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Top Natural Wonders Of The World

Top Natural Wonders Of The World

When human life’s begun they were commenced in searching of world natural wonders. Many wonders are found, but some are still not found by people. A Natural wonder of the world gives us sign that there is some endowment that creates these wonders. So we will discuss some beautiful natural wonders of the world that have been discovered by people.

Iguazu Fall:

Iguazu falls is world’s biggest waterfall that is located in Argentina (Brazil). Iguazu is Tupi and Guaraní language word which means “Big Water”. Iguazu Fall is 2.7 kilometers in width. It flows from an approximated height of 60 meters to 82 meters, which is about 200 feet to 262 feet. There are many islands that are located around this river and water fall. Iguazu Fall looks beautiful in all seasons, but tourists prefer to visit Iguazu Fall in autumn and springs.

Jeju Island:

Jeju Island is beautiful island located in a Southern coat of Korea. Jeju Island encompasses an approximated area of 1846 square kilometers. The Holocene is the medium feature of Jeju Island. Jeju is the ninth largest provinces of Korea and it is one among of the most popular holiday spots. According to government calculation about 10 million tourists have visited Jeju Island last year.

Table Mountain:

A nature lover should visit Table Mountain. It is a very beautiful mountain located in South Africa. Table Mountain is not only a piece of rock but it is more than that. It is protected by national park. The park is like a chain of Table Mountains that stretchfrom signal hill in the north to cape point. In the opening of Table Mountain in 1929, 22million tourists visited the top of the Table Mountain.


Precaution is located in Mexico and it is one of the famous world’s natural wonders. Precaution is the youngest volcano. It is said that in 2013 an unpredicted change in growth of volcano caused ground shockthat was felt by villagers of Paricutin and after that shock; high flames rose in airthat were about 2625 feet high. The temperature reached about 1879 high. It was considered at time that these high flames in air were good for people living in Paricutin village

Mount Everest:

Mount Everest is the world highest mountain. It is located in the Mahalangur near Himalaya. The mountain is between the border of Nepal and China. Edmund Hillary was the first person who climbed the world highest mountain.

Great Barrier Reef:

The most visited place of tourist is the Great Barrier Reef. Almost 2million tourists visit this place every year. It consists of 200 individual reefs. The greatest reef has 900 islands and it can be seen from external space. The great reef is greater in size than Holland and the United Kingdom. Great reef became habitat for 17 species of snakes and about 30 species of dolphin were found. About 1500 fish species were found in the Great Barrier Reef. It was found that the biggest threat in great reef is climate change.

The Great Wall of China:

The China great wall is the greatest wall and it is one of the world’s famous wonders. It is not just a wall as it also includes guard towers and beacon tower. Its real name in China is Wan LiChang Chng which means a big wall. About 400 famous leaders have visited the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is also called battleground because many wars were fought at this great wall. The Great Wall of China is 10000 lei tall, which is equal to 0.3 of mile.

Valley Of love:

Valley of Love is one of the famous wonders of the world. It is said that valley of love was found by a race called mysterious racer. The valley of Love is about 3000 years older.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona. Grand Canyon is a well known natural wonder. It is popular because of its size and colors. The Grand Canyon is 270 miles long and about 18 miles wide. An average of about 5 million tourists visits Grand Canyon each year.

Han Long Bay:

Han Long Bay is a natural beauty. It is located in Vietnam, Quang Ninh province which is near to china border. Many islands are linked with Ha Long Bay. The clarity of water attracts people to it. It is very beautiful place. In 1994 UNESCO declared Ha Long Bag as a beautiful place in the world. The best season to visit Ha long Bay lie is from April to September.

Puerto Princesa:

Puerto Princesa is a beautiful underground river. It was said that it is one of the favorite placesamong tourists. It is located in the north east of Puerto. One of the things that tourist mostly enjoyed in underground river is boat riding. Underground River is about 2 hours drive from the Puerto northern east city.Bottom of Form



