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10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

There are many amazing volcanoes all over the world. They attract many visitors and climbers by their beauty, but they are also very dangerous. When lava comes out from the volcanoes it causes death of many people. Visiting a volcano is very risky. Some brave and adventuress people are visiting these volcanoes. There are different types of volcanoes with different heights. Here we will share some information about the most famous volcanoes of the world.

  1. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

Popocatepetl is one of the famous volcanoes. This is located 70 km south east of Mexico City. Popocatepetl has another name also which is called EI popo.The actual name of this volcano is Nahuatl that means Smoking Mountain. In 2013 the periodic eruption occurred in this volcano. The half parts of the volcano touches the National park. In 16th century the Spanish monks built monasteries on the slope of the volcano that is the beauty of the volcano and most of the visitors visit because of these monasteries. Now this volcano is world heritage. The suitable month to visit this volcano is from December to March.

  1. Krakatoo volcano in Indonesia

Krakatau is the most famous and active volcano of Indonesia. It half part touches Ujung Kulon National Park. In the volcanic history the eruption occurred in 1883 is the most violent incident and this eruption was occurred on this volcano.35, 000 people lost their lives because of this explosion. This explosion destroyed the whole Island and the new Island formed in 1930.when the new Island formed, the name of the Island changed and the new name has assigned called Anak krakatoa,that means child of krakatoa.This volcano is one of the most attractive and popular site for tourists.

  1. Kilimanjao volcano in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is one of the highest Mountains of Africa and it is also the world tallest free standing Mountain. Every year 20,000 climbers come for climbing. The volcano is at an elevation of 5895 meters. This is a dormant volcano having three distinct cones and this is because of reverences of local wachagga people. On the lower slope of the volcano there is Kilimanjaro national park having many species of animals.

  1. Mt.Bromo volcano in Indonesia

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous Mountain of South East Asia. Half part of the volcano touches Tenggger Semuru National Park in East Java. The Mountain got its name after Hindu god Brahma. Therefore the volcano has cultural importance also. Local people celebrated a festival there named Yadnya Kasada, during this festival people throw vegetable and fruits to appease the gods. Though the volcano is very active but the visitors are limited.

  1. Mt.St.Helens volcano in USA

Mount Helens is the most famous and active volcano of US. The eruption occurred in 1980 is one of the most unforgettable incidents, which kills 57 people and destroy the area of 600 sq kilometers around it. The area around the volcano and the volcano is now preserving as a part of the Helen volcano Monument, which attract most of the people. The volcano has rich in cultural and geological information.

  1. Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland

It is one of the most famous volcanoes and it is the only volcano which has explored on the inside. It is 21 kilometer away from Reykjavik and this volcano has dormant for 400 years and it will not be active in future. The meaning of the name of the volcano is three peak craters. The most suitable months to visit this volcano are from June to August.

  1. Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

Arena volcano is popular for its frequent occurrence of lava bursts. It is an active volcano. In 1968 the last eruption was occurred on this volcano. This eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon.The arena volcano National Park has covered the volcano. There are many activities for tourist like swimming bike riding etc.

  1. Mt.Etna volcano in Italy

The volcano is famous for constantly spitting of Ash and lava. It is locate in the center of Island of sicily.This is a living place for mythological creature Cyclons.The peak of the volcano is covered by snow and it attracts the visitors more. One of the most important features of this volcano is that it is the only highest mountain in Europe.

  1. Mt.Fuji volcano in Japan

This volcano is one of the cultural sign of Japan. It is located 100 km North East to Tokyo and this is the tallest peak in Japan. In 1707 the last eruption has occurred there. As it is famous from the cultural perspective, so there are many shrine and remains of ancient culture. The season to visit this volcano is from June to August.

  1. Mt.Vesuvius volcano in Italy.

It is one of the famous volcanoes of Italy, its popularity is because of the eruption which has occurred in 79 AD and destroyed the town of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is locate in the Bay of Nepal.

