Explore the beauty of dead Aogashima Volcano, Japan

Hi, so you are looking for a bizarre place to explore? Let me make it clear that if you are planning to visit an odd place like Aogashima then be ready to deal with some exclusive memories; some may be good but some can be bad. However, for a tourist; the major charm is thrill and adventure and Aogashma offers all such great adventure opportunities that you wish to enjoy. It is located almost in the middle of Philippine Sea. Total area of this Island is about 8.75 Km2 . Here highest elevation is about 423 meters or 1388 feet.






 I hope you are not scared because brave tourists are always ready to deal with positives and negatives of adventure and sightseeing. Well, it is not that much dangerous as contrary to your expectations; Aogashima hosts a population of over two hundred people. You can find a good schooling system, a local system of post, restaurants and some local bars. So, reaching the place may look like as you have landed in a paradise land. It is a small town like any other small valley in lap of high mountains. I have said it so because it has unique structure. You can see that it seems as a volcano inside a volcano. There is a larger carter outside and you can find a surrounded carter inside that is called as Maruyama. You can also see that there is a stream coming out of inner Maruyama.


Well, you may not find many tourists heading towards Aogashima as most people don’t have that big heart to explore amazing and bizarre places. But if you wish to land there then you can start your journey from Tokyo as it is located 400 kms from Tokyo. You need either a boat or you should opt for helicopter to reach there. If you have good budget then helicopter is a preferred choice and safe one. So, fly towards Aogashima and enjoy the adventure.