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10 Most Famous Walls in The World

10 Most Famous Walls in The World

From the beginning of the world, there is a trend of constructing walls around specific geographical arena for protection and defense purposes. Communities built walls to protect themselves from dangerous animals, to make a boundary and to protect their territory. However, other purposes of the walls include adoration, decoration and appreciation of beautiful art. There are many famous walls all over the world. Here we will share you some information about the 10 most famous walls in the world.



  1. Diyarbakir Wall

Diyarbakir wall has been built in such a way that it covers the whole Diyarbakir city. This wall is located in southeastern Turkey. The wall has been built to create a form of circle of 3.4 miles. The wall has 4 gates and 82 watch towers. Diyarbakir Wall is world’s second largest wall with Roman touch intact.

  1. Sacsayhuaman Walls

Sacsayhuaman is one of the famous walls found in northern outskirt of Cusco, Peru. Peru was the capital of Inca Empire in past. This is one of the world’s heritages and the wall has been built with large polish stones. The wall has been built in a zigzag form and thus the wall looks like teeth.

  1. The Great Zimbabwe Walls

Zimbabwe is one of the largest cities of Kingdom Zimbabwe. It was also the capital of Kingdom Zimbabwe during the late iron age of the state. The city is covered by the great Zimbabwe wall. The height of this wall is 36 feet and the wall is extended to 820 feet long. This wall has the largest structure in Sahara Desert.

  1. Walls of Babylon

Babylon is one of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia. It is located about 85 km south of Baghdad. The Babylon city is surrounded by the Babylon wall. The Babylon wall was built back in 575 BC. The wall has one ancient gate called Ishtar gate and it is one of the largest gates. The gate and the wall were made of blue glazed tile. Saddam Hussain tried to restore and reconstruct these walls during his reign.

  1. Walls of Ston

The walls of ston are the most famous walls in the world. These are the series of walls that are located in Pelijesac, Southern Croatia and Peninsula. These walls are 3.5 miles long and these connect the two towns of ston. The Mali ston was built at the narrowest point of Peninsula. This is the Europe’s second largest wall and it was constructed during 15th century.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

This wall is located in between England and Scotland. The purpose to construct this wall was protection of Britannia colony from the tribe of Scotland. This wall was built in second century AD. It is the longest wall of England and stretches from Irish Sea to the North Sea. It is 73 mile from the North of England.

  1. Walls of Troy

The walls of troy are one of the oldest walls built in 13th century BC. The walls are located in northwestern of Turkey. These walls still stand in their original condition. The walls have many layers of ruins. There is greater historic importance of these walls because these walls were battle land for Trojan War. The walls were constructed for protection of legendary troy. Walls of Troy are famous as tourist attraction.

  1. The Western Wall

This is one of the famous walls in the world. This wall is also known as Wailing Wall. The wall is located in one of the old city Jerusalem in Israel. This wall was built in around 19 BC at the end of second temple period. The remaining layer of the wall which has been built in 7th century is the Jewish religious site.

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the famous walls of the world and it is also the top 10 wonders of the world. It has been claimed that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon. It has been contracted many times. In 5th and 16th BC century the wall has been contracted, maintained and reconstructed to prevent the border of China from tribes of the North.

  1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is one of the most beautiful walls in the world. The wall is located in Germany. This is a modern construction which was constructed during cold war in 1961. The purpose of to build the wall was to stop the East Berliners to escape and enters into the west. This wall is constructed in the middle of Berlin City. Almost 5000 people lost their lives when they tried to cross the wall. In 1989 the wall was taken down with the fall of Soviet Russia.

Top most colorful cities of the world

Top most colorful cities of the world:

Life is full of colors. Colors in life can make the life more interesting and attractive. Have you imagined a life without colors ever? A life without colors is bore and not interesting because colors make your life very special and full of interesting views. Colors indicate different symbols or feeling a human being have as red indicates the love of human being, white indicates the peace among human being, yellow is the color of friendship and green indicates jealousy among human being. We can see everywhere colors are part of life either it is our mood or it is our clothing etc. If we observe that we are selecting a dress for wearing we see the color of dress first then see the design second because of our concern with colors in life. As concerned with our home we also want to decorate our home with impressive colors so that a person visits our home can appreciate our choice colors also involves in our interior as well as exterior designing of home. Some of attractive cities in this world which looks more colorful and adorable to eyes are as below:

Wroclaw, Poland:

A city in Poland known as Wroclaw is the city of perfect colors because the buildings in this city is designed with stunning and amazing colors which looks very appearing to the tourists from all over the world. The buildings in this city are perfectly designed by architects so that it is the place look like fantasy world.