Nature’s perfection hidden between the Austrian slopes – The Green Lake

Nature’s wonders are spread all over the world. Wherever you may live, I bet there are few unique wonders nearby. This is an article about a beautiful place in central Europe. We all admire the scenery around the Alps, but beneath this massive mountain range, there is a small lake that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Which one of the wonder is it and what’s so special about it?

It is called Grüner See or the Green Lake. The lake is located in Styria, Austria in a resort village named Tragöß and it is surrounded by the massive Hochschwab Mountains and the green forests. Tragöß is a municipality in the district of Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and it has a long history of large scales migrations. Ancient Celts, Romans, Slavs, Bavarians and Franks inhabited Tragöß throughout the centuries. As settlers, they’ve experienced all the beauty of the waters, valleys and fertile ground that was offered to them by the magnificent nature. Today, the accent is being put mainly on the Green Lake.

Its name originates from its crystal clear emerald-green water thatonly appears as green from the submerged meadow vegetation and the reflection of the surrounding forest. Embedded in a middle of a country park its waters are 1 meters deep during the winter. However, the Green Lake’s maximum depth is reached from mid-May to June when it gets up to 12 meters. This is the period when it looks the most beautiful but in July the water begins to recede again. This happens every year because the Green Lake gets its waters from the snowmelt from the mountains. In spring when the basin of the lake is full, the water temperature reaches out to 7 °C so only the bravest gets to swim in it.

The variety of flora and fauna are in accordance to the environment: lots of snails, small crabs,different species of trout and aquatic insects, trees, bushes and flowers that grow around the lake as much as on the lake bed. After the spring inflow the lake becomes literally an underwater park. This is the main reason the Green Lake is so popular among the divers. They can observe the green meadows, take a ‘rest’ on the bench situated on the lake bed or cross the bridge and all these activities are donewhile diving along the submerged trails. You’ll have a feeling you are in a middle of a glass world.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe for underwater photography. It’s like talking a ‘walk’around a perfectly set park, except this one is all underwater. However, divers must already have a diving license. But if you don’t own one, you can enjoy the hiking and the contemplation of nature. If you are an adrenaline fan you’ll also have the chance to explore the biking trails and go for a fast downhill.

Regarding the accommodation, many guest cottages, inns and hotels are welcoming visitors throughout the year. You can ski around the several ski resorts, cross-country skiing is also available and wait for this – there is an offer for dog sledding as well. All these activities, the tiny lake and the stunning and picturesque natural scenery make the little town of Tragöß one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It’s often called the green heart of Austria. If you’re not impressed yet, then you should wander the meadows looking for the Edelweiss flower, the symbol of noble purity. But you’ll be reminded to look but don’t touch. At the end you can visit the Heritage Museum if you would like to learn something more about the history of Tragöß.

Anyway, I’ve chosen my next destination for the exquisite bonding with nature. I should hurry, as the lake is only there for few months each year. I can’t wait to see some of the Europe’s best scenery. Three things are a must on your packing list: sturdy boots, backpacks and a really good camera.


Explore Halong Bay

Explore Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is also known as descending dragon bay; administratively this location is managed and looks after by Ha long city. This is one of the best locations in Vietnam. If you want to explore the beauty and want to enjoy memorable trip with friends and family, this is the best place to be in.


The Ha Long Bay consists of 1969 Islands, some of them are settled but some are uninhabited. You can access these islands from different ports, in case you are looking to access via Cat Ba, you can use motorbike and car or even reach there via bus. There is ban on development on this part of the word and UNESCO declares it as heritage to world.  These Islands are great in shape and size.


The climate of Ha long bay is tropical, usually you can see two seasons in this part of the world. Cold and dry winter and hot summers and temperature remain 15 to 25 degree Celsius. The rain fall in this part of the world is around 2.2 meters annually.

Ha Long Bay Specials

There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities you can do. Certainly you will enjoy cruise trip and visit different islands with your friends and family. It is important to eat the Ha long bay specials as along with cruise trip you can enjoy local food. Ngan, Sam, Gat Gu, Sa Sung and Tu Hai is one of the most liked and famous dishes.

