Why Do Airplane Windows Have A Small Hole In Them?

You often visit different parts of the world. The fastest way to reach your destination is the air travel. All the countries offer air travel to different parts of the world. On the whole you have never noticed anything special and mysterious in any airplane. But one mystery will now attract your attention and concentration. Here the mystery is revealed.

Before revealing the mystery you will be definitely glad to hear that the information shared here is known to people in very small number. No doubt your friends, fellows and colleagues are well educated and have much knowledge but the secret that is explained here will surely be a novel for all of your relatives.

You will be shocked without doubt to hear that all airplane windows have a small hole at the bottom in them. All of you are surely aware of airplane but never have ever heard about the small hole in all the windows of the airplane.



The hole is there for passengers’ safety. The holes in the windows of the airplanes help in regulating the cabin pressure. Nearly every cabin window consists of three panes: the outer pane, the middle pane and the inner pane. All the panes are made up of a super strong and sturdy synthetic resin. The middle pane that exists between the outer pane and the inner pane normally has these holes in it. Whereas the inner pane is purely a failsafe in the case of outer pane fracture, the outer and the middle panes are structural.

According to the studies, the small hole is there to operate as a bleed regulator, tolerating the pressure between the atmosphere in the passenger’s cabin and the atmosphere between the outer and the middle panes in equal ratio.

Year-round lifestyle at Bondi Beach

Year-round lifestyle at Bondi Beach

Throughout the year we have a habit to anxiously await for the summer to come, we keep planning our vacation; count the days till we meet the ocean again and while we finally enjoy the pleasures of the summer season the next thing we know – the summer is over. Until the next year, that is.

Well everybody, we’ve found the perfect beach for those nostalgic tourists who cannot face the cold days that winter is preparing for them. It is called Bondi Beach or Bondi Bay. It’s located just 7 km east of the Sidney central business district and is one of the most visited places in Australia.

The name “Bondi” or “Boondi” originates from the Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.The coast is one kilometer long and its golden sands and turquoise waters are not considered to be the only thing that makes Bondi Beach an iconic Sydney attraction. There are plenty of activities that can make you forget about your day-to-day functioning. First of all, surfing is the main activity for the beach goers but you don’t need to be a skilled surfer to try the waves out. There are severalexcellent surf schools that are offering lessons. The novices are learning to surf in the protected areas and the experienced surfers head to the south end of the beach.

Don’t like surfing? Not a problem, you can enjoy beach volleyball or golfing instead. And what if I tell you that Bondi Beach hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics? Or that you can watch the whales between May and November from the nine-hole golf course which is located on the cliff-top? I’m sure you won’t resist it.

Tourists can also enjoy a nice relaxing swim right next to the big waves. The Olympic-size outdoor pool also known as Iceberg Pool is public and the view is dramatic indeed.Also, despite those shark nets that are used for protection of the swimmers, you’ll feel much safer knowing the fact that Bondi Beach was the place where the world’s first lifesaving club was founded in 1907. Those guys and girls have a lot stories to tell, I’m sure.

If you don’t feel like swimming anymore, you can always go on a long coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. Bondi’s Farmers Market is also a perfect place to wander. You’ll have the chance to explore new artisanal foods sold by the people who make them. It’s such an idyllic place to be in Sunday morning. For the ‘impulsive’ buyers there’s a huge range of shops waiting to be checked out, selling everything from quality swimwear and designer clothes to antiques. While you’re all dressed up, you might as well visit the art galleries beforepicking up a restaurant with a stunning view to spice your dinner up.


So, my question for you at the end of this Bondi Beach story would be: Do you want to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in bikinis and shorts? If yes, Bondi Beach is the right place for you.


No Health Benefits of Wearing Bra

Women often hate articles related to clothing if they ever had fallen in love and had faced breakup. However, a bra is nothing but a valuable thing that helps you keep your body in good physical condition while performing different activities. But a woman feels much relief when she puts it off from her body at the end of the day.

Bra has deep history and it is stated that about 3000 years ago women in Greece used to wear bra. In fourteenth century women used to wear corsets as under garments which give an uplift support to their breast. Later in 20th century, bras got more attention and become a fashion throughout the world. At present, bra has become essential part of the dress of women as it gives beautiful look to their body and helps them keep their body sturdy while performing physical activities.

