Iceland – A Journey to the Country of Lava and Ice

Travellers who want to witness nature untouched, eager for a journey that is totally out of the ordinary are the ideal visitors of Iceland. The residents of the country of Vikings and trolls are connected by only one highway, so to travel around this country abundant with glaciers the only thing you need is renting a good vehicle and stock up the food supplies.

Over a half of the three hundred thousand citizens live in the capital Reykjavik, a city of contrasts between tradition and progress. A must try is the local alcoholic beverage Brennivin together with a bite of fermented shark meat that had lain buried in the ground for weeks. Iceland’s volcanoes may cause a stir or two when it comes to the air traffic, but they are surely one of the greatest tourist attractions of the country.  Icelanders used the abundance of geothermal eaters to make a great spa-center in the open air – The Blue Lagoon, so tourists have the opportunity to swim in the warm waters at freezing temperatures!