10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

10 Most Amazing Volcanoes Around The World

There are many amazing volcanoes all over the world. They attract many visitors and climbers by their beauty, but they are also very dangerous. When lava comes out from the volcanoes it causes death of many people. Visiting a volcano is very risky. Some brave and adventuress people are visiting these volcanoes. There are different types of volcanoes with different heights. Here we will share some information about the most famous volcanoes of the world.

  1. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

Popocatepetl is one of the famous volcanoes. This is located 70 km south east of Mexico City. Popocatepetl has another name also which is called EI popo.The actual name of this volcano is Nahuatl that means Smoking Mountain. In 2013 the periodic eruption occurred in this volcano. The half parts of the volcano touches the National park. In 16th century the Spanish monks built monasteries on the slope of the volcano that is the beauty of the volcano and most of the visitors visit because of these monasteries. Now this volcano is world heritage. The suitable month to visit this volcano is from December to March.

  1. Krakatoo volcano in Indonesia

Krakatau is the most famous and active volcano of Indonesia. It half part touches Ujung Kulon National Park. In the volcanic history the eruption occurred in 1883 is the most violent incident and this eruption was occurred on this volcano.35, 000 people lost their lives because of this explosion. This explosion destroyed the whole Island and the new Island formed in 1930.when the new Island formed, the name of the Island changed and the new name has assigned called Anak krakatoa,that means child of krakatoa.This volcano is one of the most attractive and popular site for tourists.

  1. Kilimanjao volcano in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is one of the highest Mountains of Africa and it is also the world tallest free standing Mountain. Every year 20,000 climbers come for climbing. The volcano is at an elevation of 5895 meters. This is a dormant volcano having three distinct cones and this is because of reverences of local wachagga people. On the lower slope of the volcano there is Kilimanjaro national park having many species of animals.

  1. Mt.Bromo volcano in Indonesia

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous Mountain of South East Asia. Half part of the volcano touches Tenggger Semuru National Park in East Java. The Mountain got its name after Hindu god Brahma. Therefore the volcano has cultural importance also. Local people celebrated a festival there named Yadnya Kasada, during this festival people throw vegetable and fruits to appease the gods. Though the volcano is very active but the visitors are limited.

  1. Mt.St.Helens volcano in USA

Mount Helens is the most famous and active volcano of US. The eruption occurred in 1980 is one of the most unforgettable incidents, which kills 57 people and destroy the area of 600 sq kilometers around it. The area around the volcano and the volcano is now preserving as a part of the Helen volcano Monument, which attract most of the people. The volcano has rich in cultural and geological information.

  1. Thrihnukagigur volcano in Iceland

It is one of the most famous volcanoes and it is the only volcano which has explored on the inside. It is 21 kilometer away from Reykjavik and this volcano has dormant for 400 years and it will not be active in future. The meaning of the name of the volcano is three peak craters. The most suitable months to visit this volcano are from June to August.

  1. Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

Arena volcano is popular for its frequent occurrence of lava bursts. It is an active volcano. In 1968 the last eruption was occurred on this volcano. This eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon.The arena volcano National Park has covered the volcano. There are many activities for tourist like swimming bike riding etc.

  1. Mt.Etna volcano in Italy

The volcano is famous for constantly spitting of Ash and lava. It is locate in the center of Island of sicily.This is a living place for mythological creature Cyclons.The peak of the volcano is covered by snow and it attracts the visitors more. One of the most important features of this volcano is that it is the only highest mountain in Europe.

  1. Mt.Fuji volcano in Japan

This volcano is one of the cultural sign of Japan. It is located 100 km North East to Tokyo and this is the tallest peak in Japan. In 1707 the last eruption has occurred there. As it is famous from the cultural perspective, so there are many shrine and remains of ancient culture. The season to visit this volcano is from June to August.

  1. Mt.Vesuvius volcano in Italy.

It is one of the famous volcanoes of Italy, its popularity is because of the eruption which has occurred in 79 AD and destroyed the town of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is locate in the Bay of Nepal.

Explore Halong Bay

Explore Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is also known as descending dragon bay; administratively this location is managed and looks after by Ha long city. This is one of the best locations in Vietnam. If you want to explore the beauty and want to enjoy memorable trip with friends and family, this is the best place to be in.


The Ha Long Bay consists of 1969 Islands, some of them are settled but some are uninhabited. You can access these islands from different ports, in case you are looking to access via Cat Ba, you can use motorbike and car or even reach there via bus. There is ban on development on this part of the word and UNESCO declares it as heritage to world.  These Islands are great in shape and size.


The climate of Ha long bay is tropical, usually you can see two seasons in this part of the world. Cold and dry winter and hot summers and temperature remain 15 to 25 degree Celsius. The rain fall in this part of the world is around 2.2 meters annually.

Ha Long Bay Specials

There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities you can do. Certainly you will enjoy cruise trip and visit different islands with your friends and family. It is important to eat the Ha long bay specials as along with cruise trip you can enjoy local food. Ngan, Sam, Gat Gu, Sa Sung and Tu Hai is one of the most liked and famous dishes.

