Top Natural Wonders Of The World

Top Natural Wonders Of The World

When human life’s begun they were commenced in searching of world natural wonders. Many wonders are found, but some are still not found by people. A Natural wonder of the world gives us sign that there is some endowment that creates these wonders. So we will discuss some beautiful natural wonders of the world that have been discovered by people.

Iguazu Fall:

Iguazu falls is world’s biggest waterfall that is located in Argentina (Brazil). Iguazu is Tupi and Guaraní language word which means “Big Water”. Iguazu Fall is 2.7 kilometers in width. It flows from an approximated height of 60 meters to 82 meters, which is about 200 feet to 262 feet. There are many islands that are located around this river and water fall. Iguazu Fall looks beautiful in all seasons, but tourists prefer to visit Iguazu Fall in autumn and springs.

Jeju Island:

Jeju Island is beautiful island located in a Southern coat of Korea. Jeju Island encompasses an approximated area of 1846 square kilometers. The Holocene is the medium feature of Jeju Island. Jeju is the ninth largest provinces of Korea and it is one among of the most popular holiday spots. According to government calculation about 10 million tourists have visited Jeju Island last year.

Table Mountain:

A nature lover should visit Table Mountain. It is a very beautiful mountain located in South Africa. Table Mountain is not only a piece of rock but it is more than that. It is protected by national park. The park is like a chain of Table Mountains that stretchfrom signal hill in the north to cape point. In the opening of Table Mountain in 1929, 22million tourists visited the top of the Table Mountain.


Precaution is located in Mexico and it is one of the famous world’s natural wonders. Precaution is the youngest volcano. It is said that in 2013 an unpredicted change in growth of volcano caused ground shockthat was felt by villagers of Paricutin and after that shock; high flames rose in airthat were about 2625 feet high. The temperature reached about 1879 high. It was considered at time that these high flames in air were good for people living in Paricutin village

Mount Everest:

Mount Everest is the world highest mountain. It is located in the Mahalangur near Himalaya. The mountain is between the border of Nepal and China. Edmund Hillary was the first person who climbed the world highest mountain.

Great Barrier Reef:

The most visited place of tourist is the Great Barrier Reef. Almost 2million tourists visit this place every year. It consists of 200 individual reefs. The greatest reef has 900 islands and it can be seen from external space. The great reef is greater in size than Holland and the United Kingdom. Great reef became habitat for 17 species of snakes and about 30 species of dolphin were found. About 1500 fish species were found in the Great Barrier Reef. It was found that the biggest threat in great reef is climate change.

The Great Wall of China:

The China great wall is the greatest wall and it is one of the world’s famous wonders. It is not just a wall as it also includes guard towers and beacon tower. Its real name in China is Wan LiChang Chng which means a big wall. About 400 famous leaders have visited the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is also called battleground because many wars were fought at this great wall. The Great Wall of China is 10000 lei tall, which is equal to 0.3 of mile.

Valley Of love:

Valley of Love is one of the famous wonders of the world. It is said that valley of love was found by a race called mysterious racer. The valley of Love is about 3000 years older.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona. Grand Canyon is a well known natural wonder. It is popular because of its size and colors. The Grand Canyon is 270 miles long and about 18 miles wide. An average of about 5 million tourists visits Grand Canyon each year.

Han Long Bay:

Han Long Bay is a natural beauty. It is located in Vietnam, Quang Ninh province which is near to china border. Many islands are linked with Ha Long Bay. The clarity of water attracts people to it. It is very beautiful place. In 1994 UNESCO declared Ha Long Bag as a beautiful place in the world. The best season to visit Ha long Bay lie is from April to September.

Puerto Princesa:

Puerto Princesa is a beautiful underground river. It was said that it is one of the favorite placesamong tourists. It is located in the north east of Puerto. One of the things that tourist mostly enjoyed in underground river is boat riding. Underground River is about 2 hours drive from the Puerto northern east city.Bottom of Form



Top Wedding Destinations in the World

Top Wedding Destinations in the World

Wedding is a function where two individuals as well as their families unite together. Wedding conventions and traditions change between societies, religions, social classes, and nations. So it can be perfect and great as it is most important day for everyone and each and every individual of family is very conscious about it. Venue of wedding is basic component as it adds more hues to your wedding so it must be great. Here are some top Wedding Destinations in the World.


