Do you know WHERE is the Tallest Building in the World ?!

You must have heard about the tallest building in Dubai as Burj Khalifa but do you know what it was formerly known before inauguration? Former name of this tallest wonder was Burj Dubai that means “The Tower of Dubai”. Renaming of this tallest building was done in relation to the start of New Year 2010. Burj Khalifa is located in New Dubai Downtown that is known as the heart of Dubai. Another reason that made ground for renaming of tower is the economic recession faced by State of Dubai but as it got bailout package from Abu Dhabi; so the authorities changed the name of this tallest sky scrapper as Burj Khalifa.


It is hard to define the glamour of Burj Khalifa as it is considered as a set of luxurious residential apartments loaded with high class luxurious utilities. You can find four splendid pools, the deluxe Armani Hotel, a privileged cigar club, futuristic office space, a fashionable resident’s lounge and high-tech fitness services to dole out its residents with the best.

Burj Khalifa was holding the title of World’s tallest building until 2014 but it is expected that this skyscraper will fall short in its height in front of Shanghai Tower that is expected to be completed this year. It means that you should not miss to see the world’s largest and tallest building soon before it loses its title. So, let’s book your flights and a luxurious apartment in Burj Khalifa to experience luxuries wonder.

For tourists, the most attraction is that the observation deck on the 124th floor. From such lofty heights you’ll simply pinpoint the offshore developments and alternative landmarks. Once you reach level 124, you’re a lofty 442m within the air.