Time to visit this place

It’s not that you have to visit this place in certain time of year; you can visit this beautiful place all year. It is important for you to plan your trip of cruise carefully otherwise worst weather condition and poor visibility will ruin your cruise trip. Although the best time in the year to visit this place is from the month of March to June. However if you visit between June to September you can get reasonable deals.

If you are looking for a trip it is important to book your resort in advance so that you don’t need to worry after reaching this part of the world. However when going on cruise keep fair amount of water with yourself to avoid dehydration. Keeping medical box with you is also advisable. Explore the beauty and enjoy the fun with family.

The Spectacular Komodo Island

The Spectacular Komodo Island

Komodo is among the 17,508 islands that completes Republic of Indonesia. The Island is famous and renowned due to Komodo dragon that is the biggest lizard on the earth. The Island is named after the dragon. The total area of the island is about 390 sq. Km and there are about two thousand people living in the Island. There people are of mix breed as some of them follow Islam but there are also Hindu and Christian living in the Island.  Komodo is among the Lesser Sunda Chain that makes Komodo National Park. This Island is between Sumbawa and Flores Island and total area of 390 Sq. Km.

When we talk about the history of dragon, there were various stories about the dragon in the Island and it has gained a lot of attention but no one has ever visited to check the authenticity of the stories.  In the year 1910 a Dutch sailor from the Flores was the one to notice the mysterious creature. The Dutch sailor revealed that the dragon is measured about 23 feet long and it spat fire from the mouth.  After listening to the stories the Dutch Colonist plan a trip to this Island to check, he accompanied some soldiers and a team, Hensbroek after few days killed the big lizard.  After proper checking, it was revealed that the dragon is of similar shape to the lizard.  Later on after some research and capturing more lizards, it is revealed that they don’t throw any fire they are just big lizards.  Over the period of time Komodo dragon has become a legend.

The Komodo Island is consisting of three islands that are Rinca, Komodo and Padar. There are some other small islands and some marine land that makes 1817 km.  Timor Deer, Endemic rat and scrub fowl are among the top spices of the national park of Komodo. The marine environment of Komodo Island is rich as it contains coral reef, seagrass, sea mounts, mangroves. There are about 1000 different spices of fish, 70 different spices of sponges, 260 different types of coral, dugong, manta rays, and sharks. Whale, dolphins and turtles are also found in different spices in the national park of Komodo. So you can say it is Biodiverse Park. The administration is trying to protect the biodiversity of the park and help in breeding of commercial fish. They are working to decrease the threats to both environment and resources.

Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest rainforest that covers most South America. The amazon basin covers almost 7,000,000 Sq. Kilometers. The amazon forest belongs to 9 different nations. The most part of it is in Brazil that covers almost 60% of total rainforest.  Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname are the other nations that have some part of this forest in their territory. This rainforest of amazon is half of the total rainforest in the world and it is tropical rainforest that have almost 390 billion trees in it. It is one of the best place to visit as there are many natural wonders exist in this part of the world.

The rainforest is developed in Eocene regime. It is said that rainforest is formed 55 million years ago.  As per archaeological evidence it is believed that human settled in this part of the world is about 11200 years ago. Since start, it is believed that this rainforest don’t have any human inhabitants due to poor cultivation (agriculture) and soil.  According to Betty Meggers, she put an idea on her book that only 0.2 inhabitants per Sq. Km can exist in rainforest and they are dependent on hunting rather than agriculture.

This rainforest due to tropical climate is unparalleled biodiverse. You can say it has got about 2000 different species of mammals and birds, thousands of different plants, 2200 different spices of fish, 378 reptiles, and 428 amphibians are scientifically classified in this part of the world.

Deforestation in this area has started in 1960’s and the major source of deforestation is because of human development and settlement in this area.  At start human entire was restricted but afterwards slash and burn method allow people to cultivate crops in this area. However still the land is not suitable for cultivation as the soil in this area is productive for very less time period.  Trans-Amazonian Highway was started in the year 1970 and it was one of the biggest threats to this forest. Fortunately this project hasn’t been completed and there was less damaged caused to the rainforest.

The environmentalists are very much concern about the reduction in biodiversity, the main reason of less biodiversity is damage to the forest. There is a lot of carbon released that is in vegetation, it can also become cause of increasing global warming.  If you love nature you must visit this part of the world once.

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in Philippines and it is considered as protected area. This is located in national park and it is 80 Km in the north of city Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  This is also famous with the name of PP Underground River. Saint Paul range is the area where this national park is located on islands western coast.  The management of this national park is in administration of city government and they are managing this park from 1992. In the year 2010, some geologists and environmentalist has discovered this river that has 2nd floor that indicates that there exist a waterfall that in small in size in the cave. They have also revealed that the cave doomed about 980 feet above the river. The large bats, rock formation, deep water, deep cave and marine creatures are also there.  There are other deeper areas in the underground river but because of lack of oxygen it is very hard to explore these parts.

