16 Differences Between Men And Women

There are many differences between men and women. They differ from each other in many ways. Like they differ in the extreme of reactions. Both of them care about different things. Their like and dislike are different. They both express their emotions in a different way. They react differently in different situations. Following are some of the difference between men and women.



  1. Men act like babies when they have cold

Most of the time, whenever a man has cold, they’re supposed to lock themselves in a room and take lots of medicine. They are unable to do any kind of work. They act like small kids and show that they are suffering from a high fever.

dtct man sneezing with flu blowing his nose unwell ill

via Daily Mail / Getty Images


  1. Women do their work when they have cold.

The research tells us that women are strong to resist the cold and they do their routine work normally. They have the ability to carry the flu and also manage their work. Women do not bother to take too much medicine for flu. This is one of the strong points of women.


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