The Incredible Mystery of Giant Human Skeleton

Some finds in the history of humanity, evokes much more hype than others and, in this case, the reflectors are all focused on this amazing and fascinating discovery.
Some experts on archeology, whose center of interest is the region of Russian , said they had found in the regions of the Krasnodar (to be precise in the North Caucasus ) of bone fragments really interesting. They say it would be the remains of giant skeletons. According to scholars, these bone fragments belong to two women and two men dating back to about 4000 years ago, the ‘ Bronze Age to speak. The mystery has outlined and, in a few hours, has been around the world, arousing the interest of other scholars and the public criticism. The height of the specimens in question would be extraordinary twelve meters for men, ten women. We do not know if all this can be interpreted as an absolute truth, the planet earth, over thousands of years, he has been inhabited by many species , some very big as dinosaurs. Considering how many are the things any government hides the world’s population can not exclude the truth of the words of Russian archaeologists, the Giant may have inhabited our planet. What is certain is that we are not the only form of life in the galaxy, a few days ago thanks to very accurate radar scientists have established the possibility that the planet Kepler , just found out, there may be of living beings. Maybe might be giants like those found in Russia, we can not rule anything out.

Nature’s perfection hidden between the Austrian slopes – The Green Lake

Nature’s wonders are spread all over the world. Wherever you may live, I bet there are few unique wonders nearby. This is an article about a beautiful place in central Europe. We all admire the scenery around the Alps, but beneath this massive mountain range, there is a small lake that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Which one of the wonder is it and what’s so special about it?

It is called Grüner See or the Green Lake. The lake is located in Styria, Austria in a resort village named Tragöß and it is surrounded by the massive Hochschwab Mountains and the green forests. Tragöß is a municipality in the district of Bruck-Mürzzuschlag and it has a long history of large scales migrations. Ancient Celts, Romans, Slavs, Bavarians and Franks inhabited Tragöß throughout the centuries. As settlers, they’ve experienced all the beauty of the waters, valleys and fertile ground that was offered to them by the magnificent nature. Today, the accent is being put mainly on the Green Lake.

Its name originates from its crystal clear emerald-green water thatonly appears as green from the submerged meadow vegetation and the reflection of the surrounding forest. Embedded in a middle of a country park its waters are 1 meters deep during the winter. However, the Green Lake’s maximum depth is reached from mid-May to June when it gets up to 12 meters. This is the period when it looks the most beautiful but in July the water begins to recede again. This happens every year because the Green Lake gets its waters from the snowmelt from the mountains. In spring when the basin of the lake is full, the water temperature reaches out to 7 °C so only the bravest gets to swim in it.

The variety of flora and fauna are in accordance to the environment: lots of snails, small crabs,different species of trout and aquatic insects, trees, bushes and flowers that grow around the lake as much as on the lake bed. After the spring inflow the lake becomes literally an underwater park. This is the main reason the Green Lake is so popular among the divers. They can observe the green meadows, take a ‘rest’ on the bench situated on the lake bed or cross the bridge and all these activities are donewhile diving along the submerged trails. You’ll have a feeling you are in a middle of a glass world.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe for underwater photography. It’s like talking a ‘walk’around a perfectly set park, except this one is all underwater. However, divers must already have a diving license. But if you don’t own one, you can enjoy the hiking and the contemplation of nature. If you are an adrenaline fan you’ll also have the chance to explore the biking trails and go for a fast downhill.

Regarding the accommodation, many guest cottages, inns and hotels are welcoming visitors throughout the year. You can ski around the several ski resorts, cross-country skiing is also available and wait for this – there is an offer for dog sledding as well. All these activities, the tiny lake and the stunning and picturesque natural scenery make the little town of Tragöß one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It’s often called the green heart of Austria. If you’re not impressed yet, then you should wander the meadows looking for the Edelweiss flower, the symbol of noble purity. But you’ll be reminded to look but don’t touch. At the end you can visit the Heritage Museum if you would like to learn something more about the history of Tragöß.

Anyway, I’ve chosen my next destination for the exquisite bonding with nature. I should hurry, as the lake is only there for few months each year. I can’t wait to see some of the Europe’s best scenery. Three things are a must on your packing list: sturdy boots, backpacks and a really good camera.


Explore Halong Bay

Explore Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is also known as descending dragon bay; administratively this location is managed and looks after by Ha long city. This is one of the best locations in Vietnam. If you want to explore the beauty and want to enjoy memorable trip with friends and family, this is the best place to be in.


The Ha Long Bay consists of 1969 Islands, some of them are settled but some are uninhabited. You can access these islands from different ports, in case you are looking to access via Cat Ba, you can use motorbike and car or even reach there via bus. There is ban on development on this part of the word and UNESCO declares it as heritage to world.  These Islands are great in shape and size.