The ideal day and a lifetime recollections starts in Houston. In the event that you are arranging your wedding, Houston is the best place which is brimming with uncommon spaces and phenomenal culinary offerings join to make impeccable wedding venue. Individuals burn through a huge number of dollars to ensure that their day turns out simply right. So, on the off chance that you are arranging your wedding, then you should look at the best wedding venues in Houston. Your Ideal venues in Houston might be Spanish style estate, which is loaded with fashioned –iron-staircase which is deserving of terrific wedding passage, or it might be a lodging assembly hall that reflects contemporary class while clearing immaculate perspectives of the acclaimed city. Ashton Gardens, Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Galvez, ParaisoMaravilla, and Butler’s Courtyard are some best Wedding Destinations in Houston.

San Francisco, California:

In the event that you are searching for a venue that offers more as far as landscape than only a solid wilderness, then you should head to California. San Francisco is urban spot, making it one of the top US urban areas to get married in. It has high slopes, enormous parks; link cares clatter over the avenues, and best perspectives of the Golden Gate Bridge from the city. These things win the hearts of spouses and grooms.

Caribbean: Jamaica:

Jamaica offers you a great deal more than just palms trees and shorelines. It has a fabulous time cherishing air and some comprehensive resorts. It can be the most moderate island which offers you genuine happy magnificence of nature and numerous private manors that accompany their own particular gourmet experts, security and housekeeping staffs. The Resorts of Montego Bay offers the best administration and comfort. The greenhouses and waterfalls of Ocho Rios give alleviation to the guests. It is one of the best places on the planet to tie a bunch in.


The Amalfi Drive is one the most picturesque Stretches of Italian Coastline. It comprises of winding bluffs and perspectives of the ocean. It has the best cooking among whatever remains of the resorts in the Italy. You should stroll through the slender avenues of Naples’ Old Spacca Quarter, which will make your wedding remarkable. September and October are the best times to arrange your weddings in Italy. Amid this time it has mellow temperatures which are ideal for your weddings.


Ireland is the best place for weddings, if “children’s story” characterize you thought of wedding. It has shoreline towns, greenery enclosures, and stupendous manors which embellish you thought of impeccable wedding. The characteristic excellence of sentimental nation and the bona fide cordiality of Irish individuals make your wedding essential. The blend of typical custom and society will keep visitors occupied between occasions.


The World’s most sentimental city, yes, we are discussing Paris, only two hours from it France is brimming with noteworthy towns, châteaux, beguiling individuals, wines and great sustenance. In the event that you are making arrangements for a fantasy destination wedding France is the spot for you. You and your visitors will appreciate nation life. In the middle of April and June, you can arrange your wedding in France. Amid this period it has gentle temperatures, and it will get to be immaculate wedding destination with its intriguing excellence.


It is known for its rich ocean life and well disposed individuals. It is tropical heaven and perfect wedding destinations for individuals looking for fascinating society and pristine shorelines. It is impeccable spot for your inclination adoring visitors, who can see submerged ships, and bolster sharks there. The best climate is Fiji’s winter season i.e. from May to October in which yearly celebrations (Festival of lights and Festival of hues) happens. Your visitors will most likely appreciate energizing festivals amid this period.

New Zealand:

It is loaded with its remote scenes, brilliant and attractive shorelines, Great Barrier Island, and successive untamed life sightings. Water significant others will value this spot for their weddings. Numerous seaward islands which are known for their olive forests and vineyards decorate this spot. New Zealand’s seasons are inverse of those in the US. Most ranges of the nation have mellow temperatures and the hottest months are December, January, and February, and the coldest are July and August.

Travel destinations that are ahead of time

Travel destinations that are ahead of time

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world. Recently the folks of Lonely Planet made a list of travel destinations that are considered to be ahead of time regarding the speed of their development.

We surely expected Tokyo would be the leader of this list. This city is amazing, all those automatic public toilets with integrated heating, more Michelins starred restaurants than London and New York combined and the public transportation is never the less the most effective. Trains reach speed up to 300km/h. You’ll get right on the spot in a second. Some services are done by robots and people are admiring a Japanese hologram pop star. Tokyo is so well prepared that tourists and residents don’t have to think for themselves anymore, the automatic staff can suggest some refreshment according to the weather conditions if people are having trouble choosing the right drink for them.