Time to visit this place

It’s not that you have to visit this place in certain time of year; you can visit this beautiful place all year. It is important for you to plan your trip of cruise carefully otherwise worst weather condition and poor visibility will ruin your cruise trip. Although the best time in the year to visit this place is from the month of March to June. However if you visit between June to September you can get reasonable deals.

If you are looking for a trip it is important to book your resort in advance so that you don’t need to worry after reaching this part of the world. However when going on cruise keep fair amount of water with yourself to avoid dehydration. Keeping medical box with you is also advisable. Explore the beauty and enjoy the fun with family.

Natural hot springs that worth travel for

Some people love spa and relaxation as well as visiting new places in the world because of their own satisfaction. If you are fond of such places and spas then you must visit some of the very natural places on your earth that are for spas and that are hot springs naturally. People from different places mostly visit these areas for natural spas. Here are certain natural hot springs that worth travel for:

  • Arenal Hot spring, Costa Rica: This is very peaceful place on mother earth and it is naturally hot spring for people to visit and have perfect natural spa and relaxation there. It is situated in Costa Rica and named as Arenal Hot spring. People from all over the world use to enjoy spa there and it is the place worth visiting.
  • Kiraly baths, Budapest: It is also another place of taking natural spa. It is very peaceful and interesting place to visit. A person takes spa for relaxing mind and body and it is the place which fulfills the requirement of person’s relaxation. It is situated in Budapest and named as Kiraly baths. It is made with antique décor.
  • Strawberry Hot spring, Colorado: It is another place in Colorado named Strawberry hot spring. It is very peaceful place and people from different areas use to visit this place for relaxation and spa. A person must visit this place for his relaxation of mind and body.
  • Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula: It is also another interesting place of spa and relaxing mind in Antarctic Peninsula named Deception Island. People who are aware of spa can know the importance of this place. This is the natural Hot spring for people in Antarctic where weather is too cold throughout the year.
  • Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan: It is very beautiful place for visiting. It is situated in Jordan and named as Ma’in Hot springs. People use to come here for proper nap and relaxation for mind and it is quite interesting place to visit in your lifetime.
  • Dunton Hot spring, Colorado: It is another interesting natural bath spring situated in Colorado where a person can go and take a bath and spa for relaxing his mind and body as well. In Colorado weather is too cold in the year and people use to visit this spring.
  • Fosso Bianco, Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany: Another place for worth visiting to take spa and relaxation is Fosso Bianco situated in Bagni San Filippo of Tuscany. People use to go there for having relaxation of mind and body.
  • Goldmyer Hot spring, Washington: It is another place of visiting situated in Washington for perfect spa and body relaxation. It is very amazing place and people use to visit this place for mind relaxation.
  • Travertine hot spring, California: It is very amazing place to visit. It is one of the gifts of nature to people. It is very interesting for taking spa and body relaxation. It is situated in California where temperature is very cold.
  • Chena hot spring, Alaska: It is another place to visit for people for spa and body relaxation. People use to visit this place for their body satisfaction. It is situated in Alaska where weather temperature is cold and people enjoy visiting Chena as well.
  • Mystic Hot spring, Utah: It is another interesting place of visiting it is naturally hot spring situated in Utah for perfect relaxation of body. It is very antique and historical look like place for visiting people attract towards its hot worthiness as well as historical view.
  • Angseri hot spring, Bali: It is another place of visiting because it contains natural spa and body relaxation spring. It is very interesting as well as near to nature place and as a human being we all love nature. It is situated in Bali and people use to go there for their body relaxation and peace of mind.
  • Granite hot spring, Wyoming: It is another perfect place for spa situated in Wyoming. People enjoy bath there because it is naturally Hot Water Lake and the place where it is situated is very peaceful and calm. A person visit this place must have mind relaxation and body relaxation.
  • Lake Garda Hot spring, Italy: It is the perfect place for outing and mind relaxing people use to come there for enjoying great spa. The Lake contains hot water and the weather of Italy is quite cold as well.
  • Cascata Del Mulino, Tuscany: It is another place of visiting it is quite calm place people use to come here for their satisfaction and mind relaxation. This is quite calm place for visiting. It is situated in Tuscany and people use to come there for satisfying themselves.

