Meet the mysterious Maya civilization

Clearly there isn’t a person that surfs on the Internet that hasn’t heard of the Maya or Mayans. There are lots of articles and videos talking about them. Especially in the year 2012 they became extremely popular. Why? Because of a grand misconception about their calendar and the end of the world. Their calendar simply showed that a great cycle will end and a new one will begin near the end of December 2012.

But this article isn’t about their calendar, it is about the other things that make them special. The Maya were one of the great peoples that lived on Yucatan and were quite extraordinary.

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They had a great culture rich in the arts of architecture, sculpture and epigraphy. While the royalty in England would stay in wooden halls, the Mayan cities were built with large blocks of stone. They were the only ones in Mesoamerica that had a written language. They also had developed knowledge in the studies of mathematics and astronomy. Hope you had some insight to these amazing people.