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Ridiculous Uses Of Car Wax That You Would Never Think Of

Ridiculous Uses Of Car Wax That You Would Never Think Of

Well, the title is bit silly and you must be thinking that how come you can use car wax other than polishing your car, are you? There are many other uses of car wax that you may not have thought of but you will go crazy after learning such uses. It’s not that all such uses are silly and absurd but you can make valuable uses of car wax. Here is the list of some out of the way car wax uses.




  • Refurbish the look of your stove with car wax

It is usual that your stove loses its original shine and look after sometime of usage. However, ladies try each and every hack to refurbish the original looks of their stove but all in vain. Are you fed up after applying so many hacks? Just call upon your hubby and ask him to bring the car wax. Just spend five to ten minutes on waxing your stove and you are done with the job. Car wax will help you in avoiding prospective food spills in future.


Surprising Facts about Money you probably didn’t know

Surprising Facts about Money you probably didn’t know

Every physical asset of some value is denoted as money. Everything has some money value. Money is something that you can carry with you or save in banks as deposit. In early time there was no concept of flat money and people were using physical commodities as money. It was known as barter system ad people used to exchange commodities against commodities. However, today is the era of flat money. Common people don’t even know about the old concept of commodity money or barter system but historians, financial experts and bankers do know about the evolution and history of money. Flat money is something broadly accepted in the society for any commodity and such money is backed by government assets. Therefore, flat or paper money is a trusted source of exchange. Some commodities that played the role of currency in early time were gold, wheat, blood etc. Here we will tell you about some facts about dollar and Cent that you have never heard before. Following are the facts.

  • People used blood and bat poo as money in early time

In early times, people used different commodities as a currency including animals or bat’s poo, blood and shells. People used to buy commodities and merchandises against these things. Animal or bat’s poo and blood were considered as widely acceptable measure of exchange at that time.

bat poo

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10 Most Famous Walls in The World

10 Most Famous Walls in The World

From the beginning of the world, there is a trend of constructing walls around specific geographical arena for protection and defense purposes. Communities built walls to protect themselves from dangerous animals, to make a boundary and to protect their territory. However, other purposes of the walls include adoration, decoration and appreciation of beautiful art. There are many famous walls all over the world. Here we will share you some information about the 10 most famous walls in the world.



  1. Diyarbakir Wall

Diyarbakir wall has been built in such a way that it covers the whole Diyarbakir city. This wall is located in southeastern Turkey. The wall has been built to create a form of circle of 3.4 miles. The wall has 4 gates and 82 watch towers. Diyarbakir Wall is world’s second largest wall with Roman touch intact.

  1. Sacsayhuaman Walls

Sacsayhuaman is one of the famous walls found in northern outskirt of Cusco, Peru. Peru was the capital of Inca Empire in past. This is one of the world’s heritages and the wall has been built with large polish stones. The wall has been built in a zigzag form and thus the wall looks like teeth.

  1. The Great Zimbabwe Walls

Zimbabwe is one of the largest cities of Kingdom Zimbabwe. It was also the capital of Kingdom Zimbabwe during the late iron age of the state. The city is covered by the great Zimbabwe wall. The height of this wall is 36 feet and the wall is extended to 820 feet long. This wall has the largest structure in Sahara Desert.

  1. Walls of Babylon

Babylon is one of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia. It is located about 85 km south of Baghdad. The Babylon city is surrounded by the Babylon wall. The Babylon wall was built back in 575 BC. The wall has one ancient gate called Ishtar gate and it is one of the largest gates. The gate and the wall were made of blue glazed tile. Saddam Hussain tried to restore and reconstruct these walls during his reign.

  1. Walls of Ston

The walls of ston are the most famous walls in the world. These are the series of walls that are located in Pelijesac, Southern Croatia and Peninsula. These walls are 3.5 miles long and these connect the two towns of ston. The Mali ston was built at the narrowest point of Peninsula. This is the Europe’s second largest wall and it was constructed during 15th century.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

This wall is located in between England and Scotland. The purpose to construct this wall was protection of Britannia colony from the tribe of Scotland. This wall was built in second century AD. It is the longest wall of England and stretches from Irish Sea to the North Sea. It is 73 mile from the North of England.