In the year 2011, this PP underground River is chosen for the very first time as the 7th new wonder of the nature. The confirmation of this wonder was officially confirmed in year 2012. The geography of this park is great as it got limestone Karst landscape and this PP river cave covers about 24 Km and got 8.2 Km of Cabayugan river that are underground. Before flowing to the sea the river went to cave and the cave have stalactites, large chambers and one of the largest cave rooms.

If you want to see this beautiful river and natural beauty, it will take 2 hours ride to reach the destination from the city center.  At the port of Sabang you need to take permit card and enter your information to get entry to the underground River. It is mandatory for the tourist to book in advance so that the tourism office at the port make schedule of your tour.  After reaching the beach you need to pass through jungle trail and it will take you to near docking area of the PP River. Keep an eye of your surroundings as there are lizards and monkeys that can give you some trouble.  Once you enter the boat the tourist guide will take you to the underground cave and give you information about the natural beauty and this 7th wonder of the nature. Of course you will see artistic and fabulous views in cave.

Stunning photos capturing the beauty of nature

Stunning photos capturing the beauty of nature

The world is full of natural beauty. There are different places which are famous for their nature beauty. It is nature of human being that he/she loves to visit suchplaces whichare naturally blessed.. If we go for the exploration of natural beauty, we will find out a lot of beautiful places and things that God has gifted us. People go to the places which offer calmness, soothe and energy.. Such places are regarded as the resources for relaxingyourmind. However, not everyone does get an opportunity to enjoy tourism. . Some people may love to enjoy the charmof nature but they aren’t capable enough to bear the pain of adventure but others are courageous and brave to explore forests, caves and other places. Some love to capture the natural beauty through the lens of camera as they are good at r photography and they love to share their feelings about beauty of nature with others who may not be able to explore natural charisma. l. A Good photographer is the one whose captured photos give a lesson and demonstrate details about the object to the viewers. Here we will tell you about some stunning photos that have demonstrated nature in best possible manner. .

  • When sun set in clouds

You will see the outstanding view as sunsets in the clouds. The half part of sky looks blue and half part is cloudy. It makes the view very beautiful and attractive.

  • When sun rays become red

It is beautiful to watch when sun rays become red and the rays reflect over and above the sea water. Mostly people love to see this view from coast line or beach. It happens at time of sun set.

  • When there is thunderstorm

For some of us, it is bit scary to enjoy the thunderstorm. But others love to capture such rare moments through the lenses of their cameras. . You can find electric lightening pictures during thunderstorm through online sources and remember that these pictures have been captured by the most dedicated, brave and enthusiastic photographers.

  • Peacock spider

This is one of the beautiful specie which is found in Australia. It has been gifted to us by God. This is very precious specie. It is loveable to watch it while it spreads its wings all around.

  • Northern lights above a Cottage

It is the place which is full of natural beauty. The rainbow is on the sky and the seven colors have spread all around. This view has been captured by the most professional photographer.

  • When there is lava in the mountain

This picture has been captured by a photographer with a professional camera. The photo tells about the natural disaster, when lava comes out of the mountain’s peak. The photographer has exposed himself/herself to extreme risk while capturing such an astonishing picture. The people who are risk take can only  go there and capture such photos.

  • When the fish swims in the sea

This kind of view is very attractive and most of the people love to see such scenario.The photographer has captured the picture as the whale comes out from the water. This photo was captured in California.

  • When there is too much snow

The photo has beencaptured by the person, who went there for an ice skating. This view is very attractive as the whole area is covered by snow in a cloudy weather.

  • Water fall and rainbow

This is the most beautiful view when there is water fall and lines of rainbow across the water.  Photographers who love nature cannot put down a chance to capture such a rare moment. They love to save it for future generations.

  • Sun flower fields

The nature is full of beautiful flowers. Everyone around in this world loves to play in flowers. Usually, nature photographers cannot miss to take a shot as they visit a garden.  . Sun flower is one of the most beautiful flowerswhich appear only in the presence of sun light.

  • Snowflakes

These snowflakes had been falling from the clouds in a cloudyweather when the temperature was approximately, minus 10 degree centigrade. To capture this kind of photo, the photographer needs to be brave and professional. There is risk of life involved in such photography.

  • Water fall Gein

This view is very beautiful and attractive. In this photo the beauty of nature is very clear. Most of the people love to go this type of beautiful places.

  • Kawagi Fuji Gardens.

This is the garden which is in Japan. Itis full of natural beauty. There are many flowers and trees in differentcolors. Suchkind of flowers and trees are rare in the world. In this garden, 20 different species are present.150 wisteriaflowering plants are also here.

  • Lorain sunset

This photo was capturedwhile the sun set in front of Lorainhouse. This is a beautiful view when sunset in front of the ship on the sea.

  • Fly Geyser in the black rock desert

This picture demonstrates an amazing view. Itis also one of the rare happenings inthe world. The photo was capturedin the desert area and this is the desert of Nevada. The rock is black but it looks in different colors when the water comes out from it.

  • Palm trees in Bora

This photo wascaptured in Bora where the palm trees are mostly found. These trees are mostly present on the beach of the sea site. People who come to sea site sit under the shadow of these trees. These trees grow only in sunlight.