Dubai gets to be second on this list. The skyscrapers are known worldwide and they seem like they were built in the future and put right back in our time again andsome of them can even rotate. The artificial archipelago constructed in a form of a palm tree is truly amazing and this city will host the Expo 2020 where innovations from all over the world will be presented.

We’re heading to Toronto, the city that recently got the nicknames Dubai of the North or The Little New York. The city got developed in another direction by interventions in the civil engineering. The CN Tower is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Everything that was built after that simply had to be breathtaking. The Absolute Towers are twin towers with 50 and 56 floors and as a part of the urban development scheme they are made to rotate about 209 degrees. Indeed, an attraction one would love to see.

We know how Swedish are; everything must be eco-friendly. Hammarby is an eco-town located a few kilometers south of Stockholm and it was built in 2004. This town was supposed to accommodate the Olympians but Sweden didn’t get the chance tohost the Olympics at that time. This eco-town is allowing everyday life to be more affordable as the heating and the hot water are obtained from solar panels and every single building has a recycling space. The aesthetic of Hammarby is mind-calming because modern materials like steel and glass were not used during the construction of this eco-friendly village.

Next on the list is Ordos as one of the twelve major subdivisions of Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China. It’s also known as the ghost town because the residential buildings are entirely empty even though thousands of people were supposed to live here. This town is a popular destination for the sci-fi fans, especially the museum located in the desert. The structure of the museum totally looks like an object from outer space.

AbyDhabi can also be praised for having a bit of an edge.  For instance, Saadiyat Island is a large, low lying island 500 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat Island is still being developed and few museums are planned to be built as part of the project. The museums are designed in modern architectural style, of course, and they will like no other so far. Abu Dhabi is spreading so fast that another ambitious project is on the way – Masdar City, where cars will have no access in the area.

Singapore remains to be known as the most futuristic and most glamorous Asian city. There are remarkable skyscrapers but the achievements are mostly in the way the green areas are taken care of. “Gardens by the bay” is a tropical garden that is holding floral exhibitions and organizes daily tours. The tall trees and the rare plants you’d see there are remarkable. There are also music and light shows in the middle of this green area.

After this fast tour told in words you can start thinking about taking the real exciting tour to one of these destinations and experience the magic of these cities. Think about the fresh feeling you’ll have after enjoying every single bit of the excitement.

Year-round lifestyle at Bondi Beach

Year-round lifestyle at Bondi Beach

Throughout the year we have a habit to anxiously await for the summer to come, we keep planning our vacation; count the days till we meet the ocean again and while we finally enjoy the pleasures of the summer season the next thing we know – the summer is over. Until the next year, that is.

Well everybody, we’ve found the perfect beach for those nostalgic tourists who cannot face the cold days that winter is preparing for them. It is called Bondi Beach or Bondi Bay. It’s located just 7 km east of the Sidney central business district and is one of the most visited places in Australia.

The name “Bondi” or “Boondi” originates from the Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.The coast is one kilometer long and its golden sands and turquoise waters are not considered to be the only thing that makes Bondi Beach an iconic Sydney attraction. There are plenty of activities that can make you forget about your day-to-day functioning. First of all, surfing is the main activity for the beach goers but you don’t need to be a skilled surfer to try the waves out. There are severalexcellent surf schools that are offering lessons. The novices are learning to surf in the protected areas and the experienced surfers head to the south end of the beach.

Don’t like surfing? Not a problem, you can enjoy beach volleyball or golfing instead. And what if I tell you that Bondi Beach hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics? Or that you can watch the whales between May and November from the nine-hole golf course which is located on the cliff-top? I’m sure you won’t resist it.

Tourists can also enjoy a nice relaxing swim right next to the big waves. The Olympic-size outdoor pool also known as Iceberg Pool is public and the view is dramatic indeed.Also, despite those shark nets that are used for protection of the swimmers, you’ll feel much safer knowing the fact that Bondi Beach was the place where the world’s first lifesaving club was founded in 1907. Those guys and girls have a lot stories to tell, I’m sure.

If you don’t feel like swimming anymore, you can always go on a long coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. Bondi’s Farmers Market is also a perfect place to wander. You’ll have the chance to explore new artisanal foods sold by the people who make them. It’s such an idyllic place to be in Sunday morning. For the ‘impulsive’ buyers there’s a huge range of shops waiting to be checked out, selling everything from quality swimwear and designer clothes to antiques. While you’re all dressed up, you might as well visit the art galleries beforepicking up a restaurant with a stunning view to spice your dinner up.


