Every Day This Orangutan Climbs Down Trees For A SPECIAL Reason

What a wonderful video, to see absolutely! The movie was made in the institute Myrtle Beach Society of Cincinnati. The protagonist of this video is an orangutan. Actually this primate should spend 90% of his day on the tree, but each day comes down from his tree to feed two tiger cubs! A really strange behavior on the part of this orangutan who feeds and cares about these two puppies of other species. Using his great intelligence knows how to feed them and play with them too. Pets show more and more as they are able to behave like us humans and how they are able to take care also of other species.
The relationship holds in these animals is not only a relationship of friendship and caring towards each other, but it creates a real family relationship between them. Most likely the animals have feelings and emotions even stronger than we can we try and manage to transmit with glances, gestures and behaviors that may seem bizarre to us. You should definitely watch the video, in just 30 seconds you will understand what they are capable of doing the animals! And what do you think the behavior of the animals?