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The Spectacular Komodo Island

The Spectacular Komodo Island

Komodo is among the 17,508 islands that completes Republic of Indonesia. The Island is famous and renowned due to Komodo dragon that is the biggest lizard on the earth. The Island is named after the dragon. The total area of the island is about 390 sq. Km and there are about two thousand people living in the Island. There people are of mix breed as some of them follow Islam but there are also Hindu and Christian living in the Island.  Komodo is among the Lesser Sunda Chain that makes Komodo National Park. This Island is between Sumbawa and Flores Island and total area of 390 Sq. Km.

When we talk about the history of dragon, there were various stories about the dragon in the Island and it has gained a lot of attention but no one has ever visited to check the authenticity of the stories.  In the year 1910 a Dutch sailor from the Flores was the one to notice the mysterious creature. The Dutch sailor revealed that the dragon is measured about 23 feet long and it spat fire from the mouth.  After listening to the stories the Dutch Colonist plan a trip to this Island to check, he accompanied some soldiers and a team, Hensbroek after few days killed the big lizard.  After proper checking, it was revealed that the dragon is of similar shape to the lizard.  Later on after some research and capturing more lizards, it is revealed that they don’t throw any fire they are just big lizards.  Over the period of time Komodo dragon has become a legend.

The Komodo Island is consisting of three islands that are Rinca, Komodo and Padar. There are some other small islands and some marine land that makes 1817 km.  Timor Deer, Endemic rat and scrub fowl are among the top spices of the national park of Komodo. The marine environment of Komodo Island is rich as it contains coral reef, seagrass, sea mounts, mangroves. There are about 1000 different spices of fish, 70 different spices of sponges, 260 different types of coral, dugong, manta rays, and sharks. Whale, dolphins and turtles are also found in different spices in the national park of Komodo. So you can say it is Biodiverse Park. The administration is trying to protect the biodiversity of the park and help in breeding of commercial fish. They are working to decrease the threats to both environment and resources.

10 Weird Facts About Human Teeth You Won’t Believe

Everyone in this world wants to have beautiful teeth whether it’s doctors or engineers or people of any other field. Our teeth are one of the best assets we have as we used to smile at friends and family. It has been seen that people don’t often take great care of these thirty two teeth and that is not a great idea at all.  There are some interesting wired facts about human teeth that will amaze you.




  • Actor’s teeth

You have notice that all over the world, different actors do a lot of different things to fit in a role. Some of them lose weight and some try to gain the weight to fulfill the requirement of character. Have you ever think any actor would do alteration to his teeth in order to fit in a role. Fight club is the movie that was released in 1999 and Brad Pitt played the role of Tyler Durden who was an anarchist in the movie. In order to look perfect in the movie Brad Pitt paid the dentist to alter his teeth in order to look similar in appearance of Durden.  In another movie Hangover, Ed Helms also paid to alter his teeth in which he played the role of Stu.


  • The Norwegian tooth bank

There are all sorts of biological banks available in the world include blood banks to sperm banks. In Norway there is a team of researchers that are working to store the teeth that we lost in childhood. Of course I am talking about milk teeth. These are the teeth that everyone loses in his childhood and researchers in (MoBa) mother and child cohort study believes that people will start to donate the milk teeth of their kids to their teeth bank. The teeth bank is ever growing.  There are about 100,000 teeth available to the scientists as they are making world largest tooth bank.


Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Exploring Amazon Rainforest, South America

Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest rainforest that covers most South America. The amazon basin covers almost 7,000,000 Sq. Kilometers. The amazon forest belongs to 9 different nations. The most part of it is in Brazil that covers almost 60% of total rainforest.  Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname are the other nations that have some part of this forest in their territory. This rainforest of amazon is half of the total rainforest in the world and it is tropical rainforest that have almost 390 billion trees in it. It is one of the best place to visit as there are many natural wonders exist in this part of the world.

The rainforest is developed in Eocene regime. It is said that rainforest is formed 55 million years ago.  As per archaeological evidence it is believed that human settled in this part of the world is about 11200 years ago. Since start, it is believed that this rainforest don’t have any human inhabitants due to poor cultivation (agriculture) and soil.  According to Betty Meggers, she put an idea on her book that only 0.2 inhabitants per Sq. Km can exist in rainforest and they are dependent on hunting rather than agriculture.