So, my question for you at the end of this Bondi Beach story would be: Do you want to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in bikinis and shorts? If yes, Bondi Beach is the right place for you.


Matmata The Hidden Miracle Of Tunisia

Matmata The Hidden Miracle Of Tunisia

If you ever travel in Tunisia make sure you visit the small town of Matmata. It’s definitely a must-see place for tourists, which can be reached by taking a bus to Gabes and then sharing a taxi to the old town of Matmata. As you’re approaching the site you’ll think this area is isolated and abandoned as no one will be there to welcome you. It’s all because the residents live underground.

Matmata is actually a small town in southern Tunisia. It is populated by the Berbers who live in traditional underground structures also known as troglodytes. What makes these structures so exceptional is the way they were created. First of all, the locals start digging a large pit in the ground and then artificial caves are dig around the perimeter of the same pit in order these small caves to be used as rooms. Usually each crater is about two stories deep, completed with doors, staircases and openings.Forpractical reasons the nearby caves are all connected by trench-like passageways. You can already assume there are no windows around here.

This kind of housing used to hide villagers from raiders in unstable times and it gives you a pleasant room temperature throughout any season. The air bellow the ground stays cool when the weather outside is unbearably hot. In the year of 1967, heavy rains that lasted for 22 days overwhelmed these homes and the authorities quickly built an above-ground settlement. But this didn’t stop most of the people who were struck by the rains, to restore their old homes. Only a few of the familiesagreed to move in the new structures built by the authorities.

Most people go to see Matmata as a part of an organized tour and are staying just for a few hours or only for the night. The surroundings offer stunning landscapes, opportunities for taking long walks on the orange-pink desert hills or one can simply follow the dry river beds. Wherever you may go, you won’t get lost.

You’ll find the way the Berbers live their life very mind-quieting. You can even be accommodated in their homes over the night. The rooms are decorated as simple as possible.The courtyard is often painted in white but the hosts aren’t afraid to use strong colors with the chalked walls, round shelves cut directly into the walls or handmade tapestry to highlight their folklore. As a tourist, prepare to buy handicrafts or at least offer the hosts a symbolic sum if you want to take pics. Make sure you remember the next tiny fact that tourists often find unacceptable: if you’d like to stay in Matmata overnight be prepared for shared bathrooms and toilets.

However, you can always stay in the Sidi Driss Hotel which was used as a filming location for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The hotel was featured as the home of Luke Skywalker on the planet Tatooine, facts you already know if you are a Star Wars fan. The hotel is designed according to the traditional troglodyte standards of the underground building.

Matmata is indeed a popular tourist attraction but if you are not going with a tour group make sure you explore this little town in the early morning hours. That is the time when the place won’t be crowded and you’ll have the chance to catch the morning sun light which gives a dramatic appearance to the troglodytes. Unfortunately, as the hours pass and as the sun is slowly heading to West, this experience loses its strength. Anyway, don’t forget to get enough bottled water for this ‘expedition’ because the summer is very hot around here.

I guess you’re already prepared for an outstanding adventure in the Tunisian sand dunes. Matmata is waiting to be explored and it’s peeking from under the ground.

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

One of a kind underground suite in Sweden

Travelers are always looking for something different and new to see or experience, whether if it’s an adventure, a place or accommodation, it has to be amazing and unforgettable. Regarding the latter, there is definitely something new and special about the Sala Silver Mine Underground Suite in Sweden.

Sala Silver Mine is situated in the middle of Sweden in the Regional district of Västmanland. It is 120 kilometers from Stockholm and 62 kilometers from Uppsala. It’s the world’s deepest underground hotel and it’s located in silver mine that apparently was closed in 1908. It is believed that the mine has been operational since medieval times but after it was closed it was just a matter of time when this mine would be converted into something else. Today the mine has its own museum, a theater, two dining rooms and asuitethat can accommodate two guests. Although the mine goes 300 meters in depth and almost 20 kilometers in length, people are allowed to sleep on about 155 meters below the surface. That makes this suite the deepest bedroom in the world.