  1. Walls of Troy

The walls of troy are one of the oldest walls built in 13th century BC. The walls are located in northwestern of Turkey. These walls still stand in their original condition. The walls have many layers of ruins. There is greater historic importance of these walls because these walls were battle land for Trojan War. The walls were constructed for protection of legendary troy. Walls of Troy are famous as tourist attraction.

  1. The Western Wall

This is one of the famous walls in the world. This wall is also known as Wailing Wall. The wall is located in one of the old city Jerusalem in Israel. This wall was built in around 19 BC at the end of second temple period. The remaining layer of the wall which has been built in 7th century is the Jewish religious site.

  1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the famous walls of the world and it is also the top 10 wonders of the world. It has been claimed that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon. It has been contracted many times. In 5th and 16th BC century the wall has been contracted, maintained and reconstructed to prevent the border of China from tribes of the North.

  1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is one of the most beautiful walls in the world. The wall is located in Germany. This is a modern construction which was constructed during cold war in 1961. The purpose of to build the wall was to stop the East Berliners to escape and enters into the west. This wall is constructed in the middle of Berlin City. Almost 5000 people lost their lives when they tried to cross the wall. In 1989 the wall was taken down with the fall of Soviet Russia.

Stunning photos capturing the beauty of nature

Stunning photos capturing the beauty of nature

The world is full of natural beauty. There are different places which are famous for their nature beauty. It is nature of human being that he/she loves to visit suchplaces whichare naturally blessed.. If we go for the exploration of natural beauty, we will find out a lot of beautiful places and things that God has gifted us. People go to the places which offer calmness, soothe and energy.. Such places are regarded as the resources for relaxingyourmind. However, not everyone does get an opportunity to enjoy tourism. . Some people may love to enjoy the charmof nature but they aren’t capable enough to bear the pain of adventure but others are courageous and brave to explore forests, caves and other places. Some love to capture the natural beauty through the lens of camera as they are good at r photography and they love to share their feelings about beauty of nature with others who may not be able to explore natural charisma. l. A Good photographer is the one whose captured photos give a lesson and demonstrate details about the object to the viewers. Here we will tell you about some stunning photos that have demonstrated nature in best possible manner. .

  • When sun set in clouds

You will see the outstanding view as sunsets in the clouds. The half part of sky looks blue and half part is cloudy. It makes the view very beautiful and attractive.

  • When sun rays become red

It is beautiful to watch when sun rays become red and the rays reflect over and above the sea water. Mostly people love to see this view from coast line or beach. It happens at time of sun set.

  • When there is thunderstorm

For some of us, it is bit scary to enjoy the thunderstorm. But others love to capture such rare moments through the lenses of their cameras. . You can find electric lightening pictures during thunderstorm through online sources and remember that these pictures have been captured by the most dedicated, brave and enthusiastic photographers.

  • Peacock spider

This is one of the beautiful specie which is found in Australia. It has been gifted to us by God. This is very precious specie. It is loveable to watch it while it spreads its wings all around.

  • Northern lights above a Cottage

It is the place which is full of natural beauty. The rainbow is on the sky and the seven colors have spread all around. This view has been captured by the most professional photographer.

  • When there is lava in the mountain

This picture has been captured by a photographer with a professional camera. The photo tells about the natural disaster, when lava comes out of the mountain’s peak. The photographer has exposed himself/herself to extreme risk while capturing such an astonishing picture. The people who are risk take can only  go there and capture such photos.

  • When the fish swims in the sea

This kind of view is very attractive and most of the people love to see such scenario.The photographer has captured the picture as the whale comes out from the water. This photo was captured in California.

  • When there is too much snow

The photo has beencaptured by the person, who went there for an ice skating. This view is very attractive as the whole area is covered by snow in a cloudy weather.

  • Water fall and rainbow

This is the most beautiful view when there is water fall and lines of rainbow across the water.  Photographers who love nature cannot put down a chance to capture such a rare moment. They love to save it for future generations.

