can only be afforded by few. Actually I’m not talking about simple flying from point A to point B.  I’m talking about extremely expensive flying castles that offer nothing less than then complete luxury. You have to pay whole fortune for this kind of comfort. Here’s the list of the most expensive flights in the world:

Route: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 14.000 $

This flight offers first class apartments. If you ever choose Singapore Airlines as your flying taxi, you’ll be able to sleep in your own room, have the bed all for yourself and as for lunch you’ll be served the finest cuisine accompanied with a classy vine.


Flight: Los Angeles – Melbourne

Airline: QANTAS

Price per ticket: 14.974 $

You’ll be seated in leather seat enjoying the flight across from the fireplace. The ones that are all into entertainment, there are special beds and big touch screens where you can watch your favorite show and eventually fall asleep. It’s a 15 hours flight full of luxury.

Flight: Los Angeles – Tokyo


Price per ticket: 16.078 $

It’s a classical luxury flight. Japan Airlines also offers leather seats, anatomical beds, finest of the vines and of course, you’ll be entertained by the endless choice of multimedia. Of course, you’re flying to Tokyo, the capital of the technology world. You must adapt in time.


Flight: New York – Singapore


Price per ticket: 21.000 $

The seats in this plane are perfectly ergonomic and that’s the first thing that this Virgin Atlantic airline is about to charm you with. You will be able to have your business meetings held, use the big screens while presenting your projects and have lunch with your associates with the finest cuisine.



Flight: New York – Singapore

Airline: SWISS AIR

Price per ticket: 22.265 $

If you book a round trip with Swiss Air from the Big Apple to Singapore you’ll be promised to feel like your own home is lifted up in the clouds. Of course, the specialties of the ‘house’ are magnificent There are wide beds where you can rest on your way to the next continentand the toilet you’ll use is more of a bathroom.


Flight: Hong Kong – New York


Price per ticket: 26.572 $

This is a widely known flight and the service is internationally recognized and earned many rewords regarding its quality. Caviar is constantly on the menu for breakfast, and the most delicious Chinese cuisine for the main course. You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a box while taking this flight as the interior is spacious indeed.


Flight: New York – Beijing


Price per ticket: 27.000 $

After entering this plane you’ll immediately feel that you’re already in one of the oriental countries. With an accent put on the oriental cuisine and traditional vine you’ll find out more about the Chinese culture until you reach its ground.


Flight:San Francisco– Abu Dhabi


Price per ticket: 28.000 $

This is a flight that is all about the senses. You’ll order your cuisine from a custom made menu, you’ll have your own mini-bar and you’ll get to drink the exquisite vines. After you’ll get exhausted from too much pleasure you can lay down on the leather seats for a ‘movie night out’.

Flight: Los Angeles – Dubai


Price per ticket: 30.000 $

Whenever Emirates are being mentioned, we always imagine everything is gold plated. This is the runner up of the most expensive flight in the world and many celebrities and millionaires are among the regulars. They own have their private apartment, mini bars and spa therapies. Well, one must enjoy these 16 hours of luxurious flying. The cost of visiting Dubai by the Emirates Flight is 30.000 $. Enjoy while it lasts.

Flight:New York– Hong Kong


Price per ticket: 43.535 $

The ticket for flight costs more than 43.000 $ and that’s the reason this flight is the most expensive in the world. You don’t get to have your own personal assistant but the flight offers this and so much more. You won’t need to pack your cosmetics in a bag because the toiletries you’ll find on the plane are already yours. With your assistant on board and everything checked you’ll have no other obligations than enjoy the finest cuisine accompanied with a bottle of high quality vine.

The airline industry is developing with great speed and the airlines are still managing to find new ways of attracting big spenders. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience one of these flights as soon as possible.

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

Travelers are always looking for something different and new to see or experience, whether if it’s an adventure, a place or accommodation, it has to be amazing and unforgettable. Regarding the latter, there is definitely something new and special about the Sala Silver Mine Underground Suite in Sweden.