This historic place has a cool and a bit of a dark note. Somewhere in these dark winding galleries and vast caverns, an amazing suite is waiting for you. Its interior is so cleverly designed to match the silver mine surroundings that include underground lakes too. This is the best choice for accommodation for those who want to experience some Bram Stoker’s or H.R. Giger’s atmosphere. The darkdecor is so Goth and the silver details of the furniture are so ahead of time.The past and the future collide and that is resulting in perfect and unique aura offering the guests an unforgettable experience.

Before staying in the apartment, you’ll be guided throughout the silver mine. Make sure you remember all the areas because after you’ll get accommodated you would be left on your own for the night. You’ll definitely get a lot of privacy in yourunderground bedroom because the hotel staff remains in the building above the ground. Additional accommodation above ground in the mining area estate is also available if you change your mind. What’s the downside of the suite? If you have to use the toilet in the middle of the night, you’d have to climb up for 50 meters where the closest toilet is located. Don’t bother to bring your cell phone either. You won’t get a signal.However, there’s an intercom which connects to an above-ground employee and is monitored all night. The next morning you’ll be served breakfast and you’ll be up on the sunlight again.

Don’t forget to bring some warm and comfortable clothes for the underground tours. The temperature below ground is only 2 degrees Celsius year-round. You shouldn’t worry about the temperature of the underground festivity hall and the suite since they’ve been warmed up to 18 degrees. Extra blankets are always put on the bed. The mining suite comes as part of a bed-and-breakfast tour package so you’ll be served breakfast in the morning. Spending the night in this suite will cost you about 265 $ per person including the tour of the mine, refreshment basket and breakfast. Unfortunately, showers are available in the Sala Bed and Breakfast above ground.

I’m sure this offer sounds pretty tempting. I understand we are all kind of fed up with all the look-alike hotels and studio apartments. If that’s the case with you too, you can check this suite out and enjoy your stay. This luxury underground hotel is a guarantee that no one will bother you if you are a privacy seeker. Please, keep in mind that the deadly silence of the mine is not for everybody. However, we must agree that the underground setting is sensational. What do you think? Does it worth for the money? And would you prefer to be accommodated in the Sala Silver Mine Suiteto experience the extraordinary environment below ground or you’d rather stay in a standard hotel room?

Nature’s perfection hidden between the Austrian slopes – The Green Lake

Nature’s wonders are spread all over the world. Wherever you may live, I bet there are few unique wonders nearby. This is an article about a beautiful place in central Europe. We all admire the scenery around the Alps, but beneath this massive mountain range, there is a small lake that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Which one of the wonder is it and what’s so special about it?

It is called Grüner See or the Green Lake. The lake is located in Styria, Austria in a resort village named Tragöß and it is surrounded by the massive Hochschwab Mountains and the green forests. Tragöß is a municipality in the district of Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and it has a long history of large scales migrations. Ancient Celts, Romans, Slavs, Bavarians and Franks inhabited Tragöß throughout the centuries. As settlers, they’ve experienced all the beauty of the waters, valleys and fertile ground that was offered to them by the magnificent nature. Today, the accent is being put mainly on the Green Lake.

Its name originates from its crystal clear emerald-green water thatonly appears as green from the submerged meadow vegetation and the reflection of the surrounding forest. Embedded in a middle of a country park its waters are 1 meters deep during the winter. However, the Green Lake’s maximum depth is reached from mid-May to June when it gets up to 12 meters. This is the period when it looks the most beautiful but in July the water begins to recede again. This happens every year because the Green Lake gets its waters from the snowmelt from the mountains. In spring when the basin of the lake is full, the water temperature reaches out to 7 °C so only the bravest gets to swim in it.

The variety of flora and fauna are in accordance to the environment: lots of snails, small crabs,different species of trout and aquatic insects, trees, bushes and flowers that grow around the lake as much as on the lake bed. After the spring inflow the lake becomes literally an underwater park. This is the main reason the Green Lake is so popular among the divers. They can observe the green meadows, take a ‘rest’ on the bench situated on the lake bed or cross the bridge and all these activities are donewhile diving along the submerged trails. You’ll have a feeling you are in a middle of a glass world.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe for underwater photography. It’s like talking a ‘walk’around a perfectly set park, except this one is all underwater. However, divers must already have a diving license. But if you don’t own one, you can enjoy the hiking and the contemplation of nature. If you are an adrenaline fan you’ll also have the chance to explore the biking trails and go for a fast downhill.

