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Ridiculous Uses Of Car Wax That You Would Never Think Of

Well, the title is bit silly and you must be thinking that how come you can use car wax other than polishing your car, are you? There are many other uses of car wax that you may not have thought of but you will go crazy after learning such uses. It’s not that all such uses are silly and absurd but you can make valuable uses of car wax. Here is the list of some out of the way car wax uses.




  • Refurbish the look of your stove with car wax

It is usual that your stove loses its original shine and look after sometime of usage. However, ladies try each and every hack to refurbish the original looks of their stove but all in vain. Are you fed up after applying so many hacks? Just call upon your hubby and ask him to bring the car wax. Just spend five to ten minutes on waxing your stove and you are done with the job. Car wax will help you in avoiding prospective food spills in future.


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