Sala Silver Mine is situated in the middle of Sweden in the Regional district of Västmanland. It is 120 kilometers from Stockholm and 62 kilometers from Uppsala. It’s the world’s deepest underground hotel and it’s located in silver mine that apparently was closed in 1908. It is believed that the mine has been operational since medieval times but after it was closed it was just a matter of time when this mine would be converted into something else. Today the mine has its own museum, a theater, two dining rooms and asuitethat can accommodate two guests. Although the mine goes 300 meters in depth and almost 20 kilometers in length, people are allowed to sleep on about 155 meters below the surface. That makes this suite the deepest bedroom in the world.

This historic place has a cool and a bit of a dark note. Somewhere in these dark winding galleries and vast caverns, an amazing suite is waiting for you. Its interior is so cleverly designed to match the silver mine surroundings that include underground lakes too. This is the best choice for accommodation for those who want to experience some Bram Stoker’s or H.R. Giger’s atmosphere. The darkdecor is so Goth and the silver details of the furniture are so ahead of time.The past and the future collide and that is resulting in perfect and unique aura offering the guests an unforgettable experience.

Before staying in the apartment, you’ll be guided throughout the silver mine. Make sure you remember all the areas because after you’ll get accommodated you would be left on your own for the night. You’ll definitely get a lot of privacy in yourunderground bedroom because the hotel staff remains in the building above the ground. Additional accommodation above ground in the mining area estate is also available if you change your mind. What’s the downside of the suite? If you have to use the toilet in the middle of the night, you’d have to climb up for 50 meters where the closest toilet is located. Don’t bother to bring your cell phone either. You won’t get a signal.However, there’s an intercom which connects to an above-ground employee and is monitored all night. The next morning you’ll be served breakfast and you’ll be up on the sunlight again.

Don’t forget to bring some warm and comfortable clothes for the underground tours. The temperature below ground is only 2 degrees Celsius year-round. You shouldn’t worry about the temperature of the underground festivity hall and the suite since they’ve been warmed up to 18 degrees. Extra blankets are always put on the bed. The mining suite comes as part of a bed-and-breakfast tour package so you’ll be served breakfast in the morning. Spending the night in this suite will cost you about 265 $ per person including the tour of the mine, refreshment basket and breakfast. Unfortunately, showers are available in the Sala Bed and Breakfast above ground.

I’m sure this offer sounds pretty tempting. I understand we are all kind of fed up with all the look-alike hotels and studio apartments. If that’s the case with you too, you can check this suite out and enjoy your stay. This luxury underground hotel is a guarantee that no one will bother you if you are a privacy seeker. Please, keep in mind that the deadly silence of the mine is not for everybody. However, we must agree that the underground setting is sensational. What do you think? Does it worth for the money? And would you prefer to be accommodated in the Sala Silver Mine Suiteto experience the extraordinary environment below ground or you’d rather stay in a standard hotel room?

Here’s why we wear wedding rings on our fourth finger

Do you know why the wedding ring on the ring moves left?

Everything started from the Egyptians era since in the ancient times, it was believed that there was left on the ring finger in which passed the vein radiating towards the heart. In the Christian tradition, the ring finger is the finger that is touched by the priest with the invocation of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Another “scientific” explanation is that the ring finger is the first to form in the fetus and it is also the weakest. But surely the most poetic motivation comes from China. This video shows a romantic explanation of why faith is put on the ring left.

The Incredible Mystery of Giant Human Skeleton

Some finds in the history of humanity, evokes much more hype than others and, in this case, the reflectors are all focused on this amazing and fascinating discovery.
Some experts on archeology, whose center of interest is the region of Russian , said they had found in the regions of the Krasnodar (to be precise in the North Caucasus ) of bone fragments really interesting. They say it would be the remains of giant skeletons. According to scholars, these bone fragments belong to two women and two men dating back to about 4000 years ago, the ‘ Bronze Age to speak. The mystery has outlined and, in a few hours, has been around the world, arousing the interest of other scholars and the public criticism. The height of the specimens in question would be extraordinary twelve meters for men, ten women. We do not know if all this can be interpreted as an absolute truth, the planet earth, over thousands of years, he has been inhabited by many species , some very big as dinosaurs. Considering how many are the things any government hides the world’s population can not exclude the truth of the words of Russian archaeologists, the Giant may have inhabited our planet. What is certain is that we are not the only form of life in the galaxy, a few days ago thanks to very accurate radar scientists have established the possibility that the planet Kepler , just found out, there may be of living beings. Maybe might be giants like those found in Russia, we can not rule anything out.