  • Sun flower fields

The nature is full of beautiful flowers. Everyone around in this world loves to play in flowers. Usually, nature photographers cannot miss to take a shot as they visit a garden.  . Sun flower is one of the most beautiful flowerswhich appear only in the presence of sun light.

  • Snowflakes

These snowflakes had been falling from the clouds in a cloudyweather when the temperature was approximately, minus 10 degree centigrade. To capture this kind of photo, the photographer needs to be brave and professional. There is risk of life involved in such photography.

  • Water fall Gein

This view is very beautiful and attractive. In this photo the beauty of nature is very clear. Most of the people love to go this type of beautiful places.

  • Kawagi Fuji Gardens.

This is the garden which is in Japan. Itis full of natural beauty. There are many flowers and trees in differentcolors. Suchkind of flowers and trees are rare in the world. In this garden, 20 different species are present.150 wisteriaflowering plants are also here.

  • Lorain sunset

This photo was capturedwhile the sun set in front of Lorainhouse. This is a beautiful view when sunset in front of the ship on the sea.

  • Fly Geyser in the black rock desert

This picture demonstrates an amazing view. Itis also one of the rare happenings inthe world. The photo was capturedin the desert area and this is the desert of Nevada. The rock is black but it looks in different colors when the water comes out from it.

  • Palm trees in Bora

This photo wascaptured in Bora where the palm trees are mostly found. These trees are mostly present on the beach of the sea site. People who come to sea site sit under the shadow of these trees. These trees grow only in sunlight.




Top most amazing waterfalls in the world

Top most amazing waterfalls in the world

Waterfall is the most beautiful and stunning view of nature. If you ever have seen any waterfall then you must try once to see waterfall in your lifetime. In the world there are most beautiful and stunning waterfalls are present in different countries. Waterfalls is the falling of water from high altitudes towards low altitudes and when some greenery is present in surroundings then it looks awesome view and stunning nature view. Some of the amazing waterfalls in the world are as under:

  • Jog falls: Jog falls generated by the river Sharavathi which is falling from the altitude of 253 meters is present in India. It is most amazing and falling from high altitudes it must be seen once in a life time because of its view and great natural stunning existence.
  • Gullfoss: Gullfoss the name comes from Golden Falls is very amazing waterfall in Iceland. It falls from 32 meter height and it is two way waterfalls which are falling in white river in Iceland. It looks amazing because of white foam like water looks as an ice falling or snow falling.
  • Blue Nile falls: Blue Nile falls is situated in Ethiopia. It is very interesting place for tourists of Ethiopia. It is falling from 30 KM downstream and it is also known as smoke fall because the water falling is like a smoke. Once in the lifetime you must visit this place.
  • Vinnofossen: it is another interesting waterfall of Europe and it is sixth in the world. It is generated from Vinnufonna glacier and part of river Vinnu which flows down in river Vinnufjellet so it is known as Vinnufossen and it looks stunning to the tourist because of its beautiful view and characteristics.
  • Ban Gioc -Detain falls: it is another great waterfall of the world it is most interesting and beautiful view to see this fall which is situated in Karst hills in the country Daxin. It is two way waterfalls it views very beautiful and amazing to the viewers so it must be visit by everyone once in a lifetime.
  • The Angel Falls: It is also the amazing waterfall of the world which is falling from 979 Meter height even the water falls blows with wind at those altitudes before it reaches to the ground below.
  • Kaieteur Falls: It is a high volume waterfall in the world. It is located in Kaieteur National Park. It falls from the height of 223 meters downstream and it is long waterfall. It is most amazing place for tourism.
  • Niagara Falls: It is very interesting place to see in the world. This waterfall is the collective name of three falls together as of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls which joined at the international border between Canadian provinces named Ontario. It is the merge of three most important rivers together at one place which is most attractive to see and visit in lifetime.
  • Victoria Falls: These falls are like the smoke thunders on the high altitudes of Southern Africa on Zambezi river which is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the world which has the height of 108 meters downstream. It is very amazing view between two borders for tourists.
  • Iguaze falls: It is the system of waterfalls falls near Iguazu river it contains more than 275 waterfalls. It is very beautiful and falls from the height of 64 meters. It is wide and long fall which is considered top most interesting places of the world.
  • Plitvice falls in Croatia: It is also an amazing waterfall in the world. It is found in Plitvice national park lakes in Croatia. The water of this fall is pure blue and it looks very stunning from above the surface of water. They are not very high falls but it is very stunning and interesting due to very cascades to overcome.
  • Yosemite falls in USA: it is also another great falls which are situated in USA. It falls from height of 729 meter in the Sierra Nevada, California. It also considered the largest falls in the world.
  • Sutherland Falls in New Zealand: It is also an attractive place of visiting in New Zealand. It is considered the best place for travelling. It falls from 580 meter downstream from high altitudes of Fiord land and it is discovered in 1880.