Above are the places people use to come and enjoy they are worth visiting places in lifetime.

Devastating images that may destroy you

Anger is something which cannot be controlled in some cases. You may try your best to control your anger but in some situations; you are helpless. Sometimes it happens to be a condition that irritates you from head over heels. Your anger goes out of control and you are not able to tackle it. In such circumstances, you react according to your mentality at that very time. Some people get exhausted and some even bypass such conditions with a sweet smile. Here are some situations which can destroy you when you actually face the m but you may laugh at happenings afterwards:

  • When your dinner plate doesn’t fits in microwave: When you are ready to enjoy your dinner after a whole day’s fast and you want to put your dinner plate into the oven but..; the plate doesn’t fit into the microwave oven. If you are in hypertension then anything can happen. No words to account for your anger.


This Girl Faked Her First Period

This Girl Faked Her First Period

It is always fun to enjoy videos. It is a platform where people get a chance to demonstrate their thoughts and ideas through visuals. I love the topics related to relationships and women. Yesterday, I was browsing insane on youtube and found a video titled “First Moon Party”. Well, the title is too messy that compelled me and I loaded the video. I should say that there is a strong person behind editing of and making of this video. But I don’t agree with their message.


Discover 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

Discover 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of those places that everyone should visit before they die. There is so much to do, not only in Vegas itself but also the surrounding area. Everyone who visits usually stays in one of the casino hotels, so that side of the city is unavoidable, but there are a number of hidden gems that most visitors miss. With so much competition in this city you can find a lot of bargains when looking for somewhere to stay, with some of the hotel casinos only charging around $20 a night. Although the list of things to do in Las Vegas can go into the hundreds, below you will find some of the best ones.


  • Red Rock Canyon

If you have hired a car then Red Rock Canyon is only about a 30 minute drive outside Las Vegas, otherwise ask your hotel to arrange a trip for you. The scenery in this canyon is amazing, and the rock colors cover shades from yellow to red, and black to light gray, making a great contrast on a day with clear blue skies. There are many walks in this area, but make sure you take some food and water, especially if it is mid-afternoon. Be prepared to spend at least half a day, although the location is so beautiful and peaceful you may wish to spend the whole day there.


  • Enjoy A Gondola At The Venetian

Regardless of where you are staying in Las Vegas you must visit the Venetian. The inside is amazing and they have constructed the shops and canals as they are in Venice, it is a great place for those romantic moments.


  • The Bellagio Fountains

These are well-known through the world and are impressive enough during the daytime, but for that extra bit of beauty then make sure you see them at night when they are lit up in various colors. You will be completely mesmerized by this fountain show.


  • Hoover Dam

There are a lot of trips going to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead so ask at the hotel reception and they will arrange it for you. This structure is an amazing piece of human engineering, and standing on it looking down towards the bottom is quite staggering and may even make you feel a little queasy. Lake Mead is also an interesting place, and is a massive man-made lake.


  • Stratosphere

This hotel has been around for a while but for the ultimate photo shots of Vegas you have to go to the top of the tower, it also has a fantastic restaurant, but for that little bit of strange, it has some rides available, one of which tips you over the edge of the tower. Then there is the new Stratosphere SkyJump which means you can jump off the tower and fall towards The Strip in a controlled decent, and that has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have in your life.


