Man Made Wonders

Most marvellous islands in the world

Islands contain some metaphysical things. Once these islands were taken in spiritual ways.  Nowadays, science has so much advanced. Science has become so advanced that man can make artificial islands. Some of these islands are described below:





  • The world island

This Island was developed by ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum. The world Island is located in Persian Gulf in Dubai. This peninsula is made up of small Islands which is constructed in the shape of world. It is about 100 meters apart.  It includes sand which is brought up to coastal water of Dubai.


  • Palm islands

This unnatural island is located in the coast of Dubai. It was built by a company named “Nakheel” that is owned by UAE government and this company used land reclamation in order to built this Island. It is shaped like palm tree and it’s a set of 3 islands and other two Islands are incomplete and they are being extended into Persian Gulf.


  • Ile aux Cygnes

This is a small Island located in biggest city of France, Paris. It is formed in 1827. This Island is formed to protect the port of Grenelle and there is tree lined walkway and three bridges crossing it. This Island is 850 meters long and 11 meters wide. There is a public work out space close to the statue of the liberty replica.


  • Amwaj artificial islands

This Island is unnatural and located in Persian Gulf. This project offers 100% free ownership in Bahrain. A perfect place for residential purpose as it has facilities of complete infrastructure, marina, hotels commercial and residential buildings as well.


  • The thums island

A set of four unnatural Islands that is located in San Pedro Bay off the coast of Long Beach, California. This island is formed in 1965 in order to tap into the Wilmington oil field. These are the only decorated oil islands all over the US. It contains landscaping and sound walls that are designed to reduce noise.


  • Peberholm

A small unnatural Island that is located in Danish component of Oresund. It was created as a part of Oresund Bridge that joins Denmark and Sweden. The purpose of this Island is to have a join point between tunnel and bridge. Biologists maintain its ecology annually.

  • Spiral Island

An Island that is located in Mexico. It was formed in 1998. It was created using too many plastic bottles but sadly in 2005, it was demolished by Hurricane Emily. Then he started reconstructing Better Island and after 3 years, in 2008, an Island was replaced and its name is Joyxee.

  • Artificial Island of uros

This Island is made up of reed that grows in Lake Titicaca, Puno. These islands have few reed houses (made by the Madan people) that depend upon size. But some issues arise, most important issue is environment and health issue and tourists are disturbing their cultures.


  • The pearl Qatar

It is also an unnatural Island, located in Doha, Qatar, an Island of about 400 sq.m.  In 4 years, from 2011 to 2015 population increased from 3000 to 12000.

  • Kamfers Dam Island

It is an unnatural Island that is located in the north of Kimberley. It’s in the shape of giant ‘S’. Since construction of an unnatural island by Ekapa Mining with 26000 tons of bits and pieces, the dam become a major breeding site for lesser flamingos but island is in danger as water is rising and quality is poor.

  • Venetian artificial Islands

These projects are unnatural Islands that are joined in Florida by bridges. The unnatural Islands in Miami contain Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, Di Lido, San Marino etc. The Flagler monument, a picnic Island that was formed in 1920.

  • Willingdon Island

This Island is biggest island in the country that is located in India. In the state of Kerala, it forms the part of the city of Kochi. This Island is surrounded by beautiful backwaters. It is the site of city’s best trading centres and hotels.  It is constructed around a natural Island by filling in dredged soil.

  • Artificial Islands for Tokyo Disneyland

This is located in japan that is internationally famous park. It is the first Disney Park that is built outside US. It has 5 hotels and 4 airports. It is among the biggest tourists’ spots.

  • Balboa Island

A set of three unnatural Islands that are Balboa Island, little Balboa Island and Collins Islands. A bridge joins Balboa Island community to mainland. It has 3000 residents in 0.52 km.

  • Thilafushi

This is located in Maldives, between Kaafu Atoll’s Giraavaru and Gulhifalhu.  It was built in 1992 and grows at a rate of 0.92 square meters a day but it has attracted entrepreneurs.

These are one of the best islands and certainly you would love to visit these parts of the world again in your life.

10 Most Famous Walls in The World

10 Most Famous Walls in The World

From the beginning of the world, there is a trend of constructing walls around specific geographical arena for protection and defense purposes. Communities built walls to protect themselves from dangerous animals, to make a boundary and to protect their territory. However, other purposes of the walls include adoration, decoration and appreciation of beautiful art. There are many famous walls all over the world. Here we will share you some information about the 10 most famous walls in the world.



  1. Diyarbakir Wall

Diyarbakir wall has been built in such a way that it covers the whole Diyarbakir city. This wall is located in southeastern Turkey. The wall has been built to create a form of circle of 3.4 miles. The wall has 4 gates and 82 watch towers. Diyarbakir Wall is world’s second largest wall with Roman touch intact.