These are some of the highest altitudes waterfalls in the world which are most amazing places in the world for tourism. People from all over the world want to see these best places of the world either by visiting or from height on helicopter or plane. These are stunning falls which are situated in different areas of the world.

The most amazing uses of baking soda

The most amazing uses of baking soda

The baking soda is one of the daily use cheap products in our kitchens. Today we use many chemical products in our daily life including shampoos, soaps, facial creams, deodorants and many others which may have some harmful side effects.However, we can substitute these chemical products with homemade products with no side effects. Baking soda is one of the basic and fundamental elements that is used in creation of such home remedies and it keeps you away from negative side effects. There are some ways listed below to help you extract maximum advantage.


We use many deodorants offered by different brands. However, after some time; these deodorants vanish or start sticking. It is one of the serious issues due to the chemicals that are injurious and such chemicals can even lead to the breast cancer. There is a simplest way to make the deodorant from baking soda.Take ¼ cup of baking soda, corn starch and coconut.Mix them well and then boil it on low heat until the coconut oil is melted.Let it cool down and you can apply it.Enjoy the lovely fragrance.


The Top 10 Greatest Natural Caves Around The World

The Top 10 Greatest Natural Caves Around The World

Cave is the hollow place in the ground, a natural underground chamber in a hillside or cliff. Now here I discuss about top 10 greatest natural caves in the world.

The top most beautiful cave is “Son Doong Cave, Vietnam”. This cave is the world’s largest cave. It is located near Laos Vietnam.  “Mountain river cave” is the meaning of the cave. It is millions of years old cave.  2-5 millions year ago it has been created. The limestone is beneath mountain that is formed in river. Where the limestone was weak the ceiling of the cave collapse that can cause huge skylights. The caves also have its own jungle and climate so that inside the cave there is hidden of whole world.”Ho khanh” is the first person who found this cave in 1991. It becomes aware by British caver in 2009. It gives a great experience and adventurous tours for tourists.

The second greatest cave is “Ice Cave near Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia”. It is the crystalline ice cave in Austria. The ceiling with multicolored lights was glowing gently. This cave is look like a tunnel that gives the passage of fairytale world. The cave is curved by the volcano fed hot springs through the glacier by an underground river.

The third greatest cave named as”Caves of Algarve, Portugal”. It is a beautiful cave that contains hollows carved in limestone. It can be found in coastline of Algarve and around Lagos. People can easily access through boats of dinghies. At that place there are also isolated beautiful beaches. The sandy rocks can give the impressive and picturesque experience for everyone .

The fourth greatest Cave is “Marble Cave, Chile Argentina”. It is so much beautiful Cave just like heaven on earth. This cave can give the witnesses of water that is blue in colour and the wall of tunnel color is grey that gives the beautiful pattern to the cave. It is formed by the action of waves by the Lake General Carr era. It is situated at Patagonia Island.  The tunnels are constructed in monoliths of marbels. It can give the unforgettable experience.

The fifth one is “Antelope Canyon, America Southwest”. It is the vertical winding walls were curved by fast flowing flood waters. Over these floods sculpted natural corridors through the soft sandstone. This cave is deep so that the sea region was much lower in this region. When sunlight reaches to this cave then the dry sandstorm gives different layers of pink, red and orange.