The climate of Ha long bay is tropical, usually you can see two seasons in this part of the world. Cold and dry winter and hot summers and temperature remain 15 to 25 degree Celsius. The rain fall in this part of the world is around 2.2 meters annually.

Ha Long Bay Specials

There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities you can do. Certainly you will enjoy cruise trip and visit different islands with your friends and family. It is important to eat the Ha long bay specials as along with cruise trip you can enjoy local food. Ngan, Sam, Gat Gu, Sa Sung and Tu Hai is one of the most liked and famous dishes.

Time to visit this place

It’s not that you have to visit this place in certain time of year; you can visit this beautiful place all year. It is important for you to plan your trip of cruise carefully otherwise worst weather condition and poor visibility will ruin your cruise trip. Although the best time in the year to visit this place is from the month of March to June. However if you visit between June to September you can get reasonable deals.

If you are looking for a trip it is important to book your resort in advance so that you don’t need to worry after reaching this part of the world. However when going on cruise keep fair amount of water with yourself to avoid dehydration. Keeping medical box with you is also advisable. Explore the beauty and enjoy the fun with family.

The Spectacular Komodo Island

The Spectacular Komodo Island

Komodo is among the 17,508 islands that completes Republic of Indonesia. The Island is famous and renowned due to Komodo dragon that is the biggest lizard on the earth. The Island is named after the dragon. The total area of the island is about 390 sq. Km and there are about two thousand people living in the Island. There people are of mix breed as some of them follow Islam but there are also Hindu and Christian living in the Island.  Komodo is among the Lesser Sunda Chain that makes Komodo National Park. This Island is between Sumbawa and Flores Island and total area of 390 Sq. Km.

When we talk about the history of dragon, there were various stories about the dragon in the Island and it has gained a lot of attention but no one has ever visited to check the authenticity of the stories.  In the year 1910 a Dutch sailor from the Flores was the one to notice the mysterious creature. The Dutch sailor revealed that the dragon is measured about 23 feet long and it spat fire from the mouth.  After listening to the stories the Dutch Colonist plan a trip to this Island to check, he accompanied some soldiers and a team, Hensbroek after few days killed the big lizard.  After proper checking, it was revealed that the dragon is of similar shape to the lizard.  Later on after some research and capturing more lizards, it is revealed that they don’t throw any fire they are just big lizards.  Over the period of time Komodo dragon has become a legend.

The Komodo Island is consisting of three islands that are Rinca, Komodo and Padar. There are some other small islands and some marine land that makes 1817 km.  Timor Deer, Endemic rat and scrub fowl are among the top spices of the national park of Komodo. The marine environment of Komodo Island is rich as it contains coral reef, seagrass, sea mounts, mangroves. There are about 1000 different spices of fish, 70 different spices of sponges, 260 different types of coral, dugong, manta rays, and sharks. Whale, dolphins and turtles are also found in different spices in the national park of Komodo. So you can say it is Biodiverse Park. The administration is trying to protect the biodiversity of the park and help in breeding of commercial fish. They are working to decrease the threats to both environment and resources.

Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest rainforest that covers most South America. The amazon basin covers almost 7,000,000 Sq. Kilometers. The amazon forest belongs to 9 different nations. The most part of it is in Brazil that covers almost 60% of total rainforest.  Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname are the other nations that have some part of this forest in their territory. This rainforest of amazon is half of the total rainforest in the world and it is tropical rainforest that have almost 390 billion trees in it. It is one of the best place to visit as there are many natural wonders exist in this part of the world.

The rainforest is developed in Eocene regime. It is said that rainforest is formed 55 million years ago.  As per archaeological evidence it is believed that human settled in this part of the world is about 11200 years ago. Since start, it is believed that this rainforest don’t have any human inhabitants due to poor cultivation (agriculture) and soil.  According to Betty Meggers, she put an idea on her book that only 0.2 inhabitants per Sq. Km can exist in rainforest and they are dependent on hunting rather than agriculture.

This rainforest due to tropical climate is unparalleled biodiverse. You can say it has got about 2000 different species of mammals and birds, thousands of different plants, 2200 different spices of fish, 378 reptiles, and 428 amphibians are scientifically classified in this part of the world.

Deforestation in this area has started in 1960’s and the major source of deforestation is because of human development and settlement in this area.  At start human entire was restricted but afterwards slash and burn method allow people to cultivate crops in this area. However still the land is not suitable for cultivation as the soil in this area is productive for very less time period.  Trans-Amazonian Highway was started in the year 1970 and it was one of the biggest threats to this forest. Fortunately this project hasn’t been completed and there was less damaged caused to the rainforest.