This rainforest due to tropical climate is unparalleled biodiverse. You can say it has got about 2000 different species of mammals and birds, thousands of different plants, 2200 different spices of fish, 378 reptiles, and 428 amphibians are scientifically classified in this part of the world.

Deforestation in this area has started in 1960’s and the major source of deforestation is because of human development and settlement in this area.  At start human entire was restricted but afterwards slash and burn method allow people to cultivate crops in this area. However still the land is not suitable for cultivation as the soil in this area is productive for very less time period.  Trans-Amazonian Highway was started in the year 1970 and it was one of the biggest threats to this forest. Fortunately this project hasn’t been completed and there was less damaged caused to the rainforest.

The environmentalists are very much concern about the reduction in biodiversity, the main reason of less biodiversity is damage to the forest. There is a lot of carbon released that is in vegetation, it can also become cause of increasing global warming.  If you love nature you must visit this part of the world once.

Every Day This Orangutan Climbs Down Trees For A SPECIAL Reason

What a wonderful video, to see absolutely! The movie was made in the institute Myrtle Beach Society of Cincinnati. The protagonist of this video is an orangutan. Actually this primate should spend 90% of his day on the tree, but each day comes down from his tree to feed two tiger cubs! A really strange behavior on the part of this orangutan who feeds and cares about these two puppies of other species. Using his great intelligence knows how to feed them and play with them too. Pets show more and more as they are able to behave like us humans and how they are able to take care also of other species.
The relationship holds in these animals is not only a relationship of friendship and caring towards each other, but it creates a real family relationship between them. Most likely the animals have feelings and emotions even stronger than we can we try and manage to transmit with glances, gestures and behaviors that may seem bizarre to us. You should definitely watch the video, in just 30 seconds you will understand what they are capable of doing the animals! And what do you think the behavior of the animals?

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa River : The Longest Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in Philippines and it is considered as protected area. This is located in national park and it is 80 Km in the north of city Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  This is also famous with the name of PP Underground River. Saint Paul range is the area where this national park is located on islands western coast.  The management of this national park is in administration of city government and they are managing this park from 1992. In the year 2010, some geologists and environmentalist has discovered this river that has 2nd floor that indicates that there exist a waterfall that in small in size in the cave. They have also revealed that the cave doomed about 980 feet above the river. The large bats, rock formation, deep water, deep cave and marine creatures are also there.  There are other deeper areas in the underground river but because of lack of oxygen it is very hard to explore these parts.

In the year 2011, this PP underground River is chosen for the very first time as the 7th new wonder of the nature. The confirmation of this wonder was officially confirmed in year 2012. The geography of this park is great as it got limestone Karst landscape and this PP river cave covers about 24 Km and got 8.2 Km of Cabayugan river that are underground. Before flowing to the sea the river went to cave and the cave have stalactites, large chambers and one of the largest cave rooms.

If you want to see this beautiful river and natural beauty, it will take 2 hours ride to reach the destination from the city center.  At the port of Sabang you need to take permit card and enter your information to get entry to the underground River. It is mandatory for the tourist to book in advance so that the tourism office at the port make schedule of your tour.  After reaching the beach you need to pass through jungle trail and it will take you to near docking area of the PP River. Keep an eye of your surroundings as there are lizards and monkeys that can give you some trouble.  Once you enter the boat the tourist guide will take you to the underground cave and give you information about the natural beauty and this 7th wonder of the nature. Of course you will see artistic and fabulous views in cave.

7 Classic Magic Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

The best thing about magic tricks is wondering how it has been done ! However, not all people like the fact of not understanding as much as others, so these are the solutions for those people. From the past, traditional magic technique have been described and the magic behind them exposed. You might be frustrated with how quickly you were deceived once you discover out how this magic has been done. But understanding the solution can be just as fun, especially when you understand how Michael Jackson defied serverity in his dancing moves.


1. Leviatation

The lady lies down on a panel which is organized up by a steel rod. The magician appears to cover up the rod, so where he is positioned decides how well the secret is implemented.


Easy Halloween Homemade Ideas

Easy Halloween Homemade Ideas

Homemade decorations and interiors are most commonly used now days because people are looking for innovative trend, creativity as well as artistic thoughts. Every passing moment there is an increase in trend of creativity and innovation in home décor ideas. People prefer to have homemade items, costumes and other décor for home. Here we discuss some homemade costumes as well as homemade Halloween decorations.