  1. Sacsayhuaman Walls

Sacsayhuaman is one of the famous walls found in northern outskirt of Cusco, Peru. Peru was the capital of Inca Empire in past. This is one of the world’s heritages and the wall has been built with large polish stones. The wall has been built in a zigzag form and thus the wall looks like teeth.

  1. The Great Zimbabwe Walls

Zimbabwe is one of the largest cities of Kingdom Zimbabwe. It was also the capital of Kingdom Zimbabwe during the late iron age of the state. The city is covered by the great Zimbabwe wall. The height of this wall is 36 feet and the wall is extended to 820 feet long. This wall has the largest structure in Sahara Desert.

  1. Walls of Babylon

Babylon is one of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia. It is located about 85 km south of Baghdad. The Babylon city is surrounded by the Babylon wall. The Babylon wall was built back in 575 BC. The wall has one ancient gate called Ishtar gate and it is one of the largest gates. The gate and the wall were made of blue glazed tile. Saddam Hussain tried to restore and reconstruct these walls during his reign.

  1. Walls of Ston

The walls of ston are the most famous walls in the world. These are the series of walls that are located in Pelijesac, Southern Croatia and Peninsula. These walls are 3.5 miles long and these connect the two towns of ston. The Mali ston was built at the narrowest point of Peninsula. This is the Europe’s second largest wall and it was constructed during 15th century.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

This wall is located in between England and Scotland. The purpose to construct this wall was protection of Britannia colony from the tribe of Scotland. This wall was built in second century AD. It is the longest wall of England and stretches from Irish Sea to the North Sea. It is 73 mile from the North of England.

  1. Walls of Troy

The walls of troy are one of the oldest walls built in 13th century BC. The walls are located in northwestern of Turkey. These walls still stand in their original condition. The walls have many layers of ruins. There is greater historic importance of these walls because these walls were battle land for Trojan War. The walls were constructed for protection of legendary troy. Walls of Troy are famous as tourist attraction.

  1. The Western Wall

This is one of the famous walls in the world. This wall is also known as Wailing Wall. The wall is located in one of the old city Jerusalem in Israel. This wall was built in around 19 BC at the end of second temple period. The remaining layer of the wall which has been built in 7th century is the Jewish religious site.

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the famous walls of the world and it is also the top 10 wonders of the world. It has been claimed that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon. It has been contracted many times. In 5th and 16th BC century the wall has been contracted, maintained and reconstructed to prevent the border of China from tribes of the North.

  1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is one of the most beautiful walls in the world. The wall is located in Germany. This is a modern construction which was constructed during cold war in 1961. The purpose of to build the wall was to stop the East Berliners to escape and enters into the west. This wall is constructed in the middle of Berlin City. Almost 5000 people lost their lives when they tried to cross the wall. In 1989 the wall was taken down with the fall of Soviet Russia.

Incredible Cities around the World That Looks Spectacular at Night

Beauty is everywhere on this planet and everyone is fond of seeing this beauty because as a human being we all love attractiveness of beauty. This planet has lot of cities have artificial beauty of night. Travelling all over the world is not bad thing people are fond of travelling from all over the world. With travelling you may know the perfect places on this planet either by nature or by artificial intelligence of architect from all over the world. These cities look more beautiful and pretty in nights because of wonderful lightning and attractive gatherings at night. Here are discussed some incredible cities around the world that looks spectacular at night:

  • Toronto, Canada: It is the wonderful city of Canada named Toronto. It looks very impressive and also very beautiful at night because it has many incredible buildings which contain lights and colors which look more stunning at night from distance because of this incredible look people use to go there at night.


  • Milan, Italy: It is another beautiful city of the world because of its lightning and perfect view of river people from all over the world want to visit this place. It is situated in Italy. It looks incredible and stunning at night because of its perfect lightning in the buildings. People from all over the world visit this place for this attractiveness.


  • Ljubljana, Slovenia: It is another incredible place of visiting people use to go there for perfect view of lights at night it looks very beautiful at night because it is made very impressive view to people of all over the world. Architects have made this city perfect for visiting at nights.


  • Ankara, Turkey: Ankara is situated in Turkey a place of well organized views. Turkey is the country of beauty. For visitors it is the well place of visiting because at nights it looks more impressive as well as stunning. Everyone must have once visited in Turkey in his or her lifetime. Ankara is the place in Turkey which looks more stunning at night if a person visit this place then he may say that he didn’t waste his travel.


  • Sydney, Australia: It is another stunning place in Australia where people may attract because of its attractiveness of nights and sea view at the city. City is very perfectly designed by architects from different places of world for making this place incredible and wonderful for visiting.