Since years, it has been considered that bras are good for health of women as they have number of benefits. Women are encouraged to wear bra as it gives their body an attract look. In true words, women used to buy “training bra” for their young girls of age six or seven to make them habitual of bra. Thus, bra becomes part of dress of women when they are too young.

One of the big rumors about bras is that bra prevents saggy breasts. The perkiness of breasts becomes low with the decline of youthfulness and women begin to worry about it much. This loss of perkiness is termed as sag. The saggy breasts seem weird. The rumor about the prevention of saggy breast finds no scientific proof and is totally a misconception about the women facing saggy breast problem. Body tissues help maintaining perkiness of the breast, however, with age tissue stiffness becomes weak and breast becomes saggy. Bra is not a tissue and thus it has nothing to do with perkiness of the breast. In 1995 a study revealed those women who wear an underwire bra more than 12 hours a day are more likely to have breast cancer. However the American Cancer Society completely disagreed to this theory of underwire bra.


Bra in 1940

Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know

Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know

Knowledge is strength, it is power and whenever you learn something new, you do not gain knowledge only but increase your intensity.  Learning and knowing about unveiled truth, helps us in developing many ways.  Apparently we discover a lot new aspects but still a humungous amount is left to be learned.

It often happens that there are things that have some hidden information from which we are not always aware of. And it is always surprising to know that you think you know it, but actually you don’t. Pretty confusing!

Well the confusion is going to be all sorted, right after you will read the heaps of facts that were somehow hidden. There is always a problem with people that they start believing anyone instead of checking out the accuracy of the provided information themselves.  There is so much of information assumed that fellows out there, start believing it without rechecking.

But you do not need to feel bad for that because we bring you the most accurate information about things you did not know or were misinformed. We will provide you some amazing, surprising, shocking, funny, facts that will boost up your information as well as it is a tremendously simple and creative way to educate you and your children about the facts that are not completely unveiled to them.  And yes of course excessive knowledge costs you nothing.

Following are some of the amazing facts which will bring out some unknown facts out of the known information.


– Antibiotics won’t help you during cold and flu season.

Cold and flu itself is a virus whereas antibiotics kill bacteria only so prefer an intake of vitamin C, citrus. They are much more helpful and effective.



– Blood is always RED in your blue veins.

Veins in our body are blue because of how our skin reflects and assimilates light, but that does not make our blood running into it veins blues, it remains red.


10 Weird Facts About Human Teeth You Won’t Believe

Everyone in this world wants to have beautiful teeth whether it’s doctors or engineers or people of any other field. Our teeth are one of the best assets we have as we used to smile at friends and family. It has been seen that people don’t often take great care of these thirty two teeth and that is not a great idea at all.  There are some interesting wired facts about human teeth that will amaze you.




  • Actor’s teeth

You have notice that all over the world, different actors do a lot of different things to fit in a role. Some of them lose weight and some try to gain the weight to fulfill the requirement of character. Have you ever think any actor would do alteration to his teeth in order to fit in a role. Fight club is the movie that was released in 1999 and Brad Pitt played the role of Tyler Durden who was an anarchist in the movie. In order to look perfect in the movie Brad Pitt paid the dentist to alter his teeth in order to look similar in appearance of Durden.  In another movie Hangover, Ed Helms also paid to alter his teeth in which he played the role of Stu.


  • The Norwegian tooth bank

There are all sorts of biological banks available in the world include blood banks to sperm banks. In Norway there is a team of researchers that are working to store the teeth that we lost in childhood. Of course I am talking about milk teeth. These are the teeth that everyone loses in his childhood and researchers in (MoBa) mother and child cohort study believes that people will start to donate the milk teeth of their kids to their teeth bank. The teeth bank is ever growing.  There are about 100,000 teeth available to the scientists as they are making world largest tooth bank.