The Great CN Tower, Toronto

If you are one of those who has a love for tourism and visiting new and attractive places and there are some vacations coming and for that you are planning to visit Toronto Canada, then you are making a good choice. There are lots of attractions that are waiting for you and once you have reached there you will regret not coming here before and the time that you will spend there will be one of the best time you have ever spent at anywhere around the world.

One of the best and most important places that you must have to visit on your tour to Toronto is CN Tower.  It is about 553.33 m-high. This is tower that was completed in 1976, and it was also the world tallest tower as well as world tallest freestanding structure. This tower held this record till the completion of Burj Khalifa as well as Canton Tower which was built in year 2010. Still its charm doesn`t pale down as it still attracts a lot of national as well as international visitors from around the world throughout the year. There are more than two million foreign visitors come to this place on annual basis only.

CN Tower

This tower was built by Canadian National, Railway Company and because of this it is known as CN Tower. This tower is very much popular from its completion and attracts a lot of visitors and experts from around the world to see the beauty. Keeping this is view, in 1995; this tower was also declared as one of the seven modern wonders of world by American Society of Civil Engineers. This CN tower is also placed 2nd in the ranking list of World Federation of Great Towers.

So if you are having an interest in seeing such beautiful buildings that are master piece of creativity and technology then you must have to visit Toronto to see this beautiful tower. Once you have made you mind that you are going to visit this tower then you must have to make complete preparations in advance. For this the best thing that you have to do is to go online and search the best travel company. This you can do by checking their rates as well as the facilities that they are offering to their clients. The other that you have to make sure is that before you move you have to make your advance booking of hotel room as well as taxi car. This is important because once you have made all these arrangements then you won`t have to face any trouble after reaching there. In case if you haven`t make these preparations then you may have to suffer a lot in finding the best quality of hotel and accommodation. So what are you waiting for, just go online and check the travel agent as well as accommodation details for hotels and then make the decision that can help you in enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Stonehenge, The Archaeological Wonders of United Kingdom

Stonehenge, The Archaeological Wonders of United Kingdom

If you are a nature loving person and at the same time you have the love to visit different natural sites then you must have to visit the Stonehenge – The Archaeological Wonders of United Kingdom. This is a place that can satisfy your thrust of seeing the beautiful sceneries to some extent. This is a site that is located almost in the middle of most dense Bronze age monuments and complex of Neolithic in England. It is also regarded as one of the greatest national icon that represents power, endurance and mystery.
There are many different stories that are being related to this site, still the original purpose of building such a beautiful and mesmerizing site is unclear but mostly people speculated that this is a site which was originally built as a temple to worship earliest earth deities. Another popular story about this site is that it was a place that was used for the burial of high rank citizens from various societies in the older days. This is a site that was thought to be built anywhere from around 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

So if you are planning to visit some new interesting and exciting place in your coming vacations then there is no better option for you then to visit this site. You will really love this and can spend some quality time with your friends and family. Once you reach that place you will feel that there is no better place to take some good snaps of your loved ones. So do plan your next visit to this historic place.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Do you love to explore new destinations and attractive places? So, you must visit Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand. It is one of the biggest complexes of structures at the Bangkok heart in Thailand. History embarks that it has been an official residence for Siam Kings since 1782. Until 1925, the grounds of this palace were used as government offices for the King and royal government. However, the present acting King Bhumibol Adulyadej live in Chitralada Palance but this Grand Palace is devoted to host official events. Many state functions and royal ceremonies take place in this palace each year. Moreover, the Grand Palace is at top of the list as one of the most visited place by tourists.

King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke who was the originator of Chakri Dynasty ordered for the construction of this palace and it began in 1782. This order was placed in connection to the transfer of capital status from Thonburi to the city of Bangkok. Initially, the structure was not as big as now but new buildings were added throughout successive reigns. So, now it is one of the best place to visit for anyone who loves architecture and history.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

The Sydney Opera house is a performing arts center that is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a multipurpose venue mostly used for performing arts.  It is situated on Bennelong point in harbor of Sydney and is very close of Sydney Harbor Bridge.  This located is very adjacent to Sydney Business district and Royal Botanic Gardens.


It is designed by the Danish Architect named Jorn Utzon and it is open on 20th of October 1973 after award winning design in the year 1958.  The New South Wales government that was led at the time by Joseph Cahill issue order to start works in the year 1958 with Utzon directing the instruction how to complete the design.  The utzon design faces a lot of issues which includes cost, scheduling overruns and the resignation of the architects.