  • London, England: London is one of the most impressive cities in the world everyone wants to go London for its attractiveness and stunning view. It is situated in England and people from all over the world use to go there for its attraction. It is the city which looks more adorable and stunning at night because of its lightning and great view of night.


  • Lisbon, Portugal: It is the place situated in Portugal called Lisbon a city of perfect design and perfect lights. It attracts people from all over the world towards its attractiveness. People use to go there for its perfect view. It is called the city of lights. Nights at Lisbon look like spectacular.


  • Tokyo, Japan: It is another city of colors and lights. People from all over the world use to go there for perfect view and attractiveness of this city. It is situated in Japan and the nights look like a spell or magic here because of its incredible colors of lights as well as buildings.


  • Dubai, UAE: Dubai is the perfect place of visiting as architects from all over the world made this place perfect for visiting. It is called the place of crowns because kings and queens from all over the world visit this place for entertaining themselves. Dubai is the place looks stunning at nights because of its adorable design of buildings and perfect designs of Hotels as well.


  • Hong Kong, China: A place of perfect lightning and perfect view is in chine called Hong Kong. In Hong Kong people use to go for viewing such an incredible lights and designs of building architects has made this city a perfect place of visiting and entertaining yourself.


  • Barcelona, Spain: It is also a place of perfect visiting it is situated in Spain. At night it looks like the place of dreams due to its incredible design and perfect lightning. People use to go this place for visiting and seeing the attractiveness of this city at night.


  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: It is a perfect place of visiting situated in Malaysia people use to come there for enjoying the beauty of this place it is the perfect place of visiting at nights because of its attractive colors of buildings and lightning.


Above are the places in the world worth visiting and looks incredible at nights.

Strangest buildings of the world

Strange means something which is unbelievable or something which is unexpected so people’s reaction on these strangest things is quite different from routine things. So the topic elaborating here is strangest buildings in the world. We can see everywhere the changes occur in the world. But strangest building is like how it is possible to have that building but these buildings are present in the world. The question arises in the mind that how it is adjusted at that place the answer is according to the latest technique these buildings are present over there. Here are some defined buildings which are very strange buildings in the world:

  • National center of performing arts: National center of performing arts is a building situated in China which is made between the artificial lakes and is oval shaped. A great architecture designed is represented by viewing that building. It is very impressive to look that building because it is impossible design to make but architect made it for Chinese National center for performing arts.


The Great CN Tower, Toronto

If you are one of those who has a love for tourism and visiting new and attractive places and there are some vacations coming and for that you are planning to visit Toronto Canada, then you are making a good choice. There are lots of attractions that are waiting for you and once you have reached there you will regret not coming here before and the time that you will spend there will be one of the best time you have ever spent at anywhere around the world.

One of the best and most important places that you must have to visit on your tour to Toronto is CN Tower.  It is about 553.33 m-high. This is tower that was completed in 1976, and it was also the world tallest tower as well as world tallest freestanding structure. This tower held this record till the completion of Burj Khalifa as well as Canton Tower which was built in year 2010. Still its charm doesn`t pale down as it still attracts a lot of national as well as international visitors from around the world throughout the year. There are more than two million foreign visitors come to this place on annual basis only.

CN Tower

This tower was built by Canadian National, Railway Company and because of this it is known as CN Tower. This tower is very much popular from its completion and attracts a lot of visitors and experts from around the world to see the beauty. Keeping this is view, in 1995; this tower was also declared as one of the seven modern wonders of world by American Society of Civil Engineers. This CN tower is also placed 2nd in the ranking list of World Federation of Great Towers.

So if you are having an interest in seeing such beautiful buildings that are master piece of creativity and technology then you must have to visit Toronto to see this beautiful tower. Once you have made you mind that you are going to visit this tower then you must have to make complete preparations in advance. For this the best thing that you have to do is to go online and search the best travel company. This you can do by checking their rates as well as the facilities that they are offering to their clients. The other that you have to make sure is that before you move you have to make your advance booking of hotel room as well as taxi car. This is important because once you have made all these arrangements then you won`t have to face any trouble after reaching there. In case if you haven`t make these preparations then you may have to suffer a lot in finding the best quality of hotel and accommodation. So what are you waiting for, just go online and check the travel agent as well as accommodation details for hotels and then make the decision that can help you in enjoying your trip to the fullest.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Do you love to explore new destinations and attractive places? So, you must visit Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand. It is one of the biggest complexes of structures at the Bangkok heart in Thailand. History embarks that it has been an official residence for Siam Kings since 1782. Until 1925, the grounds of this palace were used as government offices for the King and royal government. However, the present acting King Bhumibol Adulyadej live in Chitralada Palance but this Grand Palace is devoted to host official events. Many state functions and royal ceremonies take place in this palace each year. Moreover, the Grand Palace is at top of the list as one of the most visited place by tourists.