Regarding the accommodation, many guest cottages, inns and hotels are welcoming visitors throughout the year. You can ski around the several ski resorts, cross-country skiing is also available and wait for this – there is an offer for dog sledding as well. All these activities, the tiny lake and the stunning and picturesque natural scenery make the little town of Tragöß one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It’s often called the green heart of Austria. If you’re not impressed yet, then you should wander the meadows looking for the Edelweiss flower, the symbol of noble purity. But you’ll be reminded to look but don’t touch. At the end you can visit the Heritage Museum if you would like to learn something more about the history of Tragöß.

Anyway, I’ve chosen my next destination for the exquisite bonding with nature. I should hurry, as the lake is only there for few months each year. I can’t wait to see some of the Europe’s best scenery. Three things are a must on your packing list: sturdy boots, backpacks and a really good camera.


Explore Halong Bay

Explore Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is also known as descending dragon bay; administratively this location is managed and looks after by Ha long city. This is one of the best locations in Vietnam. If you want to explore the beauty and want to enjoy memorable trip with friends and family, this is the best place to be in.


The Ha Long Bay consists of 1969 Islands, some of them are settled but some are uninhabited. You can access these islands from different ports, in case you are looking to access via Cat Ba, you can use motorbike and car or even reach there via bus. There is ban on development on this part of the word and UNESCO declares it as heritage to world.  These Islands are great in shape and size.


The climate of Ha long bay is tropical, usually you can see two seasons in this part of the world. Cold and dry winter and hot summers and temperature remain 15 to 25 degree Celsius. The rain fall in this part of the world is around 2.2 meters annually.

Ha Long Bay Specials

There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities you can do. Certainly you will enjoy cruise trip and visit different islands with your friends and family. It is important to eat the Ha long bay specials as along with cruise trip you can enjoy local food. Ngan, Sam, Gat Gu, Sa Sung and Tu Hai is one of the most liked and famous dishes.

Time to visit this place

It’s not that you have to visit this place in certain time of year; you can visit this beautiful place all year. It is important for you to plan your trip of cruise carefully otherwise worst weather condition and poor visibility will ruin your cruise trip. Although the best time in the year to visit this place is from the month of March to June. However if you visit between June to September you can get reasonable deals.

If you are looking for a trip it is important to book your resort in advance so that you don’t need to worry after reaching this part of the world. However when going on cruise keep fair amount of water with yourself to avoid dehydration. Keeping medical box with you is also advisable. Explore the beauty and enjoy the fun with family.

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in Philippines and it is considered as protected area. This is located in national park and it is 80 Km in the north of city Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  This is also famous with the name of PP Underground River. Saint Paul range is the area where this national park is located on islands western coast.  The management of this national park is in administration of city government and they are managing this park from 1992. In the year 2010, some geologists and environmentalist has discovered this river that has 2nd floor that indicates that there exist a waterfall that in small in size in the cave. They have also revealed that the cave doomed about 980 feet above the river. The large bats, rock formation, deep water, deep cave and marine creatures are also there.  There are other deeper areas in the underground river but because of lack of oxygen it is very hard to explore these parts.

In the year 2011, this PP underground River is chosen for the very first time as the 7th new wonder of the nature. The confirmation of this wonder was officially confirmed in year 2012. The geography of this park is great as it got limestone Karst landscape and this PP river cave covers about 24 Km and got 8.2 Km of Cabayugan river that are underground. Before flowing to the sea the river went to cave and the cave have stalactites, large chambers and one of the largest cave rooms.

If you want to see this beautiful river and natural beauty, it will take 2 hours ride to reach the destination from the city center.  At the port of Sabang you need to take permit card and enter your information to get entry to the underground River. It is mandatory for the tourist to book in advance so that the tourism office at the port make schedule of your tour.  After reaching the beach you need to pass through jungle trail and it will take you to near docking area of the PP River. Keep an eye of your surroundings as there are lizards and monkeys that can give you some trouble.  Once you enter the boat the tourist guide will take you to the underground cave and give you information about the natural beauty and this 7th wonder of the nature. Of course you will see artistic and fabulous views in cave.