Travel Planning: Have A Nice Flight

Travel Planning: Have A Nice Flight

We all like a holiday now and again whether it is somewhere in our own country or going abroad. Those of us who fly to our destinations maybe classed as lucky by some but if the flight proves to be problematic then it can totally ruin the whole holiday, and that is not something we want to happen.
When you go on a road trip you always try and plan everything in advance, but when it comes to flying most people just turn up at the airport half a sleep, discover they are missing something like a passport, some even manage to miss their flight even though they have already checked in. So in order to help you plan for a good flight here are a few tips:


  • Do Not Fly Tired

A lot of international long haul flights leave between 7am to 12pm, and if you have a long drive to the airport you may find yourself getting out of bed at 4am, so by the time you turn up you already feel like collapsing. Save yourself this trouble and stay in the airport hotel the night before, you’re already spending decent money on the holiday, so spend a little more and get it off to a good start by having a relaxing sleep before your flight.


  • Check In

Always make sure you have your passport in a secure but easily accessible place such as your hand luggage. Weigh you luggage before you leave for the airport, a cheap pair of scales only costs a few dollars and may save you a lot of hassle having to unpack at the check in while everyone else stares at you.

  • Security

If you want to fly through security then make sure that before you get to the airport you have whatever is usually in your pockets in your hand luggage, as well as any belts, chains, and anything else that may set the alarms off. Do not have any liquids in your bags, and always put your laptop in a tray on its own.


  • Airline Food

Not everyone likes airline food so buy some chocolate and sandwiches before you board so you know you’ll have something to eat. If you still have the sandwiches when you land throw them in the bin as soon as you get off the flight otherwise you may get into trouble at customs.


  • Immigration and Customs

Make sure you have filled out any paperwork that is required before getting to the counter, and always be polite and smile to the immigration officer. If you have said you have no food on the paperwork and you are found to have some then expect a hefty fine and a black mark against your name. If you do have food you want to take into the country, ask customs, that is what they are there for, you are not a food smuggler.


  • Taxi

Once you leave the airport and you are going to use a taxi, then always make sure that the meter is on before they drive away, it can save a lot of hassle later on.

What Not to Do On Your Italian Trip

What Not to Do On Your Italian Trip


 1. A visit to the Vatican wearing a tank top – You won’t pass through the entrance. If it’s too hot to be fully clothed, wear a scarf or a long-sleeve shirt that you can put on upon entrance.

2. Throw away the schedule – One of the first things you learn in Italy is that, there is time, and there is Italian time. Italian time is elastic, so don’t be surprised if your scheduled tour starts an hour later. Many stores close during lunchtime, and all the shops have two days off during the week.

3. Gondola ride – A ride on a gondola may seem awfully romantic, until you get the bill. A ride like this can cost up to 50 euros, per person, per hour. Better and cheaper option is taking a water taxi. It is a shorter ride, but the cost can be as low as 3 euros.


4. Using Google maps or GPS to avoid pay tolls – It may seem like a fine idea, but the southern you go the local roads get worse and worse. So, it is better to pay and avoid the many mishaps that occur driving through unregulated and not maintained roads.

5. Tipping – Tips are not obligatory in Italy. If you haven’t just received the best service in the world, avoid leaving a tip.

The Most Bizarre Things Guests Leave Behind in Hotels


We all love going on a holiday, but not many of us anticipate the time to return home. This may part of the reason we often leave behind something in the hotel room. And it’s not all toothbrushes and phone chargers, but some very bizarre items as well. Pre-marital contacts, Vera Wang gowns, a suitcase full of memorabilia of Prince George, are just some of the stuff left behind by the guests of British hotels throughout 2013.  Among the left-behinds there is the pet tarantula Hercules, a great wooden cross, figurines of Indian gods plated with 24 carat gold, an ownership contract for a property worth 2 million pounds, and a cell phone worth 10.000 pounds.




The hotel-chain Travelodge reported left-behind yogurt samples that hadn’t been released on the market yet, and geisha outfit. These were the most bizarre objects that 16 million guests of more than 500 hotels left behind in their rooms last year. All the objects that were not searched for in a period of three months were donated to local charities. Travelodge reported 22.648 left-behind books. The most popular i.e. the most common one was Fifty Shades of Grey.