You’ll Never Look At Pizza Boxes The Same Way Again

Who does not like pizza? How can’t you love the pizza … so good, with the mozzarella cheese, tomato tasty and crispy noodles. It felt like a magiarne eh? We think GreenBox which managed to create with a simple idea as well as physical box of highly efficient future. In addition to being recyclable, easily becomes 4 dishes and a box to reuse and store in the refrigerator, simple and brilliant! And then if it’s recyclable it is perfect … because do not forget that the environment is very important and should be respected !!

Nature’s perfection hidden between the Austrian slopes – The Green Lake

Nature’s wonders are spread all over the world. Wherever you may live, I bet there are few unique wonders nearby. This is an article about a beautiful place in central Europe. We all admire the scenery around the Alps, but beneath this massive mountain range, there is a small lake that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Which one of the wonder is it and what’s so special about it?

It is called Grüner See or the Green Lake. The lake is located in Styria, Austria in a resort village named Tragöß and it is surrounded by the massive Hochschwab Mountains and the green forests. Tragöß is a municipality in the district of Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and it has a long history of large scales migrations. Ancient Celts, Romans, Slavs, Bavarians and Franks inhabited Tragöß throughout the centuries. As settlers, they’ve experienced all the beauty of the waters, valleys and fertile ground that was offered to them by the magnificent nature. Today, the accent is being put mainly on the Green Lake.

Its name originates from its crystal clear emerald-green water thatonly appears as green from the submerged meadow vegetation and the reflection of the surrounding forest. Embedded in a middle of a country park its waters are 1 meters deep during the winter. However, the Green Lake’s maximum depth is reached from mid-May to June when it gets up to 12 meters. This is the period when it looks the most beautiful but in July the water begins to recede again. This happens every year because the Green Lake gets its waters from the snowmelt from the mountains. In spring when the basin of the lake is full, the water temperature reaches out to 7 °C so only the bravest gets to swim in it.

The variety of flora and fauna are in accordance to the environment: lots of snails, small crabs,different species of trout and aquatic insects, trees, bushes and flowers that grow around the lake as much as on the lake bed. After the spring inflow the lake becomes literally an underwater park. This is the main reason the Green Lake is so popular among the divers. They can observe the green meadows, take a ‘rest’ on the bench situated on the lake bed or cross the bridge and all these activities are donewhile diving along the submerged trails. You’ll have a feeling you are in a middle of a glass world.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe for underwater photography. It’s like talking a ‘walk’around a perfectly set park, except this one is all underwater. However, divers must already have a diving license. But if you don’t own one, you can enjoy the hiking and the contemplation of nature. If you are an adrenaline fan you’ll also have the chance to explore the biking trails and go for a fast downhill.

Regarding the accommodation, many guest cottages, inns and hotels are welcoming visitors throughout the year. You can ski around the several ski resorts, cross-country skiing is also available and wait for this – there is an offer for dog sledding as well. All these activities, the tiny lake and the stunning and picturesque natural scenery make the little town of Tragöß one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It’s often called the green heart of Austria. If you’re not impressed yet, then you should wander the meadows looking for the Edelweiss flower, the symbol of noble purity. But you’ll be reminded to look but don’t touch. At the end you can visit the Heritage Museum if you would like to learn something more about the history of Tragöß.

Anyway, I’ve chosen my next destination for the exquisite bonding with nature. I should hurry, as the lake is only there for few months each year. I can’t wait to see some of the Europe’s best scenery. Three things are a must on your packing list: sturdy boots, backpacks and a really good camera.