  • Boo bottles: For easy making of boo bottles you can just remove the bottle caps and labels from bottles so that the names on bottles cannot be visible for decorating them. After removing labels you must use spray paint on bottle with white color and draw faces with black marker, an awesome type of homemade Halloween décor is ready to use.
  • Cobweb coasters: It is an interesting home décor,take five pins and attach them with round shape metal. After that wrap threads through each pin so that it can cause the view of cobweb. Spray paint this cobweb with interesting colors for amazing décor.
  • Spooky terrarium: you can also decorate your home walls with this Halloween décor. You can use jars, trays and grass for making it at home. It can look like the real structure of Halloween items. You can put this handmade Halloween décor in windows and lobbies.
  • Vampire napkin rings: You can also make vampire napkin rings for putting on tables at home. It looks cool while placing in the central table of home. You can use red color on cloth for marking it as blood and then tie that cloth with artificial plastic vampire’s teeth. It is most creative napkin you can make at home.
  • Creepy wall hangings: you can also decorate your home with wall hangings made by you by using different frames. Frames of wood are available easily at stores, you can make them as hanging wall frames and paste different drawings of bats, skeleton and other Halloween items and hang it on wall of your home.
  • Ghostly Lanterns: It is also most amazing type of homemade Halloween décor. You can use plastic bottles and cans to make it. First you can take a bottle and remove its cap as well as labels on it. After that you have to put a light into that bottle and draw faces on bottle for good appearance of bottle. You can place that bottle into your porch for evening lightening and also for welcoming your guests.
  • Wicked witch candy dish: For the purpose of making your home more decorative with your creativity you can also use your old heels for wick witch candy dish. First wrap your heels with shiny cover then put some décor of Halloween and after that put some Halloween candies to complete your creative decoration.
  • Hanging bats and ghosts: You have also great ideas of hanging bats and ghosts. You can use your old wall lamps as well as ceiling lamps for making this decoration piece. First color your old lamp in black with spray paints and then draw bats and ghosts with paper and attach those drawings with lamp with the help of some threads and wires. In this way you can make more attractive decorations for your home.
  • Awesome spacemen: You can make homemade dress of spacemen for your kid. He/ she will love this costume for wearing. You can use clothes, glass globe and water pipe to make spacemen costume for your kid. It is very interesting costume to wear.
  • Rubik’s cube: You can make Rubik’s cube costume for your child to wear. He/ she will love this dressing because it is so much interesting and amazing to wear. You can use cardboards, spray paints and papers to make this type of costumes.
  • Hot air Balloon: It is great idea to make your little champ happy. You can use balloons and ribbons to make this costume for your kid if he or she is participating in any kind of competition or performance.
  • Emoji Masks: This is the most creative idea for amazement of your kids. You can use papers, charts, stickers, markers and glue for making this creative Emoji masks. It is some kind of amusement and enjoyment for kids to have photos with these masks.
  • Hawaiian Snow Globe: This is wonderful costumes for kids. You can use glass globe, paints, plastic and cardboards to make such snow globe for kids to wear. Your kid will love to see this costume while wearing it.
  • Needle and thread: This is very interesting as well as amazing costume for baby girls to wear. If your kid is participating in some kind of presentation then you can easily make this costume at home by using cardboards, wires, paint and threads.

By using above ideas and creative suggestions you can make your home more decorative and can make more creative costumes for your kids at home.


16 Differences Between Men And Women

There are many differences between men and women. They differ from each other in many ways. Like they differ in the extreme of reactions. Both of them care about different things. Their like and dislike are different. They both express their emotions in a different way. They react differently in different situations. Following are some of the difference between men and women.



  1. Men act like babies when they have cold

Most of the time, whenever a man has cold, they’re supposed to lock themselves in a room and take lots of medicine. They are unable to do any kind of work. They act like small kids and show that they are suffering from a high fever.

dtct man sneezing with flu blowing his nose unwell ill

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  1. Women do their work when they have cold.

The research tells us that women are strong to resist the cold and they do their routine work normally. They have the ability to carry the flu and also manage their work. Women do not bother to take too much medicine for flu. This is one of the strong points of women.


Dogs Are The Best Babysitters

Pets are fantastic, then the delicacy of this dog is an infinite sweetness.. nothing more to add … we should just learn from them. If only we had half of their “humanity” the world would be a better place.