King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke who was the originator of Chakri Dynasty ordered for the construction of this palace and it began in 1782. This order was placed in connection to the transfer of capital status from Thonburi to the city of Bangkok. Initially, the structure was not as big as now but new buildings were added throughout successive reigns. So, now it is one of the best place to visit for anyone who loves architecture and history.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

The Sydney Opera house is a performing arts center that is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a multipurpose venue mostly used for performing arts.  It is situated on Bennelong point in harbor of Sydney and is very close of Sydney Harbor Bridge.  This located is very adjacent to Sydney Business district and Royal Botanic Gardens.


It is designed by the Danish Architect named Jorn Utzon and it is open on 20th of October 1973 after award winning design in the year 1958.  The New South Wales government that was led at the time by Joseph Cahill issue order to start works in the year 1958 with Utzon directing the instruction how to complete the design.  The utzon design faces a lot of issues which includes cost, scheduling overruns and the resignation of the architects.

The name of the location suggest that it is a single venue but in reality the building is comprises of multi performing venues.  It is the busiest performing art venue in the world.  It is hosting about 1500 performance each year and about 1.2 million people attend these performances each year. It is the most attractive place for the tourist in the country.

Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Ancient World Wonder

Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Ancient World Wonder

Art has no limits and no boundaries. Actually, art is the articulation of mind and it can be anything from just simple texture, a giant sculpture or a portrait drawing. Statue of Zeus at Olympia was one such example of art that has a long history. This giant statue was created by a Greek sculptor in 435 BC. He was Phidias and this statue is located in Greece at the asylum of Olympia in the Temple of Zeus. The overall height of this statue is about forty three feet.


Statue of Zeus at Olympia is regarded as one among the seven ancient wonders of the world and its creator. Phidias who created this world wonder was known to a master sculptor of his time. He created numerous sculptures including the Statue of Athena and some small statues at Marathon and Plataea. The statue was created in honor of Zeus and an inspiration for Olympics.

Zeus, the idol of thunder, was represented seated on a ceremonial chair of cedar bestowed with ivory, ebony, gold and valuable stone. Twofold imprinted sphinxes hold the side arms. As said by Pausanias, a second century AD voyager, the Statue of Zeus was embroidered with emerald shoots treated with gold. Moreover, the Zeus statue holds a statue of victory goddess Nike in right hand.


Palm Island, Amazing Dubai’s Artificial Island

Palm Island, Amazing Dubai’s Artificial Island

The palm island is located in United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai has the two artificial islands and it has the shape of palm trees.  The two contractors were hired to do the job, one belongs to Netherlands and other belongs to Belgium. The names of two islands are Palm Jebel and Palm Jumeirah.  Each of the settlement has the shape of palm tree and there are a lot of residential, entertainment and leisure centers and it has added 520 Km to non public beaches of Dubai city. The work of Palm Jumeirah was started in the year 2001 and after some time Palm Jebel work also being started. These are the artificial Islands that is being built from sand dredge from the base of the Persian Gulf by the Belgian group and Dutch group Jan De Nul.  The sand is scour from the ships that is being guided by the global positioning system.  This process is well known as rain bowing.

Palm Island

The Jumeirah palm is consisting of tree trunk, 16 fond with a crown and crescent island that made 11 Km break water. The island is 5 km by 5 km. the residential area is being started to occupy at the start of 2006 and after five years the land reclamation process started.  Palm Jebel is started in year 2002 and expected time period was six years that is 2008.  The building such a passive project itself was a challenge and there have been significant impact of it on the environment. It was not possible to introduce a change of such scale to launch eco system.  There has been a lot of construction along the beach that has made changes in wildlife and coastal erosion.  The Dubai project of Palm Island had become favorite for the environmentalist. They have criticized the construction of Palm Island and they utter their extreme concerns over the project and its impact to the wild life.

Palm Island

The palm island is basically made up with rocks and sand. There was no use of concrete at all in construction process.  The prince of Dubai wants to make it natural and the project idea was the main of prince himself. The main idea to build the palm island is to promote the tourism in country. The prince of Dubai wants to make it attractive towards tourist and want to earn more revenue than oil reserves.

There are a lot of risk and threats to the project that includes.

  • Frequent Storm
  • Wave 2 meter
  • Weak Soil

There were also some hidden problems in the project.

  • Erosion
  • Risk to wild life
  • Loss of coastal shape

The Dubai has started to monitor the coastal program. It was establish in the year 1997 the coastal monitor program was started to study the base (depth of water in ocean).  They advance video monitoring system is being installed in the beach of Dubai to note the change in magnitude.