Many of you will know that things done by hand are the best. Buying more products can be very beneficial especially if we know that a certain product, so can we spend much less. These are the products “do-it-yourself”, that we can easily do at home and there is no limit to what we can create. There are those who create products for the home alone, who creates objects that may be useful, creator of the fantastic gift ideas, are all things that can make a person inexperienced, just follow a tutorial. For example, many would like to make a nice outdoor barbecue but those found in stores are very expensive and instead we want something cheap, small and cute like design. And here we show you the video suitable for making a barbecue directly with your hands, all you need are the rims of the car. As may be seen in this tutorial we will explain all the steps, if we assemble the various rims you can make a very nice barbecue from aesthetic point of view and is fully functional. Better a small and easy to use product that the big barbecue that sell in stores that are gigantic and difficult to use.

Explore Halong Bay

Explore Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is also known as descending dragon bay; administratively this location is managed and looks after by Ha long city. This is one of the best locations in Vietnam. If you want to explore the beauty and want to enjoy memorable trip with friends and family, this is the best place to be in.


The Ha Long Bay consists of 1969 Islands, some of them are settled but some are uninhabited. You can access these islands from different ports, in case you are looking to access via Cat Ba, you can use motorbike and car or even reach there via bus. There is ban on development on this part of the word and UNESCO declares it as heritage to world.  These Islands are great in shape and size.


The climate of Ha long bay is tropical, usually you can see two seasons in this part of the world. Cold and dry winter and hot summers and temperature remain 15 to 25 degree Celsius. The rain fall in this part of the world is around 2.2 meters annually.

Ha Long Bay Specials

There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities you can do. Certainly you will enjoy cruise trip and visit different islands with your friends and family. It is important to eat the Ha long bay specials as along with cruise trip you can enjoy local food. Ngan, Sam, Gat Gu, Sa Sung and Tu Hai is one of the most liked and famous dishes.

Time to visit this place

It’s not that you have to visit this place in certain time of year; you can visit this beautiful place all year. It is important for you to plan your trip of cruise carefully otherwise worst weather condition and poor visibility will ruin your cruise trip. Although the best time in the year to visit this place is from the month of March to June. However if you visit between June to September you can get reasonable deals.

If you are looking for a trip it is important to book your resort in advance so that you don’t need to worry after reaching this part of the world. However when going on cruise keep fair amount of water with yourself to avoid dehydration. Keeping medical box with you is also advisable. Explore the beauty and enjoy the fun with family.

Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know

Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know

Knowledge is strength, it is power and whenever you learn something new, you do not gain knowledge only but increase your intensity.  Learning and knowing about unveiled truth, helps us in developing many ways.  Apparently we discover a lot new aspects but still a humungous amount is left to be learned.

It often happens that there are things that have some hidden information from which we are not always aware of. And it is always surprising to know that you think you know it, but actually you don’t. Pretty confusing!

Well the confusion is going to be all sorted, right after you will read the heaps of facts that were somehow hidden. There is always a problem with people that they start believing anyone instead of checking out the accuracy of the provided information themselves.  There is so much of information assumed that fellows out there, start believing it without rechecking.

But you do not need to feel bad for that because we bring you the most accurate information about things you did not know or were misinformed. We will provide you some amazing, surprising, shocking, funny, facts that will boost up your information as well as it is a tremendously simple and creative way to educate you and your children about the facts that are not completely unveiled to them.  And yes of course excessive knowledge costs you nothing.

Following are some of the amazing facts which will bring out some unknown facts out of the known information.


– Antibiotics won’t help you during cold and flu season.

Cold and flu itself is a virus whereas antibiotics kill bacteria only so prefer an intake of vitamin C, citrus. They are much more helpful and effective.



– Blood is always RED in your blue veins.

Veins in our body are blue because of how our skin reflects and assimilates light, but that does not make our blood running into it veins blues, it remains red.