Here’s the video:

The 22 Most Incredible Places To Sleep On The Planet

The 22 Most Incredible Places To Sleep On The Planet

Everyone aims to have a timely and proper sleep. People always want to sleep in relaxing and moderate environment. They want to spend time on that room where there is peace, privacy and comfortable environment. The environment may depend on several factors that include color of the room, furniture placed and scenery outside the room. However there are many hotels that offer some unique and interesting views where you can spend quality time. Here are some lists of hotels where you can have perfect sleep time.

  1. Igloo village at Hotel Kaksluattanen Finland

It is one of the famous hotels in Finland. This hotel is situated in a village area which is full of peace. There is no noise of vehicles and no pollution in this part of country. The hotel design is fabulous and it looks really nice. Spending time and having calm sleep in the hotel room is a dream for everyone.

  1. KarostasCietums in Latvia

This kind of room is design for the people who have to be punished for their wrong actions. This is a room of prisoners where they have to sleep together. There is no bed for anyone. Everyone has to sleep on the floor. This kind of sleeping room is design for the people who have to pay for their sins.

  1. A room design for sleep in sewage pipe

This is room which has designed for sleeping. This sewage pipe room is located in an open area of Austria. People mostly go to country side to spend their vacation and prefer such unique design rooms. The advantage of this sewage room is that you can carry it to your favorite place.

  1. Ice hotel in Sweden

This hotel is located in Sweden. The hotel is design in unique way as it gives look of ice hotelalthough the hotel was built by the glass. The area where hotel is located is covered with ice. Adventures people love to go to this hotel and spend their weekend in this hotel.

  1. Save beach hotel in Italy

This hotel is located in Italy. The hotel is located near to Tiber River. The place is very peaceful. This hotel is suitable for the people who want to relax and spend quality time in peaceful environment.

  1. Mirror cube hotel in Sweden

The hotel was built in the forest area of Sweden. The hotel is made up of glass. It is totally transparent;people can have great view of the hotel from outside and inside, they can either see what is happening outside the hotel. This is a unique hotel built on the trees.

  1. A hotel on the magic mountain in Chile

This hotel was built in a way that it looks like hotel on the mountain. They have used wood for construction of the hotel and water fall is something that brings a lot of people to this part of the country. People can see and enjoy the water fall from their windows.

  1. Holiday Inn hotel in New York City

The rooms in this hotel are very colorful. You can choose your room according to your favorite color. To sleep in a colorful room can give you feeling of joy and comfort.

  1. Propeller lodge in Germany

The rooms in this hotel are having a unique design. The beds are very comfortable you can sleep on these beds with comfort and ease.

  1. Baumhaus hotel in Germany

The hotel is a tree house. Youngster love to spend their vacations in this place as the place is very peaceful.

  1. Smukfest sleep hotel in Denmark

The rooms of this hotel are designed like a big can of beer. This is a unique hotel located in Denmark. This theme is very unique and people love to spend their time in this unique hotel.

  1. Dockside hotel in Netherlands

The hotel is located near sea view. This hotel is design in a way that you can see the whole view of the sea while sitting in your room.

  1. Resort hotel in Costa Rica

This hotel is on the top of the trees and the rooms in this hotel are very vast and this hotel is built in such a way that it looks like an aero plane about to fly.

  1. Crazy house hotel in Vietnam

The hotel is built by cutting a big tree from the top. They have followed a unique theme; the choice of place is really amazing if you are willing to spend time in this hotel.

  1. Pop up hotel in Wisconsin

The hotel is built in the center of the forest. The rooms in the hotel are really amazing. There are big windows; you can enjoy the weather while sitting in your room.

  1. Kokpelli hotel in New Mexico

The theme of the hotel is very unique. The rooms in the hotel are like rooms in the cave. The hotel is made up of soil.

  1. The dog bark hotel in Idaho

The hotel design in such a way that it looks like a dog is barking in an open place.

  1. The boot hotel in New Zealand

The hotel is perfect for the people who love to spend their vacations in country side.

  1. Silken hotel in Spain

The hotel is constructed in a unique theme as it gives the look of hotel made up of ice. The colorful rooms attract most of the people.

  1. Modanna hotel in California

The cave look of this hotel inspires people to spend time here. It is such a classy place to be in.

  1. La villa hotel in France

The rooms are made up of hamster’s cage. The hotel is built with bricks.

  1. Hotel ever land in France

The hotel is located in capital city of France “Paris”. This is one room hotel and you will certainly enjoy your time in this hotel.  You can have a look of might Eiffel tower.