The name of the location suggest that it is a single venue but in reality the building is comprises of multi performing venues.  It is the busiest performing art venue in the world.  It is hosting about 1500 performance each year and about 1.2 million people attend these performances each year. It is the most attractive place for the tourist in the country.

The Statue of Liberty – New York, USA

The Statue of Liberty – New York, USA

People around the world believe that travelling is the richest form of knowledge and a traveler learns much more as compared to a person who is known to be a book worm. Anyhow, today’s topic is targeted towards The Statue of Liberty-New York, USA. It is located close to the gateway to New York City- just close to Elis Island. The Statue of Liberty is a emblematic gift received by United States of America from France to honor republicanism.

The basis of this statue arose in 1865 as the French politician Mr. Edouard Rene de Laboulaye suggested for development of a monument of independence as a memorial through united effort. This idea was suggested in a dinner conversation where Frederic Auguste Bartholdi; the French sculpture artist was present and it provided him an opportunity to present his idea for development of a giant statue in honor of joint efforts by France and United States for liberty.

The idea of developing The Statue of Liberty by Bartholdi and his team started in 1870 and they used several copper sheets to create the shape of this statue. It was 28th of October in 1886 when this Statue was devoted to the USA.

Statue Of Liberty


Tian Tan Buddha The Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha The Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha is also famous as big Buddha and it is a bronze statue that is located in Ngong Ping Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is completed in the year 1993.  It represents the lord Gautama and it is about 23 m in height.  It is among the five biggest statues in this part of the world. The statue is surrounded by six other statues called six devas as they are posed to offering the flowers, lamp, fruit and music to the Buddha.  It is considered as the sign or icon of harmony, morality, zeal, wisdom and patience. The Buddha is about 34 m tall and the weight of the statue is about 250 metric tons. Before the 2000, it was the world largest outdoor statue in the world. This is a holy place for the Buddhist people and a lot of accommodation is given to normal as well as handicap people.

Tian Tan Buddha

The work of this statue is being started in the year 1990 and it was completed on December 1993. The statue was made with 202 different pieces of bronze. When the statue was completed, the monks all over the world were invited in opening ceremony. People from China, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Siri Lanka and USA all come to take part in the proceeding of it. Visitors can reach this place by taking taxi or bus but they have to travel to Mui WO first and then through ferry they can reach this island where it is situated.


The Famous Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal, is one of the most beautiful sites around the world and is located in Agra, in Uttar Pradesh Province of India. This building was built by Shah Jahan a Mughal Emperor in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, his third wife. This building of Taj Mahal is said to be one of the best pieces of Muslim art in subcontinent. It is also said to be a combination of Mughal Architecture that that brings together from elements of Persian, Turkish, Islamic and Indian architectural styles. It is also known as “The Taj” and in 1983 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a site that is visited by millions of people from different parts of world, especially the young couples and those who have interest in history and architecture.


You can visit it at any time of year you want, but mostly people prefer to visit it in winters and cooler months because of the Indian heat as summers are very hard and severe. The Taj is also among the seven wonders list so it makes it more popular and appealing for the people who wanted to visit. So if you haven`t visited this site then you are surely missing one of the best art and building of history.


Burj Al-Arab 7 Star Hotel, The Most Luxurious & Tallest Hotel on Earth

Burj Al-Arab 7 Star Hotel, The Most Luxurious & Tallest Hotel on Earth

Burj Al-Arab is one of the best luxury hotels in the world. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was world only seven star hotel from 1999 to 2008.  The height of the hotel is about 321 meters (1,053 ft) and it is considered as the 4th tallest hotel. The hotel is situated in artificial island and it is connected to land by curving bridge.  The construction of this island started in the year 1994. Burj-al-Arab is the design architect by Tom Wright. The Canadian engineer Ricky Gregory has designed and construct.

As you know that it is constructed on artificial Island, the complex structure of the hotel, to give perfect foundation, the builders of the building drove 40 meter long piles in sand.  The hotel is being managed by the Jumeirah group.  The hotel is having 202 rooms and 28 double story floors despite having such a massive size.  It is used as purely hotel and that is why it is ranked world forth tallest building.

The architects of the hotels said, the owner told to build a structure that will become famous all over the world like Eiffel tower of Paris, Big pen of London and Opera house of Sydney.  It is the icon of modern Dubai.  There are a lot of things this hotel offer you from Gym to helipad, library to bedroom, restaurants to snooker room, in short you can enjoy luxurious stay in the hotel.  The cost of royal suit is about US $ 18,716 per night.