The 22 Most Incredible Places To Sleep On The Planet

The 22 Most Incredible Places To Sleep On The Planet

Everyone aims to have a timely and proper sleep. People always want to sleep in relaxing and moderate environment. They want to spend time on that room where there is peace, privacy and comfortable environment. The environment may depend on several factors that include color of the room, furniture placed and scenery outside the room. However there are many hotels that offer some unique and interesting views where you can spend quality time. Here are some lists of hotels where you can have perfect sleep time.

  1. Igloo village at Hotel Kaksluattanen Finland

It is one of the famous hotels in Finland. This hotel is situated in a village area which is full of peace. There is no noise of vehicles and no pollution in this part of country. The hotel design is fabulous and it looks really nice. Spending time and having calm sleep in the hotel room is a dream for everyone.

  1. KarostasCietums in Latvia

This kind of room is design for the people who have to be punished for their wrong actions. This is a room of prisoners where they have to sleep together. There is no bed for anyone. Everyone has to sleep on the floor. This kind of sleeping room is design for the people who have to pay for their sins.

  1. A room design for sleep in sewage pipe

This is room which has designed for sleeping. This sewage pipe room is located in an open area of Austria. People mostly go to country side to spend their vacation and prefer such unique design rooms. The advantage of this sewage room is that you can carry it to your favorite place.

  1. Ice hotel in Sweden

This hotel is located in Sweden. The hotel is design in unique way as it gives look of ice hotelalthough the hotel was built by the glass. The area where hotel is located is covered with ice. Adventures people love to go to this hotel and spend their weekend in this hotel.

  1. Save beach hotel in Italy

This hotel is located in Italy. The hotel is located near to Tiber River. The place is very peaceful. This hotel is suitable for the people who want to relax and spend quality time in peaceful environment.

  1. Mirror cube hotel in Sweden

The hotel was built in the forest area of Sweden. The hotel is made up of glass. It is totally transparent;people can have great view of the hotel from outside and inside, they can either see what is happening outside the hotel. This is a unique hotel built on the trees.

  1. A hotel on the magic mountain in Chile

This hotel was built in a way that it looks like hotel on the mountain. They have used wood for construction of the hotel and water fall is something that brings a lot of people to this part of the country. People can see and enjoy the water fall from their windows.

  1. Holiday Inn hotel in New York City

The rooms in this hotel are very colorful. You can choose your room according to your favorite color. To sleep in a colorful room can give you feeling of joy and comfort.

  1. Propeller lodge in Germany

The rooms in this hotel are having a unique design. The beds are very comfortable you can sleep on these beds with comfort and ease.

  1. Baumhaus hotel in Germany

The hotel is a tree house. Youngster love to spend their vacations in this place as the place is very peaceful.

  1. Smukfest sleep hotel in Denmark

The rooms of this hotel are designed like a big can of beer. This is a unique hotel located in Denmark. This theme is very unique and people love to spend their time in this unique hotel.

  1. Dockside hotel in Netherlands

The hotel is located near sea view. This hotel is design in a way that you can see the whole view of the sea while sitting in your room.

  1. Resort hotel in Costa Rica

This hotel is on the top of the trees and the rooms in this hotel are very vast and this hotel is built in such a way that it looks like an aero plane about to fly.

  1. Crazy house hotel in Vietnam

The hotel is built by cutting a big tree from the top. They have followed a unique theme; the choice of place is really amazing if you are willing to spend time in this hotel.

  1. Pop up hotel in Wisconsin

The hotel is built in the center of the forest. The rooms in the hotel are really amazing. There are big windows; you can enjoy the weather while sitting in your room.

  1. Kokpelli hotel in New Mexico

The theme of the hotel is very unique. The rooms in the hotel are like rooms in the cave. The hotel is made up of soil.

  1. The dog bark hotel in Idaho

The hotel design in such a way that it looks like a dog is barking in an open place.

  1. The boot hotel in New Zealand

The hotel is perfect for the people who love to spend their vacations in country side.

  1. Silken hotel in Spain

The hotel is constructed in a unique theme as it gives the look of hotel made up of ice. The colorful rooms attract most of the people.

  1. Modanna hotel in California

The cave look of this hotel inspires people to spend time here. It is such a classy place to be in.

  1. La villa hotel in France

The rooms are made up of hamster’s cage. The hotel is built with bricks.

  1. Hotel ever land in France

The hotel is located in capital city of France “Paris”. This is one room hotel and you will certainly enjoy your time in this hotel.  You can have a look of might Eiffel tower.