Mexico’s Most Notable Forefathers

The Mesoamerican peoples were extraordinary people who inhabited the untamed lands of Central Americas, mostly modern day Mexico. They have a special place in world history. Mexico can be proud with its history and culture. Two of the tribes that inhabited those lands were most notable ones: the Aztecs and the Maya. In this article I’ll be talking about the Aztecs. Some of you might have heard about them and some of you might not.

Unlike the Mayan who lived in Yucatan, the Aztecs lived in Central Mexico. Their capital was the city of Tenochtitlan, located on an island in the lake Texcoco. It was the predecessor of modern day Mexico City, also a capital. There is a legend about the making of their capital, that they would build it on the place where an eagle sitting on a cactus will eat a snake. The Aztecs were experts at architecture, agriculture and art. But they were defeated by the Spanish and their cities were destroyed. I hope we got you interested about these people.