The environmentalists are very much concern about the reduction in biodiversity, the main reason of less biodiversity is damage to the forest. There is a lot of carbon released that is in vegetation, it can also become cause of increasing global warming.  If you love nature you must visit this part of the world once.

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in Philippines and it is considered as protected area. This is located in national park and it is 80 Km in the north of city Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  This is also famous with the name of PP Underground River. Saint Paul range is the area where this national park is located on islands western coast.  The management of this national park is in administration of city government and they are managing this park from 1992. In the year 2010, some geologists and environmentalist has discovered this river that has 2nd floor that indicates that there exist a waterfall that in small in size in the cave. They have also revealed that the cave doomed about 980 feet above the river. The large bats, rock formation, deep water, deep cave and marine creatures are also there.  There are other deeper areas in the underground river but because of lack of oxygen it is very hard to explore these parts.

In the year 2011, this PP underground River is chosen for the very first time as the 7th new wonder of the nature. The confirmation of this wonder was officially confirmed in year 2012. The geography of this park is great as it got limestone Karst landscape and this PP river cave covers about 24 Km and got 8.2 Km of Cabayugan river that are underground. Before flowing to the sea the river went to cave and the cave have stalactites, large chambers and one of the largest cave rooms.

If you want to see this beautiful river and natural beauty, it will take 2 hours ride to reach the destination from the city center.  At the port of Sabang you need to take permit card and enter your information to get entry to the underground River. It is mandatory for the tourist to book in advance so that the tourism office at the port make schedule of your tour.  After reaching the beach you need to pass through jungle trail and it will take you to near docking area of the PP River. Keep an eye of your surroundings as there are lizards and monkeys that can give you some trouble.  Once you enter the boat the tourist guide will take you to the underground cave and give you information about the natural beauty and this 7th wonder of the nature. Of course you will see artistic and fabulous views in cave.

Cherrapunji India, World’s Wettest Place

Cherrapunji is an old area of India which means ‘the land of oranges’, the old name was Sohra. It is situated in East Khasi Hills in the state of Meghalaya.  It is located in nearby Mawsynram that hold the world record of most rainfalls in calendar month. The name of Cherrapunjis is renamed back to the original name Sohra by the authorities.  It is located about 1484 meter about the sea level and the khasi hills are facing the plains of Bangladesh.  The soils of the plateau are poor due to deforestation and are washout by high rainfall.

The climatic condition of this area is very wet. Heavy rainfall during the monsoon season and wind blows on the mountain. The area receives the rainfall from south west and north east monsoon that is why there is huge rainfall during the season of monsoon. There are a lot of places of attraction in this area with likes of living root bridges. This place is wonderful for the tourism and there is direct flight to capital of Meghalaya which is the nearest airport to the Cheerapunji.  There are multiple treks existing in cherranpunji and the most famous one is Double Decker root in the village of Nongriat.


Most Amazing Places On Earth Must See Once in Life

Amazement in life is with entertainment as well as nature. A person who is very close to nature must prefer to visit natural places of the world. Some people love to travel all over the world. Some are crazy to see each and everything all over the world and also some are crazy about the amazing wonders in the life. Nature is always wonderful and amazing because it is God gifted and no one can make such things by himself. Tourism is not a bad habit if a person makes a world tour then he is considered among the adventurists of the world. In most of countries of the world the wonders are seen which attracts the tourists from all over the world. Everyone has the dream to do something but a person must prefer to see some amazing places once in the life which are not only amazing on the basis of natural beauty but also a wonder of nature. Here are some places of wonders and amazement on the earth which must be seen by everyone once in a lifetime:

The sunset at the Taj Mahal, India:

Taj Mahal is most impressive place which is constructed in the tribute of wife of Shah Jahan in his Emperor in 1632. It is constructed with all the beauty of world. Most of the tourists prefer to go there for the purpose of visiting. When the sun sets at Taj Mahal then it looks more adorable because of its white color it reflects the shades by sun and the place in under the reflection of pretty sunset which looks more stunning to the viewers.


Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA:

The most stunning place for visiting before one die is the Grand Canyon at Arizona, USA. There made a glass slab for the people for the purpose of having skywalk at Grand Canyon. While walking on this slab a person feels that he is walking in the air. A person can feel the beauty of place from very near. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the skywalk on these high altitudes.