Facts About Your Body That Are Just Straight-Up Lies

There are some of the facts in our life that we never know in our childhood. We may not even knew such facts in ever teenage but these bizarre facts are really interesting and captivating. Our body endows many such facts that our mom cannot even guide us such things in younger age. However, now science has introduced us with the revolutionary logics to introduce us with the existing facts and a mechanism to prove them all about our life. Here are some of the most bizarre and straight facts about your body:

  • The blood in your veins is blue: Blood is in red color either oxygenated or deoxygenated but you look that your veins look blue on your skin.This is just reflection of light on your skin nothing else.




  • Finger nails keep growing after death: Finger nails need glucose to grow in your life.So, when you told that it grows after death then it is not possible because your body have glucose when you are alive but it does not have glucose when you die.




Takanoyama Shuntaro, The thinnest professional sumo wreslter

Takanoyama Shuntaro, The thinnest professional sumo wreslter

This 31-year-old called Takanoyama Shuntaro is a former sumo. He is born in Pargue, Czech Republic. His folks back within the European country known as him Pavel.

He joined the professional sport in Japan to start his career as an expert sumo wrestler and he created history in 2011 by changing into one in all the littlest wrestlers to create it into the highest tier of the Japanese wrestling system.

Finally, in 2011, he created it to the ordinal tier of the professional wrestling system, known as the juryo division. Then he created history by changing into solely the third man since 1958 to earn promotion to the highest tier, the makuuchi division, once simply fifteen bouts.



Tian Tan Buddha The Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha The Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha is also famous as big Buddha and it is a bronze statue that is located in Ngong Ping Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is completed in the year 1993.  It represents the lord Gautama and it is about 23 m in height.  It is among the five biggest statues in this part of the world. The statue is surrounded by six other statues called six devas as they are posed to offering the flowers, lamp, fruit and music to the Buddha.  It is considered as the sign or icon of harmony, morality, zeal, wisdom and patience. The Buddha is about 34 m tall and the weight of the statue is about 250 metric tons. Before the 2000, it was the world largest outdoor statue in the world. This is a holy place for the Buddhist people and a lot of accommodation is given to normal as well as handicap people.

Tian Tan Buddha

The work of this statue is being started in the year 1990 and it was completed on December 1993. The statue was made with 202 different pieces of bronze. When the statue was completed, the monks all over the world were invited in opening ceremony. People from China, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Siri Lanka and USA all come to take part in the proceeding of it. Visitors can reach this place by taking taxi or bus but they have to travel to Mui WO first and then through ferry they can reach this island where it is situated.


Explore The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Explore The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in American State of South Dakota. It is located about 35 miles from Rapid City. In this, the faces of former presidents of United States of America are carved with the help of white rock. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most exciting and enormous tourist destinations for travelers all over the world.  The Rushmore memorial is having four faces of presidents from left to right. The first one is the face of former president of USA, George Washington as he was the first president of USA. The second face is of former president Thomas Jefferson, he was the third president of USA. The third face is of Theodore Roosevelt the twenty sixth president of USA.  The fourth and the last face is of legendary president Abraham Lincoln as he was the sixteenth but most influential president in American history.



This memorial has attracted about 3 million people per year.  The first face was made in the year 1927 with more than 400 workers took part in it.  The Mount Rushmore memorial is named after Charles E. Rushmore; he was an attorney and was sent to this place as this place was the favorite of most of the presidents who visit this place along with their families.



You can go to this place by road and by plane. The entrance in this memorial is free but you have to pay the parking fee.  The parking fee is because the parking place is owned by private vendor.

The fairytale town of Nukomori no Mori

The fairytale town of Nukomori no Mori

Several places around the world have been the cradles of human civilizations. All of them developed and existed near the banks of a large river. Several of these places were in modern day Egypt, Pakistan, India, China and of course Iraq. Iraq is the home of two large rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. Between these rivers the dawn of civilization rose. In the territory called Sumer, existed several city-states, with their own governor and laws. But the population spoke the same language and worshiped the same gods. It is believed that the Sumerians developed the first written language in the form of pictography.


Their language is unique and can’t be associated with any other. Sumerians were also considered to have contacted with aliens by some. These conspiracy theorists believe that the ziggurats and statues with blue eyes were built in their honor. These people had developed art, trade, architecture, mathematics etc. These mysterious people will continue to amaze us and their legacy won’t fade away. Whether conspiracy theory, history or simply curiosity, they will still be examined.