The sixth greatest cave named as “Waitomo Glow-worm Caves, New Zealand”. It is so attractive and beautiful cave. The cave was formed stalactites, stalagmites and cave decoration began to grow. Water dripping from the roof over walls leaves behind limestone crystal which become hard as concrete. The limestone is separated into huge block of rocks filled with cracks and weaknesses. This cave is over last 30 million years old.

The seventh greatest cave is “Cave of Swallows, Mexico”. It is most popular cave in Mexico. It is formed by gradually wear away in a plain  of limestone. The entrance measures approximately 205 feet and the free fall of 1220 feet  to the caves bottom. Its interior is conical in shape and the bottom is 990 in diameter. The cave mouth opens  to the largest known cave shaft in the world. Many  sports enthusiasts go at this place for free fall and base jumping.

The eighth one is “Caverns of Sonora”. It is one of the most beautiful cave in the world. The entrance of the cave was 0.6m in diameter. The cave is formed 100 million years old. The most famous information about this cave is butterfly. Helictites are found in huge form.  These shows that rare complexity and purity that gives amazing beauty. It is very special formation. Formation is still growing in the cave.

The ninth greatest cave named as “ Fingal’s Cave Scotland”. Fingal ’s Cave is also known as Hebrides. Its structure is unique.  It is a marine cave created absolutely in hexagonally shared basalt. It is Nature’s gift of fractured column. The cave is formed because of its regularity and the layers of rocks made up of column that all have been laid down at one time. It was a significant spot in the folklore.

The last greatest cave is “Painted Cave California”. It is the world’s deepest and longest sea cave. As from name it is clear that cave has different color. The walls inside the cave are wonderful because of rocks, lichen and algae. The entrance of this cave is look like a fiction. The cave that’s why named as painted cave. Waterfall over that entrance during spring. Travelers can  be amazed by watching the walls of cave.



Cherrapunji India, World’s Wettest Place

Cherrapunji is an old area of India which means ‘the land of oranges’, the old name was Sohra. It is situated in East Khasi Hills in the state of Meghalaya.  It is located in nearby Mawsynram that hold the world record of most rainfalls in calendar month. The name of Cherrapunjis is renamed back to the original name Sohra by the authorities.  It is located about 1484 meter about the sea level and the khasi hills are facing the plains of Bangladesh.  The soils of the plateau are poor due to deforestation and are washout by high rainfall.

The climatic condition of this area is very wet. Heavy rainfall during the monsoon season and wind blows on the mountain. The area receives the rainfall from south west and north east monsoon that is why there is huge rainfall during the season of monsoon. There are a lot of places of attraction in this area with likes of living root bridges. This place is wonderful for the tourism and there is direct flight to capital of Meghalaya which is the nearest airport to the Cheerapunji.  There are multiple treks existing in cherranpunji and the most famous one is Double Decker root in the village of Nongriat.


Most Amazing Places On Earth Must See Once in Life

Amazement in life is with entertainment as well as nature. A person who is very close to nature must prefer to visit natural places of the world. Some people love to travel all over the world. Some are crazy to see each and everything all over the world and also some are crazy about the amazing wonders in the life. Nature is always wonderful and amazing because it is God gifted and no one can make such things by himself. Tourism is not a bad habit if a person makes a world tour then he is considered among the adventurists of the world. In most of countries of the world the wonders are seen which attracts the tourists from all over the world. Everyone has the dream to do something but a person must prefer to see some amazing places once in the life which are not only amazing on the basis of natural beauty but also a wonder of nature. Here are some places of wonders and amazement on the earth which must be seen by everyone once in a lifetime:

The sunset at the Taj Mahal, India:

Taj Mahal is most impressive place which is constructed in the tribute of wife of Shah Jahan in his Emperor in 1632. It is constructed with all the beauty of world. Most of the tourists prefer to go there for the purpose of visiting. When the sun sets at Taj Mahal then it looks more adorable because of its white color it reflects the shades by sun and the place in under the reflection of pretty sunset which looks more stunning to the viewers.


Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA:

The most stunning place for visiting before one die is the Grand Canyon at Arizona, USA. There made a glass slab for the people for the purpose of having skywalk at Grand Canyon. While walking on this slab a person feels that he is walking in the air. A person can feel the beauty of place from very near. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the skywalk on these high altitudes.